Slim wedding dresses with a train


At the wedding, the bride wants to be a princess. To make this dream a reality, a wedding dress with a train will help, because in such a dress it was customary to marry august persons. Such clothes of the bride can perfectly emphasize all the advantages of a girl’s figure and create a truly royal image of the bride and groom. What you need to know when choosing «royal» wedding attire?

Models of fitted dresses with a train for the wedding

The train, as a detail of women's clothing, appeared with the light hand of Agnes Sorel in the 15th century. The impudent favorite of Charles VI became the founder of the fashion for dresses with a majestically dragging tail. The church’s initial bias towards this detail of the women's restroom changed by the 18th century. Since that time, all the royal people went down the aisle in dresses with a magnificent tail of fabric. And its length was regulated depending on the status of the girl. The queen could afford clothes with a dragging hem up to 6 meters, the princess up to 4 m, and the rest of the ladies up to 1.3 m.

Long bottom of the skirt in a wedding dress

Varieties of loops:

  • Short (up to 30 cm long) is perfect for any wedding. It will be easy to move around and dance.
  • Medium (length from 70 cm to 130 cm). Such a tail will be clearly visible to guests, but it will constantly have to be lifted or corrected when moving.
  • Maxi (from 1 meter or more) is suitable only for stately weddings. It will be difficult for the bride to move around on her own, so it will take several people to wear this detail of the image of the bride.
  • Removable. This is a convenient option, because the girl in the first half of the celebration will feel like a princess with him, and during the banquet she will unfasten the dragging part of the clothes and will have fun at her party without discomfort.

Fitted outfits with «tail» there are many. Lush, short, straight, tight-fitting models look beautiful with the original extension of the skirt stretching behind the bride. Whatever you choose a wedding fitted model with an elongated hem, this will make your image of the bride more harmonious, stately, exclusive and truly royal. To make it easier for you to cope with the long «tail», sew a loop of ribbon for dressing on your finger or wrist at the end of the skirt. Then, if necessary, you can shorten the bottom of the dress by putting it on your hand.

With a train of a tight cut

For girls with a narrow waist, beautiful breasts and not wide shoulders and hips, fitted wedding dresses with a train of silhouette are perfect «mermaid». Such clothes of the bride will turn the wedding ceremony into a bright and spectacular celebration worthy of a princess. Fitted style «mermaid» it fits the girl’s figure to the knees, and then the lower part of the skirt expands and smoothly passes into an elongated bottom. The perfect figure of the bride in this outfit will look just amazing.

Bodycon wedding dresses

With detachable

Newlyweds, dreaming of a wedding dress with a dragging bottom, may worry whether they can cope with it at the celebration, whether they fall into awkward situations due to the lack of experience wearing clothes with «tail». For such girls, a compromise is to choose a dress with a detachable hem. This is a good and practical option for honeymooners, because a long accessory can be easily fastened to the top of the skirt during the solemn part in the registry office and a photo shoot. And after that, you can unfasten it and at the banquet be in a convenient version of the wedding decoration.

Removable hem in wedding models

With tucking

If you want to find a model with a long, one-piece and comfortable train, then pay attention to dresses with tucking «tail», which is shortened by the principle of a tournament. This means that the bottom with the help of neat folds drapes and clings to the back of the upper skirt. As a result, the lower part of the dress becomes voluminous and looks like something like a tournament that in the past women created by placing pillows under a skirt from behind below the waist.

In order to tuck the elongated bottom of the dress, it is lifted and attached with buttons at the level of the waist or to the wrong side of the upper skirt. With the help of beads, embroidery or lace, loops and other fastening elements of the elongated hem are used to mask the train. If necessary, the bride opens the bottom of the skirt, and during the dance turns and transforms the look of her outfit.

Swivel train styles

How to choose a fitted wedding dress with a train?

For young girls who can boast of beautiful legs, a short outfit with an elongated tail is perfect. The bride in it will look spectacular and extravagant. To create an original image of the newlywed, a removable piece of clothing is placed on the side. Asymmetric style will look extraordinary and bold on the girl.

Brides with a figure «hourglass» will look advantageous in a dress «fish» with a dragging bottom of a skirt. If you are looking for fitted clothes for a wedding in a vintage style, then in an outfit «year» with an elongated hem, you will fully match the style of your celebration. When choosing a fitted wedding decoration with «tail» pay attention to some tips:

  • The longer the train, the more weight you will have to wear on yourself during the celebration. And if you still have stilettos, then it will be hard for you to walk. Considering these features, prudently choose the length of the hem of the skirt.
  • When choosing a detachable outfit «tail» carefully check the reliability of the mounting parts. This will avoid embarrassment and inconvenience during the celebration..
  • Equip the elongated bottom of the skirt with a buttonhole or hook to fasten to the waist if necessary or put on the arm of the elongated part. This will help protect wedding clothing from pollution when crossing the street to a registry office or restaurant.
  • Be sure to practice before the triumph in the art of wearing a dress with a tail. This will help on the wedding day to be the embodiment of grace and femininity, to avoid clumsiness and falls due to the inability to manage the hem of the skirt.
  • «Tail» it will be less trouble for the bride from satin or silk, because it will flow well and will not cling.
  • Ask a reliable person to help you during the celebration, supporting the elongated tail of clothes, then you can not worry and fully enjoy your holiday.

Styles of fitting wedding dresses

Photo of beautiful wedding dresses with a train

Options for wedding dresses with dragging bottom