Brown wedding dress


For girls looking for original wedding solutions, designers created brown wedding dresses that will surely attract the attention of others with their originality. The advantage of this model is that even after the wedding, it will remain necessary in the wardrobe, allowing the girl to experiment with her image. A brown wedding outfit is a great choice, because this color is ideal for blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes and even red ones, and it also fits perfectly into all styles, without exception.

Brown Wedding Dress Options

If you think that brown is old fashioned, then you are mistaken. Now he is in trend, and this is justified, because he has many color nuances:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Chocolate.
  3. Caramel.
  4. Coffee with milk.
  5. Terracotta.
  6. Chestnut.

Any newlywed will be able to choose a shade of brown that is ideal for the color of her hair or face. This color is democratic, therefore it is suitable for absolutely any age and goes well with almost the entire color gamut. As for the wedding makeup in brown tones, the newlywed will easily do it herself by watching our video tutorial:


The chocolate-colored bride’s outfit goes well with white, beige, and pale pink. You will not be mistaken if you combine a chocolate dress with golden or caramel accessories. A beige shirt, tie and chocolate-colored trousers will harmoniously look on the groom. Bridesmaids should wear dresses of absolutely opposite scale, preferably light, but not white and, especially, not black.

For a chocolate wedding, a girl is better to choose yellow and brown flowers, for example, rudbeckia. If you want roses, then a bouquet of pale pink or yellow roses will look great with a brown dress. If you want to arrange an unusual floral composition for a wedding, add chocolates and satin ribbons of the same color to roses or cream callas.

Chocolate-colored wedding dresses


Wedding dress in any shades of coffee - these are the most fashionable colors for brides from Europe. This trend is also gradually entering Russia, but it is more associated with a thematic celebration, for example, a coffee-style wedding. The main difference between this theme and the traditional celebration is the bride's dress in any coffee shade:

  • latte;
  • cappuccino;
  • coffee with milk;
  • coffee with cream, etc..

Wedding in a coffee style implies a suit of the groom, witnesses and even guests corresponding to the theme. The bride and groom should have a dark suit to match the bride’s dress, and guests are allowed to come in dresses of any color that matches coffee: red, gray, blue, turquoise. A bright orange hue complements any coffee tone very harmoniously, so the bride can safely choose accessories in warm orange.

Shades of coffee for the image of the bride


Chestnut is a mixture of brown and red. The chestnut-colored bride's outfit is not easy to meet, but the most extravagant fashionistas, confident in themselves and in their ideal taste, sew such unusual outfits for their wedding. The chestnut outfit will perfectly match the wedding with a red bouquet, red shoes and the rest of the red accessories. This daring combination will cause increased interest. A calm chestnut tone harmoniously dilutes the red riot of fire, resulting in the desired balance of shades.

Chestnut Evening Dresses


Terracotta is a shade of unfired clay. The terracotta palette consists of brown-red halftones that create the perfect combination with all the tones of white. The bride does not use fully terracotta wedding clothes. Terracotta color is often combined with traditional white, sand, beige, vanilla, pale yellow or ivory.

A combined terracotta dress with a white or beige shade is chosen by bright and extraordinary personalities who do not limit themselves to frames or conventions. This emotional combination is especially suitable for swarthy energetic brunettes. For the blonde «cardinal» the option of a wedding dress is also not bad if it has a characteristic appearance and appropriate temperament.

Options Using Terracotta Parts

What shoes and accessories will fit a brown dress?

For a brown bride’s outfit, jewelry made of natural materials (wood) or precious metals (silver, gold) is suitable. For shoes, a bride’s bouquet, handbags and other accessories, there is a wide palette of different shades with which brown is ideally combined. For example, it goes well in wedding clothes with green or olive. They nobly complement each other, creating an aristocratic image for the bride.

Brown clothes with yellow shoes and a bridal bouquet are another life-affirming combination, giving a sea of ​​positive. This is a classic color combination that is always relevant. But if you do not like contrasts, then shoes can be picked up with a lighter caramel, beige or creamy shade. Just do not choose chocolate or coffee accessories to match the brown dress, so as not to lose your personality.

Photo of brown wedding dresses

The tradition of getting married in a white dress is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Masterful fashion dictates new rules that run counter to old concepts. Modern brides tend to look unusual, differing from each other. A brown wedding dress is increasingly found every year at a ceremony. There are a lot of styles of this shade, but girls prefer a chic silhouette «Mermaid», universal A-line or romantic style «Princess». Check out our photo selection of the most successful wedding dresses in all shades of brown..

Options for different shades of brown

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