Satin wedding dress


Many brides believe that choosing a wedding dress is the most important ritual in preparing for the wedding. Every girl wants to feel like a princess in a ball gown. In the modern world of wedding fashion, the choice of dresses is so great that it will satisfy the requests of brides with any figure and needs. Satin wedding dress does not leave the fashionable Olympus for several decades. It would seem that it is still possible to add to this classic beauty? Designers perfect satin wedding dresses every season. Let's dwell on these wedding dresses.

What satin dress to choose for a wedding?

Satin wedding robes are very popular with brides. Soft silky material with a slight matte sheen will perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure. The bride in a satin wedding dress will look spectacular in the photo, this decoration is ideal for the cold season and for the warm season. Due to the variety of models, combining with other fabrics, the bride can choose a dress that fits well on the figure, emphasizes the advantages and hides small imperfections.

In the style of a fish with a train

Style Fish for a dress of the bride

This elegant model is designed for girls with a perfect figure. Due to the visual perception of satin fabric, the volume increases slightly, which successfully emphasizes the roundness of the chest. The curves of the waist and hips of a mermaid-like girl are clearly visible due to the tight-fitting fabric. The skirt, increasing in volume from the knee, smoothly passes into an elongated train, which gives the dress a noble look. Jewelry and accessories of a more restrained style are suitable for such a model. Girls with curvaceous should choose a different style of wedding dress.

Lace Top and Satin Skirt

Wedding dresses with lace top and satin skirt

Combined wedding dresses look no less impressive, where a satin skirt blends wonderfully with bodice lace. For brides who want to hide the width of their hips, this model is best suited. A luxurious wide skirt, falling from the waistline, underlined by a wide satin ribbon tied at the back with a bow, will help the bride to feel like a princess. The lightness and transparency of lace weaving on the upper part of the dress attracts the eye, removing unnecessary attention from the lush forms of the hips.

Lush with lace embroidery

Patterns with lace embroidery

Satin wedding robe decorated with embroidery has a chic look. The shine of the fabric, shimmering with every movement of the girl, will be complemented by sparkling rays emanating from the beads that embroidered. Openwork decoration can be located on the upper part of the bodice or a small insert in the corset. The ornate patterns on the skirt, made with beads or silk threads, will not leave anyone indifferent. With the help of lace embroidery, an elegant outfit can become two-tone. As a rule, red and black are used for decoration on a white background..

Fitted with long sleeves

Long Sleeve Wedding Outfit

A long sleeve for a satin wedding dress will be necessary if the celebration is scheduled for the cold season or a young couple is planning a church wedding. The atlas used for sewing a wedding dress is ideal for all the requirements that are put forward to the bride’s closed robe in connection with the wedding ceremony. A skirt made of thick material with a beautiful bell lies around the girl's legs. In order not to make the image visually heavy, it is recommended to sew long sleeves from lace or other lighter fabric. A fitted silhouette in the waist area will make the model more elegant.

Maternity Outfit Tips

Styles for pregnant brides

If the wedding is scheduled when a young couple is already waiting for the baby to be born, this should not be an obstacle for the bride and groom. Newlyweds, in particular the bride, in any position should remain attractive and elegant. Here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding outfit for a pregnant newlywed:

  • When buying a dress in advance, consider the period remaining before the wedding day, and the fact that with each week the volume of the tummy will increase. Do not forget about reasonable free stock in the waist area.
  • The dress should not fit and flaunt the rounded part of the body. Prefer a loose fit, such as the Greek style, where the high waistline will help the expectant mother feel comfortable.
  • Regardless of pregnancy, a wedding outfit can have a different length. To the best of the shortened version of the outfit (to the knee) looks interesting on girls, including in position.

Reviews about the disadvantages of dresses from satin

Anya, 27 years old: Not so long ago, my girlfriend was getting married. She chose a wedding dress for a long time, measured out almost the entire assortment of the salon. She stopped at a chic satin dress, which was very suitable for her. The model was successful, according to its slender figure. Minus arose from where they did not wait. During the solemn day, the skirt was wrinkled, especially at the back. Unfortunately, it turned out that the atlas has such a negative property..

Tatyana Sergeevna, 46 years old: My daughter is getting ready to become a bride. I chose a satin dress that looked better on it during the store fitting due to large mirrors. At home, she saw that such material greatly fills her at the waist. Daughter upset, but have to get married in an already purchased satin dress.

Julia, 22 years old: About a month ago, I attended a wedding as a guest. It was sincerely sorry for the bride. She looked upset all evening. The bride and groom had a very beautiful, expensive satin dress with a fluffy skirt, but in the afternoon the young fell under light rain. The drops of water dried up, and the stains remained on the whole dress. The impression was that the bride was in stale clothes. I didn’t know that there are such troubles with the atlas.

Photos of beautiful satin dresses 2015

Styles of satin dresses 2016

Choosing a wedding outfit in advance, brides can prepare well for the festive event, and study the latest news from fashion designers. For the line of dresses from satin, the model is still relevant «mermaid», which ideally sits on the slender camp of the girls, making them even more elegant. A train that allows the girl to look like a queen is ideal for the style of the dress «fish».

Short clothes in 2015 have a simpler cut, but look festive due to the smooth iridescent material. The fashion for deep cuts, both rounded and V-shaped, still holds. They can be located in the neckline or on the back. Choosing such a model, consider the structure of your figure. Please note that satin fabric externally adds a couple of extra centimeters. Do not forget to emphasize the advantages, for example, a beautiful high chest, a slender waist, which is surrounded by wide ribbons.