Organza Bridesmaid Dress


Each married girl wants to create a unique, modern look, so choosing a toilet takes a lot of time. Organza wedding dress does not lose its popularity: such a romantic model is fully consistent with the latest fashion trends. A wide range of luxurious or modest dresses for brides are presented, helping to create a gentle, feminine image. The choice is huge, because the material allows you to create dresses with or without trains, short and long, with fluffy skirts.

Organza Wedding Dress Models Options

Organza is a transparent fabric for the manufacture of which natural silk, polyester or viscose is used. Thanks to the technology of twisting the fibers, or rather two fibers, the fabric comes out with a slight overflow, pearly shine. She holds the given form well, practically will not wrinkle while wearing. This fabric is often used instead of chiffon for a train of a dress, but in this case the latter will have a more rigid form. This is an ideal material with the main advantage - it helps to create a light silhouette.

Classic dress with a full skirt

Organza wedding dress with a full skirt is universal, because it is suitable for any type of figure. Slender and slender beauty with the help of a fluffy long skirt will emphasize the waist line, but the bride-little girl will hide the rounded belly. Transparent fabric will give lightness, but its decoration should be restrained. Decor in this case can be done with rhinestones, pearls, embroidery. An important point is the balance: if the upper part is generously decorated, then let the skirt be modest, and if the bottom is all in sequins or rhinestones, then the bodice can only create the background.

Models with a full skirt

Long Bodycon Dress

Young women can afford a tight wedding dress made of organza, which favorably emphasizes a slender figure. This option turns the hero of the occasion into a queen, and therefore the groom should be her match. It will be easy to choose the graceful design of the model, the main thing is to adhere to one principle - one part of the figure should attract the eye, for example, a deep neckline on the back or neck.

Fitting models

Short with a long train

A short outfit, complemented by a train, will open slender legs, and a thin layer of transparent fabric will create a feminine silhouette. This length is in demand in the summer months by those brides who are not afraid to be original. But there is one rule that you should strictly adhere to: a dress should have a minimum of decor, because it becomes bright and interesting thanks to a long train.

Transparent Train Models

What shoes and accessories fit organza dress?

When buying shoes, sandals or ballet shoes, you need to remember that they must be combined with other accessories. Try on white high-heeled shoes - this is a classic of the genre. The game in contrast looks interesting, for example, red shoes combined with a snow-white dress. Open sandals with a small heel will be a good option, will give the desired comfort and will look great paired with an air outfit.

Bridal Shoes

Jewelry is selected last, when a wedding dress made of organza is selected, shoes are bought, a bouquet is ordered, and with a hairstyle and make-up everything is already defined. If you prefer a restrained version without rhinestones, then you can pick up sparkling earrings, bracelets, necklaces. Not all brides have the opportunity to purchase expensive jewelry, so they can opt for inexpensive accessories that are presented in a large assortment in departments that sell jewelry.

Accessories for the young

Photo of beautiful organza wedding dresses

Each bride wants to look stylish, fashionable and elegant at her own wedding. Modern designers present to the attention of girls a large number of various styles and models of wedding dresses, for the creation of which different materials were used. However, not only the most popular, but also in demand among the representatives of the fair half of humanity are organza dresses.

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