Wedding dresses


A modern girl is allowed to come to the celebration in any color and style. Short dresses above the knees are gaining popularity during the warm season, and the classic white color is losing ground, giving way to unusual shades of wedding dresses - purple, red and even black. These options will decorate the girl at the ceremony in the registry office, however, if the bride wants to have a wedding, she will have to follow certain rules. Wedding dresses should emphasize the purity and innocence of a girl.

Wedding dress in the Orthodox Church with photo

The Orthodox wedding ceremony is an ancient tradition that requires compliance with the rules regarding the dress and the image of the bride as a whole.

  • The dress for the wedding ceremony should not be open. Open shoulders, arms, a neckline, cutouts on the legs, and even more so a bare back are not suitable for the temple - closed dresses for weddings with sleeves will look best. However, if a girl buys only one dress for all the events of the wedding day, and the closed version does not want to be worn all the time, you can cover your open shoulders with a lace bolero, jacket, scarf or long veil, and put on gloves.
  • The length of the wedding dress should be below the knee. If a girl wants to show her beautiful legs, she will have to buy two dresses or purchase a convenient version of a transformer dress with a detachable skirt.
    Transforming Outfits
  • The bride can choose any material for a church wedding - a shiny satin, delicate lace, light chiffon, but the outfit generously decorated with beads and rhinestones will not look organic. This does not mean that the dress cannot be decorated at all - other decorative elements, such as embroidery, limited use of pearls, and fluffy draperies on fabrics, are suitable for this..
  • A magnificent dress looks beautiful, but during the wedding a straight or slightly flared model is more appropriate. Rings that add volume to the skirt should be discarded..
  • A train is a part of the attire that gives the dress a majestic look. But at the sacrament of the Orthodox wedding, it will look inappropriate. The train is exclusively suitable for the Catholic rite. If you definitely want a dress with a train tail, pay attention to transformer dresses, where it can be unfastened. • Headdress - a mandatory attribute of a wedding. To cover your head, a long elegant veil, embroidered or lace scarf will do. The hat is also allowed at the ceremony, but it is not convenient from the point of view that the crowns that the witnesses or the priest will hold over the heads of the future spouses can touch it. Photo


  • Hairstyle should not be artsy, too voluminous. Modestly collected hair or a cute malvinka fit.
  • For weddings, smooth shoes without jewelry with medium or low heels are acceptable.
  • Bright shades look as wild in a church as a miniskirt, so give preference to a gentle, gentle make-up of the new. Accents on lipstick are unacceptable - it should be pale pink, flesh-colored or absent altogether.
  • Pectoral cross is an important part of a wedding dress, it is better to hide it under clothes.

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Traditional styles

The traditional style of a wedding dress involves a straight or A-silhouette, not too voluminous skirt, closed back, shoulders. The model should indicate the modesty of the bride, consistent with church requirements.

With sleeves

An elegant wedding dress with sleeves looks elegant and restrained. They can be of different lengths and shapes - a bell fitting a lace or satin sleeve, flared models. Please note that gloves are required for short sleeves..

Sleeved models


Closed dresses are suitable for real modest women who take the wedding ceremony seriously. The model hiding the chest, back, arms and neck is the best suited for the church sacrament.

Closed Outfits


Lace dresses are created to emphasize the delicate, fragile nature of the bride. The girl who chooses a dress for a church wedding decorated with lace does not fail - this material looks elegant, rich and does not require other additional decorations. The outfit can be fully trimmed with openwork fabric or partially decorated with it. For example, decorated with a lace hem, sleeves, bodice look beautiful.

Lace options


Simple, minimalist dresses are perfect for a church ceremony. These models can be chosen by girls who do not plan serious financial investments. Minimalism, modesty, simplicity of outfit without decoration will emphasize the beauty of the bride’s face.

Simple and restrained images

For pregnant

Girls who get married during pregnancy need to pay attention to the silhouette. If the bride is in the first months, she will be able to hide her tummy with the help of an elegant A-line dress. The Greek model with a high waist and a flared skirt is also suitable for the initial period, but if the fact of pregnancy becomes apparent, it will perfectly decorate the rounded shapes. According to church canons, only an innocent girl can wear a white dress for a wedding ceremony, so pregnant brides need to look at other light tones of wedding dresses.

Maternity Styles

For full

A model of a dress for a church wedding full girls need to choose carefully, based on the features of the figure. The Greek dress will help to hide any imperfections in the figure, the A-silhouette will balance the massive top with narrow hips of the triangular figure, and «hourglass» pay attention to style «fish», which is only suitable for proportional forms. A pear-shaped body type will adorn a dress expanding from the waist - it will hide full hips.

Models for fat girls

For the elderly

For older ladies, dresses that hide the appearance flaws that appear in adulthood are suitable. Women who want to hide age-related changes - uneven skin, age spots, should pay attention to closed elegant dresses, light wraps. It is better to choose a color not white, against which all imperfections become apparent, but golden, beige.

Dresses for women aged


Modern brides often prefer dark unusual shades, however, the wedding procedure allows exceptionally light delicate colors - cream, blue, light pink, ivory.


White outfit is a classic of the church sacrament, so the girl who chooses such vestments will not be mistaken.


A light blue dress for a wedding ceremony will suit dreamy nature. By choosing this color, it is cautious for brides with an autumn color type. See photos of blue wedding models below..

Blue decorations

Other options

The temple allows for various options for the colors of the outfit - the main thing is that they be of a light shade. This allows each girl to choose the right color for her skin type..

Where to buy and prices

In order not to miscalculate, it is better to buy a model in a special salon where you can find a suitable style, try on different shades. Specialty stores after purchase offer free to sew on the outfit on the figure. The price of a wedding model depends on many factors: complexity of decoration, embroidery, number of draperies, material, cut. A simple satin dress without a straight cut finish will turn out to be bought cheaply, in contrast to the decorated with lace and embroidery patterns with draperies. Every girl will find an outfit that she can afford.

Photos of beautiful and modest wedding dresses

Modest outfits

Strict restrained style

Church Clothing Options

The church sacrament of wedding is a solemn action that concludes a heavenly marriage between the lovers, forever connecting their hearts. It is important to choose a wedding outfit that adheres to church canons - this will allow the bride to feel confident and comfortable during the ceremony.

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