Greek short wedding dresses


Wedding dresses cover various design areas, among which short models in the Greek style are distinguished by their special grace, sophisticated femininity and originality. Flying, encircling the silhouette with flowing fabric, they make the bride look like a goddess descended from Olympus. A Greek-style dress is an ideal option for a summer wedding, and a large selection of styles will satisfy the requirements of even the most selective beauty.

Greek style short wedding dresses

Short Greek wedding dresses abound with a variety of styles, starting with the nature of the waist line, ending with the configuration of the top. However, they all have common Empire style features that make the outfit look like a short Greek tunic. Here are just the brightest of them:

  • flowing fabric, gathered by folds going from the top of the dress (bodice or shoulders);
  • a freely falling skirt, slightly lush due to folds and when walking, showing the silhouette of a girl;
  • the presence of brooches (buckles, narrowing a continuous fabric of fabric on the shoulders) or stitches, brooches, replacing them.

Greek wedding dresses with brooches

Differences can occur in such parts of the dress:

  • The waistline is overestimated (located under the chest), solid (covering the entire distance from the chest to the hips, the skirt lies with a trapezoid) and with an allowance (located at the level of the waist or slightly lower, is formed by braid, captures loose-fitting fabric, which is let down over the waist).
  • Top configuration - with one strap or two, forming a V-neck, without them, with a direct bodice.

For sewing such outfits, a light, flowing fabric is used, which makes the girl’s movements flying, graceful, slim the figure and gives the bride's image a delightful mystery. The choice is great - these are silk, chiffon, satin and similar materials. Greek-style dresses are ideal for weddings, because at the same time they combine modesty and seductiveness, turning every bride into Aphrodite. What styles of Greek wedding dresses are in fashion this season, you can learn from the video:

One shoulder strap dress

The straps of the classical Greek dress are its continuation, create a single array with it. The fabric cloth is taken with an overflow (more than necessary) to cover the silhouette and, being clamped with a belt, stitches or brooches in certain places (on the shoulder, waist, sometimes the forearm), lies in folds, which create a flowing effect. Draped over one shoulder, captured by a brooch or a stitch, the fabric forms a strap that passes into the bodice of the dress. In modern interpretations of this outfit, the straps can be narrower, straight or laid on.

Greek One Shoulder Short Wedding Dresses

V-Neck Wedding Dress

If an incision is made in the fabric, dividing it into two halves, these parts can be thrown over each shoulder and fastened with brooches or stitches on top. Then the bodice will form into a V-neck, elegantly emphasizing the chest. The high waist, which is used in dresses of this style, enhances this effect. Classic and modern models allow the presence of light sleeves with or without a cut, and the use of an additional pair of brooches, which are attached at the base of the straps, thin them and form a pentagonal cut.

Greek Wedge Dress

Strapless Straight Neck Dress

Greek dress can be without straps. These are models with a straight line of the bodice, flowing or a straight skirt, high, solid or with a sling waist. They open the neck and shoulders, emphasize the figure, demonstrate a large part of the body (arms, neckline, shoulders, neck, legs), and therefore are good for hot summers, they are ideally combined with loose curls and gathered upstairs, with Greek style accessories.

Straight bodice in greek wedding dress

What accessories will fit a Greek wedding dress??

Accessories for a Greek wedding dress should be metallic, gold or silver. The outfit may contain embroidery with silver or golden threads, which will eliminate the need to use additional jewelry. Decorative elements should be placed moderately in the overall composition of the bride’s outfit, complementing it, without distracting attention from the hero of the occasion. Not to use them at all is not an option, but suitable elegant decorations are as follows:

  • buckles-brooches;
  • brooches;
  • rope ribbons;
  • belts with decor in the form of an ornament (embroidered with beads, lurex threads, crystals);
  • large bracelets (one for one or both hands);
  • small pendants on a chain (medium length, look better from the neckline, beautifully located in the hollow of the chest);
  • a thin chain with one pearl, short and worn so that the pearl is located on the neck;
  • hair ornaments (jewelry combs, hairpins, hairpins with pearls or stones, tiaras, artificial or natural flowers).

Shoes can be any, but it is better that their design also had Greek motifs. These are sandals, high light boots with lace-ups, open ballet shoes, sandals with heels or stilettos. A short dress allows you to wear original and shocking shoes for the wedding, which floor length would hide from view: models on a high platform and heels, with a massive composition of flowers or feathers, or classic white boats with lacing.

The following hairstyles are perfect for empire outfits:

  • «classical greek» (hair gathered upstairs, previously curled into curls and carelessly, but gracefully styled);
  • «beam» (the hair is combed out smoothly, gathered on the crown of the horse’s tail, which is then twisted into a braid and folded into a snail or ball);
  • «sink» (the length is combed, collected on the back of the head and twisted into a flat roller on one side);
  • free falling curls;
  • wide braids and spikelets.

Accessories for Greek wedding attire

Photo of short Greek style wedding dresses

A short Greek-style wedding attire is an elegant ensemble that makes the image of the newlywed perfect. He will approach a wedding of any subject, not necessarily Greek, because he creates a laconic, sophisticated, feminine and light image associated with the bride herself, with her flowering youth, romance, modesty and seductive femininity. If your choice is limited to a dress of such a stylistic direction, you will need ideas that you can draw from the selection of photos below.

Greek short wedding dresses