Wedding dress with tulip skirt


Choosing a wedding dress, each girl wants to look attractive and original, to be remembered by those present at the celebration, to receive after the holiday a lot of beautiful photos. A large role in creating the image is played by the style of the outfit, which is able to talk about the nature of the future wife, reflect her preferences, and demonstrate the dignity of the figure. Recently, an interesting style of dress has become popular - a tulip, which makes the bride like a touching spring flower. You will learn more about the features and variations of this model below..

Short tulip wedding dresses

The tulip dress is an embodiment of a delicate plant: a skirt starting from the waist extends to the hips and narrows downward, resembling the shape of an inverted flower bud. The top of this style can be anything - it all depends on the figure of the hero of the occasion. If the girl is the owner of slender legs, a short version of the wedding dress is suitable for her, because such a model will emphasize the graceful figure, show the playful nature of the bride. The only minus of such attire - a short tulip dress is not at all suitable for a wedding with a wedding.

Short tulip outfit

Long models of dresses

More modest and gentle than mini dresses, tulip styles look up to the knee or to the ankles. They allow the bride to create a touching, romantic image, emphasize her femininity and youth. The long version of the dress is made of dense, hard fabrics or from light and flowing. This high-waisted model is perfect for pregnant women: in the first stages, the style is able to hide an interesting position, and in later it is advantageous «draws up» rounded tummy of the future wife.

Long options for wedding tulip dresses

Tulip dresses for brides with decorative elements

The decor of the tulip dress can be artsy or concise, its final appearance depends on the effect that the newlywed wants to achieve. It can be decorated with rhinestones, pearls, bows, elegant lace or belted with a bright satin ribbon. If the fabric of the dress is expensive and high-quality, and the cut is complex, the robe does not require additional jewelry. The model can be made completely in lace - this is the fashion trend of 2015. White outfits look great with a contrasting belt of black, red, other colors.

Ideas for the original decor

Who needs a tulip style dress?

The tulip dress is a beautiful, interesting, but extremely picky style, because it does not suit everyone. This robe looks best on slender tall girls - they can safely experiment with the length, height of the waist, top of the dress, without fear that the original decoration deforms the figure. Physique bride «inverted triangle» the model is also able to decorate: volume in the hips will add a wide dense skirt, and too large shoulders will hide the sleeves and a suitable neckline.

The outfit is perfect for girls with a poorly defined waist line, a wide thigh and a small bust size. Visually, the style will make the figure more harmonious, and a small chest can hide a beautiful cut-out boat. Full brides can also try to find a suitable option, because a wide skirt covers well the extra centimeters in the hips. There are several rules for selecting this model for growth:

  • Tall girls can choose any length of skirt - from the ankles to a short mini.
  • Medium-height honeymooners should choose a model with a length just above the knee..
  • On low girls tulip mini dresses will look best.

It matters what the top of the product will be. Slender girls with fragile shoulders can afford thin straps at the outfit that accentuate the arms. Otherwise, brides should give preference to the top, which with the help of sleeves and a neckline will cover the body. Dresses with long sleeves that reflect the modest nature of the future wife look good. This detail of the outfit can be narrow or lush, wide. Short options for sleeves are ideally combined with the dress - «wings», «the petals».

Sleeve options to the image

The material for the style depends on the season, the preferences of the woman of fashion, which also affects how the model looks on the bride. Thick girls will like dense matte fabrics that well mask the flaws of the figure, but on thin women, flowing chiffon, silk, organza harmoniously look. Pregnant girls with a slim figure can choose a model with a falling fabric.

What to wear?

Accessories complement the image of the newlywed, emphasize her unique style, so she spends a lot of time on the selection of suitable elements for the outfit. First of all, you need to think about shoes for the dress, which will be the perfect complement to the wedding decoration. For a short tulip model, the bride can pick up shoes of any height - ballet flats, medium heels or stilettos. The longer the outfit, the higher should be the shoes of the hero of the occasion. A thin stiletto heel looks best with style, but other models are acceptable.

Shoes young to complete the image

For shoes, the future spouse can choose a clutch that looks great with this style. An elegant leather band in a contrasting color will look good with a robe, adding even more emphasis to the waist. As for jewelry, the tulip dress is an original style that attracts attention, so excessive pretentiousness of accessories will only damage the romantic, elegant image of the bride. Stylists advise choosing jewelry in the form of pendants on thin chains, discreet earrings, thin bracelets.

Photos of tulip wedding dresses 2015

To look spectacular, the future spouse must choose the style and type of holiday decoration that suits her the most. Having previously studied the different versions of this unique model presented by designers at the fashion show in 2015, it will be much easier for the bride to make a choice. See an interesting selection of photos of tulip dresses, which will help determine the final version:

Fashionable models of formal dresses

Options for the selected style