Nautical style wedding dress


Ordinary classic weddings for modern newlyweds are becoming unfashionable. Stylized celebrations are becoming increasingly popular, for which you need to choose the appropriate exclusive and original wedding outfit. For example, wedding dresses in a marine style look very unusual and elegant. Such outfits will be a real highlight of any thematic and even classic wedding ceremony. The dress of the sea nymph gives brightness, freshness, tenderness and unearthly charm to the image of the newlywed.

How to choose a nautical style wedding dress

In order to look like the queen of the sea at her most important celebration, to match the style of the wedding and along with the groom, it is necessary to choose the perfect wedding dress. To do this, first decide how you see your image. Perhaps this is a cheerful, bold sailor in a vest, an elegant lady - the captain’s bride, a romantic mermaid or an extravagant queen of the seas? Let's look at the main nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a wedding dress in a marine style:

  • The cloth. When choosing an outfit, pay particular attention to the material from which it is sewn. For such a wedding, it is not recommended to choose knitted dresses or crocheted models. It is preferable to choose a dense and at the same time light fabric (chiffon, damask, satin, silk).

Nautical style wedding dresses

  • Color spectrum. The most common colors:
    1. White. A snow-white wedding dress is suitable for girls who are more inclined to the classics. Create the necessary mood with a blue belt-ribbon or beads in the shape of shells.
    2. Blue. Delicate shades of blue outfit fit bold nymphs.
    3. Blue. This bold color will become a bright accent on your wedding. Especially to face the delicate blue dress of fair-haired brides.
    4. Turquoise. There are a huge number of shades of this color: light, bright, delicate catchy. A turquoise outfit is appropriate for both confident girls and shy brides.
    5. Shine. Fairy-tale mermaids choose outfits embroidered with sequins.

    Nautical wedding dresses

    • Length. For a wedding of marine style, choose dresses of any length in which you will be more comfortable:
      1. Maxi is a classic and popular option, but so that the hem is not dirty with sand, choose an outfit a few centimeters above the ankle.
      2. Midi - this dress is the perfect choice for a wedding of the 60s.
      3. Mini is the most successful and comfortable outfit; it does not constrain movement, favorably distinguishes slender tanned legs. A short model with a train can add spice to the bride’s image.

      Nautical Style Wedding Dresses

      • The style of the dress is selected depending on the preferences of the bride and the general nature of the holiday, it is not recommended to wear models with a tight corset. The most popular styles are:
        1. Greek Having dressed such an outfit, the bride will look like the goddess Aphrodite, who emerged from the sea wave.
        2. A gentle dress of loose fit. A light semi-fitted or straight robe is perfect for the shy.
        3. Vintage or retro. A good option for a gangster-themed beach party.
        4. Short dress with a removable train. In this outfit, the bride will feel free and relaxed..
        5. A long outfit with a high slit allows you to move around freely and shows the beautiful legs of the bride.

        Tips for creating a wedding image of the bride

        To create the perfect marine image of the bride and groom, one correctly selected dress will not be enough, it is necessary to take into account many additional nuances, such as a hairstyle, a wedding bouquet, makeup, manicure:

        • The bride’s bouquet must be supplemented with thematic accessories: shells, anchors, blue or turquoise ribbons, life mugs, pearls, beads in the form of water droplets.

        Accessories for the marine image of the bride

        • Hairstyle:
          1. For a beach wedding, loose curls decorated with flowers are suitable.
          2. Stacking «shell» - the most suitable option for the sea bride.
          3. The image of the Queen of the Seas will look advantageous with a hairstyle decorated with a shell diadem.
          4. Openwork braid in which starfish are woven - a great option for a gentle bride.
          5. It is easy to create a beautiful image of Venus by making a braid rim through the bangs, and arrange the rest of the hair with large curls.
          6. Makeup involves the use of cosmetics for the eyes of warm and cold shades of the sea (blue, blue, turquoise) and classic colors (black, beige). Choose neutral, not too bright tones (shades of pink, peach, coral), courageous girls can use red lipstick.

          Cold makeup

          • A marine-themed manicure is not only yellow sand and the blue sea. For you, the entire summer palette: blue, green, turquoise, yellow-orange gamma. Decorate the nails with an anchor design, waves, shells, gulls, bubbles, fish, droplets.

          Wedding Dress Accessories

          Themed accessories will help to complement the image of the bride:

          Accessories for wedding dresses

          • Shoes in a suitable color scheme or with a pattern in blue and white stripes.
          • Bag with embroidered anchors or clutch in the shape of a shell.
          • Bijouterie. The chain, pendant or bracelet with symbols associated with the sea looks original.
          • Belt blue, turquoise, blue.
          • Wedding garter decorated with anchors or blue bows.

          Photos of dresses for brides in marine style 2016

          The thematic wedding requires extraordinary and exclusive solutions for the image of the newlyweds. The sea bride looks great in a classic outfit of white or beige color, complete with additional decorations, and in a dress the color of the sea. The styles of Greek-style outfits from flowing fabrics and shortened comfortable models are considered a hit of the 2016-2016 season.

          New dresses for brides in a marine style