Guipure Wedding Dresses


The choice of a wedding dress is not only a difficult process, but also painstaking. The bride needs to take into account the smallest details of the style of her dress, including choosing the material for him. Guipure wedding dresses are increasingly attracting the attention of the bride and groom. The name comes from French «guiper», which means «wrapped in silk». Outfits made of this material are ideal for brides with a refined sense of style who want to add a touch of grace to their image.

Features of choosing a wedding dress from guipure

There has been a demand for lace lace apparel models for brides for many years. Openwork white wedding dress has become a kind of classic, embodying luxury and wealth. When choosing it, pay attention to the quality of the material used, the accuracy of sewing. Sticking out threads, fabric with unevenly broken openwork - this is unacceptable in a newlywed's outfit. The bride should look perfect on this important day. Give preference to recommended brands that put on top quality dresses.

Guipure bride outfit

Decor is the most important moment when choosing a dress model. The presence of guipure means that the dress does not require special decoration, since this fabric is luxurious in itself. Inept combination with other textures, decor elements makes the model too «overloaded». The main requirement when using guipure in a wedding dress is restraint. A simple cut outfit can be sewn completely from it or partially decorated with delicate elements that are sometimes embroidered with rhinestones.

What guipure wedding dress to choose

Choosing your own unique outfit is the dream of every bride, because he will play a major role in creating the whole image. If the girl decided to buy a guipure wedding dress, she can only decide on the style. In order to fit a model capable of maximally emphasizing advantages and hiding flaws, it is necessary to focus on the type of figure of the bride and groom:

  • Hourglass - the same volume of the hips and chest, combined with a narrow waist
  • Pear - the size of the lower body is larger than the upper.
  • Apple - approximately the same volume of the waist, chest, hips with a smooth transition line.
  • Inverted Triangle - Wide upper torso combined with a narrow bottom.
  • The rectangle is the same as «an Apple», direct transition line only.

Guipure wedding dresses for different types of figures

Happy owners «hourglass» any style of guipure dress is suitable: from lush to narrow, with any length and finish. Here, the choice of the newlywed is entirely vested in her taste preferences. A win-win option for any physique will be an A-shaped silhouette of a guipure outfit, the essence of which is to expand the dress from top to bottom. This option looks good on the bride in position.

A-shaped silhouette of openwork wedding attire

The guipure Empire style wedding outfit looks simple and elegant. The restrained image that such a model creates eliminates the use of a large amount of decor, therefore, only the upper part is decorated with lace, emphasizing the elegance of the bride and groom. Greek style guipure dresses are universal models that do not focus on any part of the figure, but only slightly emphasize the chest. Such an outfit can afford a girl of any complexion.

Fluffy dress with guipure top

This outfit resembles the princess’s robe and is the ultimate dream of many girls. Skilfully embroidered with guipure elements, the corset goes well with a tulle or satin fluffy skirt devoid of decor. Designers often complement the top of the dress with lace sleeves, embroidering elements of the pattern with rhinestones. This model of wedding attire will fit the owners of the figure «inverted triangle», «pear» and «rectangle», effectively emphasizing the waist, hiding the hips.

Puffy guipure wedding dresses

Model with open back and sleeves

This outfit attracts with its elegance and sexuality. Openwork sleeves will emphasize the grace of the hands, adding to the image of the newlywed aristocracy. The back cut out exposes the back and is decorated with a transparent lace insert, which harmoniously combines with guipure trim elements. Such a robe can be made in any style: lush, narrow, A-shaped. Guipure dress with long sleeves and open back straight cut or type «mermaid» fit slim girls with a figure «hourglass» or «pear».

Open back and sleeves in wedding dresses

Short with a long train

This option will be beneficial to look on thin girls with a thin waist, and owners of slender legs will be able to emphasize them with the help of this robe. The guipure corset of the bride’s outfit will add a touch of chic to the dress, and the silhouette - harmony and femininity. The loop can be either sewn or removable. The second option is convenient in that the style of the dress changes easily if necessary. A short wedding dress with a long train attracts courageous girls who want to stand out as much as possible at their wedding day.

Short guipure wedding dresses with a train

Photo of beautiful wedding dresses from guipure 2016

The great demand for lace dresses for brides is based on their attractiveness. Having been absent from the world catwalks for more than ten years, they returned in triumph in 2016. Vera Wong, Pamela Roland, Carolina Herrera and the brilliant designer Oscar de la Renta presented the world models using lace, guipure and delicate «Chantilly». The work of these and other masters, see the photo below.

Openwork in wedding fashion 2016