Lace Back Wedding Dresses


A young bride in the foam of lace, what could be more beautiful in the world? Wedding dresses with lace back will help you create a sensation at your own wedding. Feminine, romantic, they bring gloss and mystery, give the image sexuality, sensuality. Spectacular neckline on the back is the latest trend in modern fashion. The guipure covering the deep neckline of the wedding attire will allow you to observe traditions and emphasize the graceful lines of the figure of the newlywed. How not to get lost in the sea of ​​offers? What style to choose, so that your favorite measurement from admiration?

Models of wedding dresses with lace back

Dreaming of creating an image of an elegant diva? Leading fashion designers in the 2016 season offer a chic selection of bridal dresses with lace accents. The huge neckline, exposing the chest so that a hollow was visible, has sunk into oblivion. Simple, classic wedding dresses give room for imagination to designers who prefer to place emphasis on the elegant bends and proportions of the bride's back. Deep cuts open the body from behind, while simultaneously creating intrigue for others with the help of handmade lace, guipure inserts. What styles offer fashion designers?

Open Back Outfits

  • Long wedding models made of natural silk and a deep neckline on the back, decorated with guipure accents. A barely noticeable web of guipure emphasizes sensuality, sexuality of the image, creating the effect of a naked back. Such a robe is suitable for courageous, self-confident brides.
  • Elegant models of wedding dresses that emphasize the figure, with a lace neckline in the form of various figures, can advantageously place emphasis on the merits of the newlywed. Rhombuses visually lengthen the back line, a cutout in the shape of a heart hints at the romanticism of the bride, oval neckline of the boat is set off by gentle bends of the neck.
  • A half-naked back, covered with guipure lace and a million small buttons decorated with rhinestones, will remind you of the times of magnificent balls, elegant ladies in dresses with crinolines, true gentlemen, high feelings. Mystery, mystery of the bride will certainly attract the eyes of the future spouse.

A deep neckline on the back, covered with openwork inserts, obliges the bride to keep her back straight, not to stoop. Bridal dresses with a cutout on the back can emphasize both the smooth curves of the figure, and the extra folds, stooped shoulders. When choosing a robe with a lace back for a wedding, be prepared to hold your royal posture all day long. It is not bad for girls with problem skin to consult a cosmetologist after going through the procedure to clean it. A light tan will not be out of place, shading the snow-white beauty of lace patterns.

Full Lace Dress Back

Full lace back models

The low neckline behind the wedding attire will have an incredible effect! So that the outfit does not look vulgar, vulgar, designers offer to cover their bare back with the help of air lace. A variety of patterns will emphasize:

  • Floral pattern will indicate the romanticism of the bride.
  • Graceful curls - on an unpredictable character, daydreaming.
  • Translucent guipure with a single pattern embroidered with silver, gold threads emphasizes the individuality of the bride, elegant taste, playfulness.

Separately, wedding dresses sewn entirely from lace fabric should be highlighted. Indescribably beautiful models of long dresses with a train worthy of royal blood. The lace back of this style will effectively decorate the bride and groom, without requiring additional accessories. A pair of neat precious earrings will put an elegant point in the image of a delightful bride.

Boat Neck Wedding Dress

Boat Neckline Bride Dress

Emphasize the graceful lines of the nape, the bend of the neck of the bride and groom will help cut the wedding dress «boat». Slightly bare shoulders framed by lace will add aristocracy. The boat neckline fits harmoniously into the style of the lace outfit with long sleeves, revealing the neckline. A long skirt, a train, a transparent veil, gloves will complete the image of a fairy diva. A short magnificent bottom of the robe will give mischief. The lace top of the A-style dress with a cutout boat on the back accentuates the attention of others on the lovely figurine of the newlywed, giving her a magical charm.

With a lace cut in the form of a rhombus or oval

Openwork Models

Wedding attire with a small oval guipure insert is suitable for brides who have extra centimeters in volume. The dense satin fabric of the corset will support the back, the lace insert will cover the existing imperfections of the skin. This is not about you? Then feel free to choose a wedding outfit that exposes your back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and at the waist line. Such a style will suit tall girls. An openwork diamond-shaped neckline on the back will help to visually add a few centimeters of growth. Decorated with rhinestones, beads, it will become a separate element of the decor of the newlywed dress.

Button-down lace back with buttons

Button back with lace

An elegant row of small buttons will adorn the lace neckline of the back, especially if they are inlaid with small stones or rhinestones. Tenderness, charm of each movement of the bride and groom will emphasize a little «old fashioned», but insanely popular style of wedding dress. The bow belt will add romanticism, focusing on the elegant waist. Do you have a wedding in the church? In this outfit, the rules of decency will be observed, and an intriguingly endless number of buttons and lace will warm up the imagination of a loved one.

Heart-Shaped Dress

Heart-cut models

To open the back, emphasizing the beauty, grace of the figure, an unusual cutout in the shape of a heart will help. An openwork neckline connecting the cups of the bodice with a guipure insert will decorate the wedding outfit. It is preferable to cover a very deep neckline with a long veil during the wedding ceremony. Choose this model of a wedding dress with great care: it shows others the smallest flaws of the figure. If there is nothing to worry about, you love to shock the audience, and your groom supports the desire to stand out, feel free to choose this style.

Photo of wedding dresses with lace back

Elegant lace, provocative tight-fitting, intriguing short, romantic long with a train - wedding dresses with a neckline on the back will make a lasting impression on others. Guipure inserts will add mystery to the image, creating a mysterious image of a sensual newlywed. The wealth of options for dresses with lace back from the leading designers of the world of wedding fashion is presented in the photo below. Choose a robe for your wedding day.

Lace Back Wedding Dresses