Skinny Wedding Dresses


The first thing the groom pays attention to on the wedding day is the silhouette of the bride’s wedding dress, so when choosing it, the girl should pay a lot of attention to the style in order to look perfect in it. Of the variety of straight, lush, flared styles, brides prefer tight-fitting silhouettes that went into fashion more than 100 years ago and still do not give up their positions. Narrow wedding dresses are the best choice for a bride and groom, keeping up with the times. If the wedding clothes are sewn according to the figure, then the girl will easily move and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Models of narrow dresses for the bride

Many modern brides prefer lace narrow dresses that fully convey the girl’s tender mood on the wedding day, creating a sophisticated look. Lace and a narrow long cut successfully complement each other, giving a sexy bend to the female body. Often, the top of tight-fitting outfits is presented in the form of a tight corset. Shapes can be with straps or with sleeves, decorated with beads, bows, embroidery, sequins. Let's see which narrow wedding dresses are most popular right now..

Long narrow dress of the Mermaid style

Style «Mermaid» the people have a huge demand. He is also called «Fish tail» or «Fish» due to the fact that the tight silhouette from the knee begins to expand, resembling a fish. This model is always long and almost always has a long train at the back that makes the bride's gait royal. Due to the length of the dress «Mermaid» it’s not very convenient to dance, so designers are advised to purchase outfits of this style with a detachable train, which is easily removed after the official ceremony. Watch the successful wedding dress models in the video «Mermaid»:

This narrow classic style is classified according to several parameters:

  1. The cloth. Lace or satin material looks most effective: it drapes beautifully on the hem, making the dress weightless and fitting the figure.
  2. «Tail». It can be layered throughout the hem or is located behind.
  3. Sleeves. Sleeveless dresses emphasize the neckline, and with sleeves - they look more aristocratic.

Silhouette of fish

Short outfit model with a train

Young girls, showing their individuality, choose narrow short wedding dresses with a long train. Such a dress can impress and surprise. Traditional white wedding clothes are gradually fading into the background, and for a modern wedding, pastel shades or bright color options are increasingly chosen. The narrow and short dress is universal and suitable even for full girls, making the waist thinner, simultaneously focusing on the high chest.

The tight-fitting silhouettes look very feminine, and short models with long lace sleeves and a train make the image solemn. If you prefer a wedding dress peach, emerald or red, then in the future it can serve as an evening. This model obliges the bride to approach the choice of shoes in the most serious way, because a short cut opens her legs for all to see.

Options with a loop

Dress sheath to the knee

Sheath dress effectively emphasizes the figure of the bride, and besides, it is versatile and practical, because after the wedding it can be combined with almost all everyday things. However, having decided to shine in such a model to the knees at the wedding, the bride needs to choose the right accessories, shoes and hairstyle:

  • A veil with a traditional case does not look very harmonious, but it will be successfully replaced by a frivolous hat or a beautiful pearl hairpin.
  • If the style is chosen with a short sleeve, it will ideally complement the image of the bolero, which is selected depending on the season.
  • As for shoes, it is better to choose classic models of shoes, but it is allowed to experiment with ankle boots embroidered with rhinestones or sandals decorated with peacock feathers, if the wedding dress is colored. It is important that the selected elements are in perfect harmony with each other..

Models Case

Slim Split Lace Dress

A lace wedding outfit that fits the figure is the most popular among brides. His purchase is quite justified, because lace is considered a noble material, because even the most tight-fitting model with a large cut does not look vulgar. To look stylish and luxurious, the bride needs to avoid lace patterns with a beaded bodice or other decor. The lace is rich in different patterns, so if other decorations are added to it, then an obvious bust.

A modest string of natural pearls or some white gold jewelry looks best on a lace-fitting model. A long veil decorated with the same lace as on the dress will complement the image. A short lace-fitting outfit also looks stylish, if you add gloves to cover only the bride’s palm, and instead of a veil, a satin white rim.

Slit Outfit Ideas

Who will suit a narrow wedding dress?

Narrow silhouettes emphasize all the bends of the body, so the figure looks very attractive. Floor-length models visually stretch and make the body shape graceful, so they are suitable for short and chubby brides. Narrow outfits are best for girls with a figure like «Hourglass» and «Rectangle», but if you pay attention to the nuances of the style, then the narrow model is selected for any figure.

For example, if the bride has a lack of waist, then this flaw is easily hidden by a strap or a wide satin ribbon of a contrasting shade. And if you have a figure like «An Apple», «Pear», If you also have bulky shoulders, a big belly or large hips, then pay attention to the style with darker inserts on the sides, which will fit and hide all the flaws. You will look perfect at your own wedding.!

Photo of narrow wedding dresses

When choosing fabric for a tight wedding dress, it is better to give preference to soft silk, delicate satin or lace, which beautifully emphasize the silhouette of the bride and groom. Velvet and brocade keep their shape perfectly, but in summer in dresses made of such fabrics will be uncomfortable. The advantage of narrow wedding styles is that they are combined with many accessories, with any hairstyles, hats and veils. In narrow dresses, it is easy to fit into any wedding style and look organically at a celebration of any material level..

Celebration Ideas

Models of wedding decorations for the bride