Pastel Wedding Dress


There are people who still believe that the bride at her wedding should be exclusively in a white outfit. But time dictates its own rules, diverting the wedding fashion from the traditional canons more and more. Now brave girls often wear red, green, and sometimes black dresses for their wedding, not being afraid of general condemnation. We will not be so categorical and offer to pay attention to wedding dresses in pastel colors.

Options for wedding dresses in pastel colors

Definition «pastel shade» implies the following tones:

  • pearl;
  • coral;
  • tea rose;
  • Creme brulee;
  • light yellow;
  • peach;
  • ivory (ivory);
  • Champagne
  • spring violets;
  • mint and many others.

All these tones look incredibly gentle, bringing the energy of lightness, joy, serenity and high style. Properly selected pastel gamma is able to advantageously tint the bride's appearance, her color of hair, eyes and skin. Models in pastel colors are a harmonious compromise between avant-garde wedding fashion and classic style. So that the decoration does not resemble a graduate's outfit, and the bride adheres to the wedding style, designers avoid an abundance of decorative elements - frills, lace, ruffles or too fluffy skirts.


A vanilla wedding dress is a great solution for a blonde. A snow-white dress will turn a white-skinned blonde girl into a marble sculpture, and the delicate color of vanilla will make the image warmer, more noble. Full brides should also avoid white models: a vanilla dress will look softer and will not emphasize extra sentiment at the waist or hips, and the appropriate accessories will give the bride a style.

Images of brides in vanilla shades

Light shades of pink

Light pink is a win-win for any wedding. Only in pink models ruffles, bows and wide skirts will express the individual style of the girl. Even a large amount of decor will be appropriate on pink, which is its huge undeniable plus. A pink dress is often combined with white elements, which gives the models originality. The shades of this color are always beautiful and impressive: the tenderness of dawn, the color of sakura or cotton candy. This is the real color of the bride, regardless of age.

Pink Wedding Outfits

Soft mint

Mint colors are associated with youth, romance, freshness, high style, so young girls often choose mint wedding styles, regardless of the season. Mentholic pastel shades for winter brides add refinement, for spring brides - for air lightness, for summer - freshness, fun, and for autumn - riddle, intrigue. Soft mint color relaxes, soothes, giving a feeling of home comfort.

Options for using mint palette in wedding decoration

Sky blue

Having dressed in a blue dress, the bride will definitely feel like a fairy from a fairy tale. Pastel sky-blue color at a subconscious level is associated with purity, purity, so brides of all times tried to choose a blue accessory along with white, or insert at least one blue flower in the bride’s bouquet. In some Western countries, this style is still adhered to..

Baby blue images

How to choose a pastel dress?

To abandon the traditional white dress for her wedding, challenging conventions, the bride should have a certain degree of determination. But you need to know: in order to look stylish and impeccable at a wedding, you should try to choose your pastel shade correctly. It is matched to the tone of the skin and hair of the bride. Make it simple:

  1. Undress, gather hair in a bun, covering it with a white paper towel, so as not to tint the complexion, and attach fabrics of various colors to the body. You will quickly understand which shade suits you best..
  2. Attach selected fabric to loose hair. If you liked the combination, then the chosen pastel shade is your.

There are a number of tips:

  • for owners of fair skin with light, blond or red hair caramel, apricot, peach or flesh shades are ideal,
  • mint, blue, beige, purple or pale blue pastel colors are perfect for girls with dark hair but light eyes,
  • burning brunettes will stylishly look in a palette of shades from pale pink to lilac.

An interesting makeup will not hurt a single bride, regardless of what color her eyes or hair are. The ability to correctly emphasize facial features is appreciated throughout the world, and the inconspicuous make-up is the pinnacle of skill. Watch the video on how to do yourself makeup in pastel colors:

Shoes and accessories for pastel dress

To look stylish in a pastel dress, you need to think through the image to the smallest detail. Pay special attention to the selection of shoes and accessories that should not be in tone with the color of the dress, but with a more saturated shade. In this case, the groom, bridesmaids and guests should also refuse the classic wedding flowers: white and black, and choose outfits for the holiday, in accordance with the style of the bride and groom.

Color accessories to the image

Photos of fashionable wedding dresses in pastel shades

Whatever style of wedding is chosen, pastel colors that are pleasing to the eye will harmoniously fit into any holiday. Choose any popular style of dress in pastel color and you will not lose! It doesn’t matter in what style and color you will shine at your wedding, the main thing is that in the chosen dress you feel like a queen, and then the sincere admiration of the groom and guests is guaranteed.

Options for the decoration of delicate color schemes