Wedding dresses with a red belt


The red color in the dress of the bride is bold and spectacular. White clothing is the traditional choice of most newlyweds. But if you are brave and love extraordinary solutions, then pay attention to the combination of a snow-white wedding dress with a red belt. Such a bright accent will emphasize the individuality of the bride and her wonderful taste. What are the options for a wedding dress with a red belt?

Who should wear a dress with a red belt?

A bright red tint in the image of the bride and groom will make her even more noticeable and unique. The scarlet color causes people who look at it to rise in emotions. The red palette has always been associated with vitality, health and wealth. The bride and groom, who prefers the scarlet color, is distinguished by emotionality, unrestrained, inclined to act by intuition and always strives to be the first. People with leadership qualities who strive to be always in the spotlight love the red tint in clothes..

In wedding decoration, the combination of white and crimson is quite appropriate. Contrasting shades in the image of the bride and groom look stylish and fashionable. White color emphasizes purity and purity, and red color - courage, love and passion. The belt can be scarlet, crimson, crimson or crimson. A red accessory will draw attention to the strengths of the personality of a bold, ambitious girl. It will also help to focus on the waist, effectively highlighting it.

Red bow on a wedding dress

How to arrange the belt depending on the style of the dress?

A narrow red ribbon is suitable for a short wedding dress or an empire style model. But in this case, the image of the newlywed will need to be supplemented with other elements of the image in the same shade. Red shoes, gloves, a brooch-flower or a bride’s bouquet will be combined stylishly and effectively with a scarlet belt. Wide scarlet ribbon at the waist is suitable for dress in style «Princess».

In this case, there is no need to select the components of the decoration in a similar color scheme, because this element in itself is a bright detail. However, red lipstick will help make the image of the bride harmonious, complete. To make a belt, use either a satin ribbon or lace. A scarlet accessory will look interesting on white clothes if you tie it with a bow.

Scarlet ribbon on the waist of the bride

Such a bright detail looks solemn and beautiful. A scarlet bow is placed front or back, but always at the waist line. Very young brides rarely choose him, but older women like him. If the bow is located in the front, then it is made of small sizes, and if it is tied behind, then it is made of large sizes from several tiers, and a falling loop becomes appropriate continuation of it. A bow will look great on women with any figure:

  • If a tall girl has slender legs, then a short style with such a bright accessory is perfect for her.
  • For brides with curvaceous forms, it is better to choose a red bow, turning into a train.
  • It is not recommended to decorate a model of a dress with cuts with a bow, this will distract attention from the seductive details of the image.

Puffy wedding dress

Wedding clothes with a full skirt make the image of the bride romantic and beautiful. If such a model is decorated with a bright element at the waist, then it will look spectacular and stylish. The skirt will emphasize the individuality of the girl and her refined taste. If the magnificent wedding outfit has a corset, then the elements of its lacing can be contrasting to the main color of a red tint.

Scarlet ribbon on a lush wedding decoration

Short with a long train

Short wedding dresses accentuate the beautiful figure of a woman and the length of her legs. The red detail at the waist will give this model a special touch. In a short robe, the bride and groom will feel particularly comfortable in hot times. A model of this length is perfect for a wedding in nature, for an outdoor ceremony near a river or lake. A bright ribbon will emphasize the graceful camp of a woman and her eccentricity.

Scarlet Ribbon on Short Wedding Dresses

Fish silhouette

A wedding outfit with a silhouette of a fish fits tightly on the figure, so it is suitable for girls with a figure «hourglass». The scarlet element looks great on the waist or hips and will fit well with other red accessories, which will make the image of the girl amazing, solemn. In addition, red will balance the composition, making it unusual, stylish, memorable.

Red belt in a wedding dress fish

A-Line Dress

Romantic A-line wedding decoration will suit all women. A smooth transition from the bodice to the skirt will help to hide the existing imperfections of the figure. The scarlet ribbon will perfectly harmonize with the style of the A-silhouette. It is worn either on the waist, or not the area just below the chest. The red accent in this style looks impressive, fashionable. It is allowed to decorate it with a bow or flower, which will give the image of the girl more romance.

Scarlet Accessory on A-line Wedding Dress

Photo of white wedding dresses with a red belt 2016

Modern girls love originality, so for some of them, festive clothing with a red element will be a great option. There are a lot of wedding models with a bright scarlet accent on the waist. Of these, each future bride will be able to pick up a festive decoration to their liking. Short, long with a train or puffy dresses with a red belt will make the newlywed irresistible, beautiful.

Red ribbon on the clothes of the bride