Lace up wedding dress


A wedding dress with a corset makes the figure more elegant, slimmer, and the bride feels in such attire a real princess. In order for the holiday to work out, and too tight lacing does not cause the beauty any inconvenience, you must know in advance how it is performed correctly. This knowledge will be useful to the bridesmaid, who will help her dress before the wedding ceremony. After all, dealing with moody lacing is not easy, especially for a person without experience.

The basic rules for lacing a wedding dress

The first thing to do is to correctly determine the size of the wedding dress. A robe of the wrong size will either tighten the bride very tight, making breathing difficult, or crawl away from her. When trying on a wedding dress with a corset, remember that the edges should be at least 3-5 cm closer to each other. There are a few more rules that you will be able to handle such a demanding task as lacing a wedding dress.

  • When lacing the dress should fit tightly around the waist. Therefore, first fasten the zipper, if any, and only then proceed to lacing.
  • If you have never had to do this procedure before, start lacing the removed dress, and then tighten the corset already on the figure.
  • Start lacing from top to bottom. The bride holds her hands on the waist.
  • Tightly compresses the lacing only the waist. If you tighten the corset tightly at chest level, the girl will have difficulty breathing.
  • To give a beautiful breast shape during lacing, the bride should support her with her arms crossed inside (through the neckline).
  • For a corset model with an open back, make sure that the tapes do not bite into the body. Besides the fact that such a lacing looks unaesthetic, it can hurt a girl.
  • If the bride is pregnant, it is better to refuse such a style. There are many other models of wedding dresses suitable for her interesting position..

Wedding dresses with lace up

How to lace up a corset on a wedding dress - photo

The person dressing the bride needs to know how to lace up the wedding dress. It is best to train in advance so that at the most crucial moment you won’t get confused and do everything right. If you completely tightened the corset, but nevertheless at least one finger freely passes under the cord, then the dress is large and it will slide off the bride. In this case, you will have to suture the model or replace it with another dress (smaller size).

There are two ways to lace a wedding corset on a dress - directly on the bride and without her. Only practice can show which one will be easier for you. If you have never encountered such a dress before, we recommend starting with lacing on your removed clothing. Only after acquiring some skills can you try to tighten the corset right on the figure.

Lacing of the removed dress

I have to admit that not all girls know how to properly lace up a corset. Therefore, unexpected situations arise when dressing the bride: the dress on her sits not in the best way, and sometimes even looks ridiculous. To avoid embarrassment and not spoil the newlywed holiday, start with a simple one. Lacing a removed outfit is the easiest way, even for beginners. It is much easier to thread the lace into the loops on the removed dress, and then fit the corset to the shape of the girl.

  1. The wedding dress should be removed and hung so that it is convenient for you to work with it. Pass the tape or lace into the very top holes, start lacing from top to bottom. Do not tighten the tape all the way, leave a distance between the edges of about 10 cm. (Fig. 1)
  2. Approximately in the middle of the path, leave two free loops - about 20 cm of the cord (Fig. 2).
  3. Continue to lace further down (fig. 3).
  4. Tie a light bow (Fig. 4).
  5. It is time for the bride to wear a wedding attire. Distribute the lacing evenly over the figure with the help of large loops so that it is free in front of the chest and maximally tightened at the waistline. The main condition - the dress should not pinch the girl’s chest, prevent breathing, and also hamper her movement.
  6. Check how tight the outfit sits on the bride, tie the remaining ends of the lace with a beautiful bow.

Lacing Dressed Outfit

If you have some experience in putting on dresses with corsets and this is not your first time doing it, then you can easily lace up everything right on the bride. Compliance with several basic rules will make the process fascinating, and the elegant style will look beautiful, give a joyful mood to the bride and everyone invited. It's no secret that mood plays a big role on such a significant day.

  1. We put on the bride a dress through her legs to preserve her hair and makeup. After that, the petticoat is dressed in the same way.
  2. If there is a zipper, you must first try to fasten it. It happens that a wedding outfit fits the figure very tightly, so the castle converges with difficulty. In this case, in order not to break it, first lace up the corset, and then fasten the zipper
  3. Ask the bride to straighten her back, straighten her shoulders and put her hands on her hips.
  4. Pass the lace into the upper loops, start lacing evenly from top to bottom. Try to keep the ends of the tape the same length.
  5. It is more convenient to lace up a corset together. One girl holds the ends of the tape so that they do not slide back, and the second tightens in the places of crossing, moving from top to bottom.
  6. Repeat this procedure several times, tightening stronger in the waist. The bride from above through the neckline supports the breast with her hands: this is very important, because if you do not lift the breast, it will be pressed with a corset - then even the most beautiful bust will be flat and ordinary.
  7. Tightening the lace, make sure that the excess fabric is neatly tucked left and right under the corset, be sure to straighten the insert and place the zipper strictly in the center of the back
  8. After finishing the lacing, check how tightly the dress sits on the bride, tighten the knot and tie a beautiful bow.

Video instruction for performing the procedure at home

A wedding dress with a corset and lacing sits perfectly on the figure, emphasizing femininity and impeccable forms, however, for the desired effect, it is important to tighten the corset correctly. If the lacing is too loose, you risk tightening the dress all evening, as it will constantly slide down. Excessive tightening of the lace may cause problems with breathing and blood supply to the body, up to fainting conditions. Therefore, a responsible mission is assigned to the person dressing the bride, and our video will help to understand the art of lacing a corset: