Long wedding dresses


A wedding is an extraordinary moment for any woman, so preparing for it does not tolerate negligence. The choice of attire for such a celebration is an important key point, because all eyes are directed to the bride, and failure here is similar to disaster. For many years, the longest wedding dresses have been considered the most win-win option. A lot of styles, the ability to correct any imperfections in the figure and all-weather make the long dress a leader among wedding dresses.

Extra Long Wedding Outfit

Models of long wedding dresses with photos

A long dress is not only a classic of the genre, but also fertile ground for designers. Wedding fashion changes every year, but floor length is always relevant. A long wedding robe is romantic and solemn at the same time. No wonder all the royal bride marry exclusively in these outfits. And the patterns, colors and texture of fabrics used by the modern wedding industry have virtually no restrictions.

A long dress does not depend on the circumstances. Prefer freedom of movement? Choose options with cuts, pleats on the skirt or layered. If active dance steps are not included in your wedding program, or you just want to emphasize the bends of the figure, then your option is spectacular tight-fitting silhouettes. Any weather is subject to long wedding dresses: for a hot summer, choose an open style from light flowing materials, for cold weather - choose a closed model and noble dense fabrics.

The universality of an elongated dress is that it suits all brides: tall and small, slim and dandy, women with a non-standard figure or in an interesting position. Let's look at the basic models of long wedding dresses that can be worn in the basic version, as well as modified to your taste. Choose what you like and figure.

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Classic puffy wedding dresses

A dress with a long full skirt on the rings is the crown of any wedding collection from year to year. It contains romance and luxury at the same time. The bodice (usually corset) can be open or closed, with any length of the sleeve, smooth or lace, strict or decorated. Although the traditional color of wedding attire is white, in recent years it has become fashionable to get married in a lush color outfit or white with a slight color accent.

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Long floor slit

Long slit wedding dresses are a bold option for confident women that focus on sexuality. Such a model should only be worn on stiletto heels. Insofar as the high cut itself attracts attention, other details of the image should not be so noticeable (do not combine the cut with a deep neckline, catchy accessories and sophisticated draperies on the skirt).

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Straight not curvy

An elongated straight dress is truly feminine and elegant due to its conciseness. Moreover, both tight-fitting skirts made of smooth fabric and lace look chic. Such a model is ideal for an open back. A variation of the direct style is also a dress in the Greek style. Unlike narrow style «case», maximally emphasizing the lines of the figure, Greek style «Empire» has soft flowing pleats on the skirt and high waist.

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With a loop

Although a wedding dress with a train is considered one of the most uncomfortable styles, many girls choose this model because of its effectiveness. It is noteworthy that the train fits almost any long style. If the wedding takes place in the cold season, the bride will need outerwear. For a skirt with a train, only a short (to the waist) option is permissible. A hem sticking out from under a long coat will look ridiculous.

So that a skirt with a train does not cause inconvenience, you need to choose a style that allows you to choose a hem (with a fastening on the arm in the form of a loop), pin the skirt, or with a removable train. And for a very long hem, the bride will need an assistant. In addition, the dress with the train is very easily soiled and, as a rule, implies that after the wedding procedure (wedding) and photo shoot, the bride will change into a more practical evening outfit.

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Front short back long

This is a modern fashionable style (also called cascading), which is suitable for girls with slender smooth legs. The bodice of this model is usually open, and the tissues are light, flowing. Front length is allowed from ultrashort mini to the knees, back - to the floor or with a train. A suitable addition to this style would be gloves to the elbow, mantle or bolero jacket. And be sure high-heeled shoes.

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Silhouette dresses «Mermaid»

Perhaps the most seductive style among dresses on the floor belongs to the model «mermaid». Strongly fitted and expanding from the knees, such an outfit requires perfect proportions. To model «mermaid» sat effectively, the waist should be pronounced (if necessary, corrective underwear is required). Such a style fetters movement and requires some skill in wearing.

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The longest wedding dress

In some countries there is a sign associated with the length of the wedding dress: the longer the bride’s train, the longer the happy life of the newlyweds will be. However, the record-length wedding robe was not sewn for a real bride, but solely for advertising purposes. This dress with a train length of 2750 m Romanian designer Joanna Comanescu, presented in public in 2012 by model Emma Dumitrescu. Almost 5 km of fabric and more than 2 months of work were spent on the manufacture of the masterpiece..

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Photo selection of fashionable wedding dresses

Going to wedding boutiques, view a selection of photos of wedding dresses below. This will help you navigate the modern trends of wedding fashion and decide on the desired style. It is no secret that many salons, trying to sell off the stale old collections of wedding clothes, pass them off as a fashionable novelty. If you’re at least a little versed in this matter, you can choose the perfect wedding dress for yourself.

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