The most beautiful wedding dress in the world


While preparing for the wedding celebration, the girls devote a lot of time to choosing a dress, because it will not only help create the image of the bride, but will also make the girl a real beauty. To choose a stylish dress, it is important to follow fashion trends, to know what is popular this season, which models are chosen by show business stars, famous people. But it is worth remembering that the cost of exquisite, beautiful outfits is usually such that few people can afford to buy the original. The ideal solution is to sew to order, taking into account fashion trends.

Photos of the most beautiful wedding dresses in the world

In each fashion season, designers create at least one amazing creation that overshadows other works of the fashion industry, becoming one of the most popular wedding dresses in the world. As a rule, luxurious, unique masterpieces are created by order of famous people by popular fashion designers and are very expensive. But in any collection there are wedding dresses that could also deserve the status of the best and most beautiful.

Beautiful wedding dresses

To please the public, designers sometimes create exclusive models using very unusual things, for example, coins (the weight of such a dress can reach 10 kilograms), precious stones, wire, feathers. The tidy sum that will have to be paid for such extraordinary decorations exceeds several thousand dollars, which means that not everyone can allow them.

Lush and fitted dresses

Fashion for lush wedding dresses has come to us since the 19th century. Since then, much has changed - the designers have actively worked to improve and diversify the fluffy skirt, creating more and more new models based on pomp, which is achieved due to the multilayer skirts, resistant skeleton or dense lower skirt. Fashion designers created beautiful magnificent styles by order of famous personalities. These models are rightfully considered a fashion icon and examples, on the basis of which many wedding collections of different designers were created.

Curvy wedding decoration models

Fitted dresses are ideal for girls with a beautiful figure, who need to emphasize the sophistication and harmony of their shapes. They have always been in fashion and are rightfully considered a worthy choice for the bride. The popular fitted styles are cases, fitted models with a train, with a wide skirt, a mermaid. Beautiful fitted dresses were popular at all times, but modern designers are constantly encouraging the creation of new masterpieces.

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The best short and long dresses

The fashion for short wedding dresses introduced by Coco Chanel is gaining more and more popularity in the modern world. Often, brides give preference to shortened options, because they are much more convenient. A short dress can be fitted, straight or with a full skirt. Models that won the hearts of many women, as well as those that will be fashionable in the 2016 season, are presented below in the photographs..

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Long dresses look great on tall girls. They can be magnificent or fitted, decorated with lace or crystals, with a train or with a skirt flared downwards. Beautiful long dresses that can be in the TOP are in the collections of any designer and in every season, since they always remain in fashion. Often, famous people choose long styles, because they look spectacular, romantic, chic.

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Chic wedding dresses of stars of show business

The stars of show business are constantly under the gun of cameras, camcorders, so they should always look great. What to say about the wedding? On the day of their marriage, celebrities should look perfect, because so much attention, views on this day will be riveted to them. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the wedding dress, which would emphasize all the advantages of a graceful figure, fit perfectly in the figure, and was also original, unique, appreciated.

Russian stars are actively following fashion, trying to be on the crest of its waves, so for the wedding celebration they choose outfits created, as a rule, by famous world designers, often ordering individual tailoring. Designers take into account all the wishes of the celebrity, and also try to reflect the essence of the star, making the dress special. Darya Sagalova, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Anastasia Volochkova, Alsu, Julia Proskurova, singer Maxim had beautiful magnificent dresses on the wedding day.

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Some celebrities, in order for their wedding dress to be remembered by everyone for a long time, choose original, sometimes even extravagant models. On the Russian stage distinguished themselves: Lolita, her short pink dress, which she chose for the wedding; refined, but very unusual dress Valeria; retro style of Lisa Boyarskaya.

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Anna Sedakova, Natalya Podolskaya, Sasha Savelyeva, singer Glyukoza chose beautiful wedding dresses that help create a sophisticated, romantic look, emphasizing an elegant figure. Such stylish outfits were well received by environmental and fashion critics. For some designers, such models became the basis for creating a new wedding collection..

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Hollywood stars also pay special attention to the wedding dress, creating their own dress designs, paying attention to details, and try to focus on accessories and trifles that would emphasize their personality and individuality. Original wedding dresses can boast of Avril Lavigne, Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Simpson. These celebrities have largely become the founders of a new trend in wedding fashion..

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Top 5 most expensive wedding dresses in the world

Many fashion magazines conducted research and surveys in order to determine which wedding dresses can rightfully be considered the most beautiful in the world, which almost every girl wants to wear on her wedding day. Based on the research results, 5 models were selected and TOP of beautiful, exquisite wedding dresses was compiled:

  1. First place is the dress of Kate Middleton. The princess’s wedding outfit looks exquisite, sophisticated, gentle and every woman in the whole world dreams of such a chic outfit.
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  2. Designer dress from Christian Lacroix, which was put on by the famous singer Christina Aguilera on her wedding day, is considered to be original, unique and it is included in the list of the best wedding dresses in the world.
    65141256710cd5b212591c70d55b0b14.jpg? 074
  3. Elegant and amazingly beautiful dress, which ranks third in the TOP, Nicole Kidman boasts. Her wedding outfit is a harmonious combination of romance, elegance and severity.
    b81c8119205d5b22ee24d4c12d02e8a0.jpg? 525
  4. Many fashion critics recognized Katherine Heigl's Oscar de la Renta dress as the best wedding outfit.
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  5. Dior's wedding attire is fabulous and sparks a wave of admiration. Elizabeth Hurley, who put it on her wedding, can boast of such a wedding dress.
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The new 2016 year brought new fashion trends to the wedding fashion. Famous designers engaged in the development of wedding clothes dictate new rules, designating colors, styles that will be fashionable in the new season, on which elements, accessories it is worth focusing. The main trends of wedding fashion in 2016:

  1. Lush styles, the weightlessness of which is achieved through the use of light, airy fabrics and multilayer skirts.
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  2. Minimalism, which is displayed in the use of a simple cut, a minimum of decor and accessories. This style is always fashionable, popular, has its admirers..
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  3. Separate dresses are a fashionable novelty of the new season. This model is suitable not only for a wedding celebration, but also for parties. It consists of two parts - a fitted top and a fluffy skirt, and between them there is an open belly, back.
    e699f1ec02e00a5073478e4d8781454b.jpg? 514
  4. The deep neckline is always fashionable, but in the 2016 season it is covered with delicate, translucent lace, which contributes to the creation of a romantic look.
    4eaca2546c68dac188812409c096355b.jpg? 946
  5. A variety of colors: extravagant, bright, new shades (menthol, pink, turquoise, even black) will be in fashion. But traditional colors - beige, white, ivory, will also be popular..
    b727d8b3c551a38ab14e42c17d765f88.jpg? 329
  6. Open shoulders or the use of caplets. Open shoulders that go well with a V-neckline are in fashion. To create an unusual image, caplets are used - mini-capes that only slightly cover the shoulders (ideal for a wedding ceremony).
  7. Lace sleeves can give the dress a meaningful festivity, make it more festive and sophisticated.
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  8. Chic shine. For lovers of shiny, expensive elements, in the 2016 season, styles decorated with crystals, diamonds, Swarovski crystals, embroidered in gold or silver are perfect.
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  9. Watch a video with models that are popular in the 2016 season: