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On the wedding day, every bride wants to look irresistible. Wearing a red wedding dress for the celebration, the bride and groom will demonstrate their individuality, fiery temperament, self-confidence and self-reliance. The original outfit is able to give the image of the bride brightness, unusualness and sexuality. The history of the use of red in the dress of the bride dates back more than one century. This is the color of royal dynasties, and in accordance with the wedding traditions of the east, it symbolizes happiness, luck, wealth, passion and strong love of a future married couple.

Red bride dress

How to choose a red dress?

The variety of models of red wedding dresses developed by well-known fashion designers and offered by salons provides the opportunity to choose a beautiful option for any bride. To emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of a figure using an outfit, before buying, determine your body type: hourglass, apple, pear or inverted triangle. Decide where you want to visually add volume and where to reduce. Stylist's advice on choosing a wedding dress, taking into account the type of physique, see the video:

A-line wedding dress with vertical lines of a red cut is ideal for a curvy bride with an apple or pear-like physique. The outfit visually stretches the figure, visually reducing the volume of the chest, waist and hips. Avoid overly tight models of glossy fabric, lace flounces, wide sleeves - all these elements emphasize the fullness of the figure. It is advisable to give preference to outfits that are not overloaded with unnecessary details and decor, made of matte fabric, freely flowing through the body.

Red bridal A-line outfit

Empire style high-waisted models with a deep neckline are a good option for a short bride with an apple or pear-like physique. The outfit visually lengthens the silhouette, emphasizing the remaining advantages of the figure. A model of a red dress with short sleeves or fully open shoulders complete with long gloves will help you visually increase growth..

Empire red wedding attire

A straight-cut red dress is the perfect choice for a bride who has an hourglass physique. The outfit completely fits the figure, repeating and emphasizing all the bends of the body. A bride who wants to emphasize her elegance and sexuality can choose a straight-cut dress with strapless organza or silk. If you want to create a feminine romantic look, choose a model with a boat neck and long sleeve, decorated with lace, ribbons.

Red outfit

Red dress «Ball» - A win-win option for a bride with a pear or hourglass physique. The model successfully emphasizes the narrow waist, hiding the unnecessarily heavy bottom of the figure with a full skirt. Also dress «Ball» suitable for the owner of a large breast, since the voluminous bottom helps visually balance the proportions of the figure, bringing them closer to the type of hourglass.

The bride in a red magnificent dress

Red dress model «Mermaid» will adorn a bride of any height, possessing physique close to ideal proportions. The tight-fitting forms, narrowed downward by the oblique cut of the model, will add femininity and elegance to the image of the newlywed, elegantly emphasizing the main advantages of the girl's figure: high chest, thin waist, slim hips.

Model Mermaid in red

When choosing a wedding outfit, pay attention to the size of the clothes. Buying a model 1-2 sizes larger is a mistake often made by brides, which leads to the fact that the dress does not fit well, requires an additional fit on the figure. Remember, only an outfit of the right size is able to emphasize your individual beauty and dignity of appearance.

The nuances of choosing a shade of red

Red color has many shades, see popular tones in the photo below. When choosing the right color, pay attention to the color saturation of your hair and skin, the brightness of your appearance. If you are the owner of pale skin, blond hair, then you will be restrained cold tones: ruby, wine, raspberry. With a contrasting appearance (dark hair with a cold tint, expressive eyes), choose bright and saturated shades: red, scarlet, wine-burgundy.

Popular tones of red

A classic blonde with a warm honey skin tone and golden hair color should prefer bright colors with the addition of an orange hue: scarlet, cinnabar, Falun red, titanium, pomegranate. A red-haired bride with a golden tint of skin will suit the outfit in cold, dark and saturated colors: mahogany, Chinese red, carmine, Bismarck furioso, red rose, cherry.

Options for red and white wedding dresses

A red and white wedding attire is a great option for a bride who, following traditions, wants to express her own personality. Not every bride and groom will decide to wear a completely red wedding dress, but if you add decorative elements of this shade to the white, the elegant ensemble will take on a special, unique, unique and sexy look.

Red and White Wedding Outfit

Decoration of an outfit can be embroidery, lacing on a corset, dress hem or train, beadwork, contrast belt, bodice elements, inserts on the dress's skirt and other details. Before choosing a white dress finish with red elements, do not forget, they visually draw attention to the part of the body where they are located. Define in advance which zones you would like to emphasize and which to hide.

White dress with a red bodice

A white dress with a red bodice is an ideal option for a bride who would like to focus on a beautiful breast. Thanks to this color scheme, you will draw attention to your dignity, hiding the remaining imperfections of the figure. The bodice is sewn of satin, silk, organza, lace, beautifully embroidered with rhinestones and beads, decorated with original embroidery. The pattern and decor can only be focused on the corset or flow smoothly to the bottom of the dress.

