Dresses for painting in the registry office


Some brides take several months to find dresses for painting. Someone goes around all the salons of mass market brands, give someone an exclusive designer dress, and others order a tailor outfit according to the sketch. First of all, you need to flip through fashion magazines and think about which robe you prefer - modest, elegant and simple or richly decorated. Each bride and groom has her own character and ideas about the perfect dress for the registry office. Check out the popular wedding outfit styles.

What dress is better to wear for painting in the registry office

Many salons will offer you a lot of dresses that are suitable for the wedding ceremony. To look appropriate, follow these guidelines:

  • On this day, the bride should look like a queen. But the painting is carried out in an official state institution, so do not shock the public with overly explicit robes.
  • You can put on an evening skirt, trouser suit and overalls for painting in the registry office. The robe should not be too open, made in bright colors.
  • The most acceptable option is not a very candid, modest evening dress. It can be done in any color, but too dark tones and black are best avoided. Some brides want to go to the registry office in a white dress, more modest in appearance than a wedding. For example, in the style of a case, cocktail attire, robes in the style of baby dollars.
  • If painting in the registry office, wedding and photo shoot will take place on different days, it is advisable to appear before the guests each time in a new outfit.

Baby Doll Style Dress

Fashion style “baby doll” lives up to its name, because in translation this word means «chrysalis». Such a dress creates a cheerful, infantile, playful image. The style of baby dollars became relevant in the 60s of the last century. Such outfits are ideal for painting in the registry office and wedding celebration. They are characterized by:

  • high waist;
  • short length above the knee;
  • the use of cute decor - bows, ruffles, shuttlecocks, ribbons, lace, frills;
  • lightweight fabrics such as satin, silk, cotton, chiffon;
  • semi-fitted, fitted, loose silhouette.

Dress for painting in the style of baby dollars

Floor-length evening dress

Evening dresses for painting create a mysterious image of a nymph, a languid seducer, a mysterious woman. The style of such clothes can be different: direct, «mermaid», A-line silhouette. The Greek-style outfit is suitable for girls with pronounced roundness below the waist. In it, the bride will feel easy and free. The mermaid dress emphasizes the figure, it looks very elegant and romantic. A-silhouette fits perfectly on any figure and is considered the most popular style among brides.

Evening dress on the floor for the registry office

Sheath Dress

A fitted dress just above or below the knee is an excellent solution for painting in the registry office, if you want to create a seductive, seductive image. The silhouette can be semi-adjacent, adjacent, which is ideal for a slim figure. A narrow outfit is unlikely to hide the flaws of the figure, he will rather focus on the feminine bends of the silhouette. There are no sleeves in the classic case, the neck is rounded, the waist is emphasized by tucks. Modern models can have different cuts: on the straps, with a deep, V-shaped neckline, a smooth line, a boat.

Style dresses case for painting

Cocktail Dress

Femininity and elegance are mandatory rules for cocktail dresses for painting in the registry office. Here it is important not so much the concept of fashion trends, finishes, lengths, accessories, as the perfect fit of the dress on the figure. The fabrics selected are the most beautiful, beneficially teaching female curves: velvet, silk, satin, taffeta. Cocktail dresses do not have sleeves and a collar in their structure, but the more it is open from below, the more the top should be closed. Summer models are better to choose from chiffon or silk, delicate pastel shades, which will emphasize youth, tenderness.

Cocktail dresses of the bride for the registry office

With asymmetric skirt

Painted models in the registry office with an asymmetric skirt - an excellent, original solution. Thanks to the special cut of the hem, a mysterious and unpredictable image of the bride is created. Having chosen an outfit of a free silhouette with a highlighted waist made of flowing fabrics, the newlywed will look fabulous, gentle, very romantic. More strict style, sophisticated fabrics add elegance. Pastel colors, lace trim give the image of the newlywed tenderness. Whatever type of dress you choose, an asymmetrical hem will always bring a touch of moderate sexuality.

Asymmetrical petticoat bride outfit

What hairstyle is suitable for painting in the registry office

The hairstyle should be not only beautiful, but also correctly selected for the dress, accessories, features of the face, time of the painting. To make the right choice, follow these guidelines:

  • Such hairstyles are suitable for an outfit with an open back: for long hair - a high tail, with an average length curl your hair with large curls. Such styling will emphasize the back..
  • Under a long dress, the hairstyle should be selected not only according to the style, but also the fabric. For silk and satin, choose a shiny, smooth styling, chiffon - sloppy, light, airy hairstyles, guipure and lace - curls of different diameters.

Smooth wedding hairstyle

  • It is better for brides with an open long dress to build a voluminous and magnificent hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if it is gathered in a bun, tail, loose hair, the main thing is that styling «breathed».
  • Romantic hairstyles with slightly twisted strands and a little shine are ideal for lace along with.

The image of the newlywed on a list

Photos of suitable dresses for painting in the registry office

At first glance, it might seem that with an abundance of wedding salons, choosing an outfit for painting is a simple task. However, this is not so, when buying, one should take into account many nuances, starting with the features of the figure and ending with weather conditions. The bride and groom should look stunning, elegant. Perfectly fitting dress, comfort is the key to a good mood and impeccable appearance of the bride. Check out the photo below and choose the best outfit for yourself..

Dresses for the registry office