Lace Wedding Dresses With A Train


Choosing a wedding dress for any bride is an important moment in preparing for the celebration. On this day, she needs to look not just beautiful and fashionable, but royally. Pay attention to lace dresses with a train of different styles that will turn any woman into a luxurious beauty. Lace is rich in varieties of configurations, so it amazes with its graceful patterns, embodying the most incredible ideas for a wedding dress.

Styles of lace wedding dresses with a train

The history of lace dresses began in 1491, when Anna Breton, the French queen, first wore a lace wedding dress. It was decorated with pearls, decorated with gold and beads. Since then, women have considered the intricacies of patterned fabric the most chic outfit for the bride. Lace is perfectly draped in folds, tails, buccles, harmoniously combining with all fabrics and emphasizing the female figure favorably. But walking in a dress with a train to an unprepared bride will be difficult, so watch the video below on how to go in dresses with long trains.

A white lace dress with a train suits all girls, regardless of height and weight. So that the elongated hem does not deform and does not wrinkle, high-quality fabric is used for sewing it. A lace outfit with a train can not be called a cheap choice. This style is perfectly combined with the layered dress, so the train is a continuation of a luxurious skirt. It looks very impressive. Here are some popular styles of lace wedding dresses with a train.

A-line puffy dress with a train

Models of A-silhouette outfits dispute the fact of the existence of ugly female figures. A fluffy skirt, expanding downward, slim, and a narrow top visually stretches the figure. Thanks to this cut, the girl becomes like an hourglass. The outfit hides full hips, enlarges the bust. A-line lace models with a train - the outfit of a real queen. Lace is ideally combined with such a style, adding to the bride tenderness and sensuality. From this fabric can be the whole dress or its individual parts (corset, skirt).

Classic A-line Wedding Dresses

Slim Mermaid Silhouette Lace Dress

Brides love lace dresses with a train of silhouette «Mermaid». They make the figure perfect, emphasizing advantages, hiding flaws. But stylists do not recommend choosing this style for full girls, since the fullness of the hips dress «Mermaid» only emphasize. Characteristic features of such a model are:

  1. A stiff bodice that fits your body with or without lace sleeves.
  2. Low waistline.
  3. Stream loop.
  4. Flared multilayer skirt that resembles a fish tail.

There are several options for a wedding dress «Fish», which allows lovers of such a cut to choose a model for their taste. For girls with flawless skin and a beautiful bust, a sleeveless lace model with an open neck and shoulders is perfect. To draw attention to the neckline, you need to choose a model with a V-neck and sleeves-lanterns that can hide the wide shoulders of the bride and groom.

Mermaid Lace Dress

Empire style direct

Empire style lace wedding gown is an elegant and luxurious image of a bride. The history of such models dates back more than a century and came to Russia in the Napoleonic era. Empire outfits are light, airy and surprisingly feminine. Greek styles are easily recognizable by several details:

  • high waistline located under the chest;
  • a loose skirt flows in smooth waves along the body;
  • straight and harmonious silhouette;
  • lack of jewelry, bright details.

Empire style lace dresses were very popular among brides at all times. This is due to the versatility of the style, which is ideal for both tall and miniature girls. The cut will lengthen the growth of the bride, who wants to look taller, and will hide the fullness of the bride with curvaceous shapes. Outfits in the Greek style are also loved by expectant mothers, because they do not constrain movements, hiding a slightly rounded tummy.

Greek Dresses with Train

Short dress with a removable train

Not every bride will agree to experiment, and a short lace dress with a removable train is a risky step. Such a model will be able to emphasize the beauty of slender legs and will enable the girl to boast of chic shoes. This is ideal for tall brides, but petite owners of beautiful legs also should not refuse such a sexy wedding dress. In a short dress it is much more convenient to move around and dance than in a long dress, the model looks stylish and unusual.

The train is easy to remove at any time of the holiday, and the bride without it will look a little different. If you choose a short fitted dress with a removable lace train for a peach, emerald or red wedding, then this outfit can be used even after registration of marriage as an evening toilet. Lace dresses, especially those combined with other materials, have a minimum of decoration. This is due to the style of mini models, which must be restrained, and a variety of bows, rhinestones, sparkles or sequins will be superfluous here.

Mini dress with a train

Types of lace for wedding dresses

Lace wedding dresses are considered not only exquisite, but also expensive outfits. After all, lace is created by masters and requires a delicate taste. It should seduce, enchant, delight the eye, delight and never go out of fashion. Handmade lace is considered the standard of elegance, but not everyone will be able to purchase Venetian or Spanish lace, which decorate the wedding dresses of royal persons. Consider the more affordable types of such fabric:

  • Fillet - a mesh made of synthetic threads with the application of golden or silver threads in the form of curls or monograms.
  • Tatting - shuttle weaving with a poor texture that resembles a stitch and is used to trim wedding corsets or belts.
  • Macrame is a nodular weaving technique that creates incredibly beautiful patterns..
  • Irish - drawing on a flying mesh fabric of different images: flowers, birds, animals, geometric shapes.
  • Crochet.

Photo of lace dresses with a train in 2016

Wedding dresses with a train can have lace details (sleeves, open back decor) or are completely made of such fabric. Models in the Spanish style are interesting: a tight-fitting top and a multi-tiered skirt are made of lace (thin corrugated lace fabric was used for the bottom of the dress). A long train gives the style a dynamic, noble, passion. There should not be many jewelry on the bride: a pendant or an elegant necklace will complete the royal image. A veil and hairstyle are chosen, depending on the tastes of the girl, but a long veil to the floor is best combined with a train.

Interesting models with a guipure insert on the belt, amazingly emphasizing the bride’s thin waist, and with a skirt made of translucent fabric, with crystals shimmering in the light. There are a lot of lace wedding dresses, and they are all divinely beautiful. You will surely find your model among such a variety, if you look at the photo selection of fashionable styles of the new season 2016.

The best models of lace dresses with a train