Bride in a white dress with a red bodice

With neckline accents

Neckline inserts draw attention to the chest to a much lesser extent than a bodice made entirely of red material. The edging can go directly along the edge of the bodice or create additional attire lines that visually stretch the figure or emphasize the chest. Corset decoration is performed with a wide or narrow ribbon of satin, organza, chiffon. An additional element of the decor are rhinestones, lace, stitch embroidery, artificial flowers.

Neckline A-Line Wedding Dresses

Modern models of dresses with duplication along the hem of the skirt of the red edging of the corset visually reduce the bride's height. Such a robe looks beautiful on newlyweds with high stature. For short girls, we recommend choosing models with either a fringing of the bodice or with an insert along the edge of the skirt. Examples of luxurious red and white wedding dresses, see the photos below.

With embroidery or rhinestones

A red and white dress decorated with embroidery or rhinestones is a great option for a woman who does not want to create additional accents in her outfit, but wants to complement the wedding ensemble with red elements. Intricate stitch embroidery patterns, beautiful satin flowers, an unusual decor of feathers, rhinestones shimmering in the sun - all these elements help to create an original, unique and romantic image of the bride, which will long remain in the memory of the groom, guests of the wedding celebration.

Red and white outfit with embroidery or rhinestones

Is it appropriate to wear a short red dress for a wedding??

A short red dress is ideal for a summer wedding in the city or outdoors. If you do not plan a formal serious celebration ceremony, full of officialdom with clearly established holiday rules, then a short wedding outfit will be in place. The popularity of short wedding dresses is growing every year. The owners of such outfits look romantic, stylish, elegant..

Bride in a short red outfit

A short red wedding dress has many advantages:

  • Conveniently. Due to the short length, the skirt will not bother you throughout the holiday. In this outfit, you can, without fear of stepping on the hem, walking and taking pictures with the groom, chatting with guests, dancing a wedding dance, actively participating in contests, quizzes.
  • Cool. If the wedding is scheduled for a hot summer day, in a short red dress you will not be hot, which means that you will not need to limit yourself in any physical activity, fearing for your appearance.
  • Economically. The cost of a short red dress is much lower than with longer models. Having bought this option for a wedding dress, you can allow yourself to choose more expensive jewelry or accessories..
  • Sexually. In a short red wedding dress you will look sexy and attractive. Open slender legs in white patterned stockings or without them look irresistible, forcing the groom to look only at you.

Short dresses in red

A variety of models of red short dresses developed by designers will help you choose an outfit for any look: from a mischievous cheerful girl for a rock and roll wedding to the main character of a romantic celebration in retro style. Choose the length of the short wedding dress to your taste: to the ankles, below or above the knee, or give preference to the bold along with the long train behind.

Examples of the length of a red short dress

What shoes and accessories fit a scarlet dress?

Well-chosen shoes and accessories can harmoniously complete the image of the bride, emphasize elegance, style and beauty. If you have already found a red wedding dress, then it is time to choose a veil, shoes, gloves, stockings, a bouquet, an umbrella, a fan, jewelry and many other most important elements of a newlywed's outfit. How to choose the right shoes and accessories to harmoniously complete the image of the bride in red?

The tone of the details of the outfit of the bride and groom can be as close as possible to the shade of the dress, see examples in the photo below. To this option of the wedding ensemble, it is necessary to add an additional color element to dilute the abundance of red. In this case, the perfect solution is to combine several tones in the bridal bouquet, for example, red and green.

Red wedding accessories

The ideal companion of red is black, which muffles him perfectly. Complete the dress with a hat, gloves, black shoes, then your extravagant outfit will sparkle with new colors. A combination of hair ornaments with red flowers and black feathers or a completely black set: necklace, bracelet and earrings will look beautiful with such an outfit. It is advisable to make a bride’s bouquet in red-orange warm tones..

Black and red bride accessories

White is a great ally of the red tone. Complementing the dress with a cape, gloves, white veil, you will add freshness and elegance to the wedding image of the bride. For successful examples, see the photo below. Looks beautiful in such a combination both completely white and red-white accessories of the bride and groom. We recommend composing the bride’s bouquet in white and red colors using roses, dahlias, poppies, hypericum, anthurium, callas, greens.

Red and white newlywed accessories

Jewelry accessories for the red dress of the bride should be as simple as possible, small in size, without unnecessary details. Both gold and silver jewelry with stones of red, white or black colors look beautiful. In addition to earrings, choose one thing - either a bracelet or a pendant. Excess jewelry in combination with such a dress is extremely inappropriate..

Photos of fashionable red wedding dresses 2016

The 2016 wedding season is completely dedicated to femininity and romance. The trend is outfits that give the image of the bride tenderness, charm, touching. The presented fashion collections of wedding dresses this season amaze us with modest, graceful dresses. Fashion designers use a shallow neckline, veiled with lace paintings, various lengths of sleeves, luxurious draperies. Fashionable red wedding dresses look at the photos.

Fashionable red wedding dresses