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Each girl during a solemn wedding day wants to look amazing. When planning a holiday, you need to think carefully about the details of your image. The most important stage of its creation is the selection and purchase of a beautiful outfit that will fully reflect the character, tastes, preferences of the hero of the occasion, and most importantly, will suit her. For miniature girls, significantly limited in style, it can be difficult to find wedding dresses for small stature. They will have to spend more time searching and choosing holiday clothes, but they will definitely be stylish..

What style of dress is suitable for small stature?

A small growth significantly narrows the space of choice of styles, but there are options for dresses that are perfect for brides of small stature. They emphasize their touching fragility, focus on the tenderness of a miniature girl. Brides of short stature can choose an A-line with a relatively full skirt, an empire that is always suitable for the occasion, a short dress with a long train.

Dress transformer

The original transformer dress allows you to create several images at once:

  • the first is sophisticated, solemn, when the bride appears in a long, slightly flared dress;
  • the second is bright and playful when most of the hem «disappears», and the girl appears in a completely different decoration.

As a rule, transformers are sewn with a removable skirt, but there are also options with a removable train or sleeves. In each of the cases, the transformer looks in a new way, and in combination with certain accessories helps to emphasize the individuality of the bride. Such an outfit is best chosen taking into account the time of the year, as well as the weather forecast.

Transformer wedding dress for a short bride

With asymmetric skirt

The hero of the occasion has the opportunity to draw attention to her wedding look with interesting details, one of which is a stylish asymmetric skirt. On the one hand, the hem of the wedding dress can be decorated with a slit, and on the other, with additional details of the decor (lush bow, embroidery). It is important to choose such an outfit where the hem does not touch the floor, is at a distance of 2-3 cm from it - then the girl will seem taller.


Dress «year»

Wedding Dress «year» will appeal to brides who want to appear in a chic look at a wedding. This style is favored by many Hollywood stars, because it gives an excellent opportunity to be seen even on the red carpet. If the bride wants to feel like a real star during the wedding day, then an elegant dress «year» with a slightly flared skirt below - her choice.

The original style of the year will decorate a short bride

Short with a long train

A short wedding dress is perfect for a short girl, because it focuses on her fragility. Such a style will open graceful legs, but a simple style without additional details may disadvantageously emphasize miniature growth. The ideal option for a short dress is a model with a train. Beautiful, lush «tail» the original outfit is able to make everyone forget about the growth of the bride.


Tips for choosing dresses for full and short brides

Full brides may find it difficult to choose a suitable style for themselves, but there are many silhouettes that will adorn the curvy forms of the bride and groom. It is desirable that the wedding dress was made of matte fabric, without an abundance of decorative elements. Well, if the outfit is sewn with a high waist - visually increase the growth and take a few pounds. This can be a loose or not too narrow outfit that will not attract attention to problem areas. Watch the video collection of beautiful wedding dresses for full brides:

Features of choosing a dress for a short bride

Possessing a miniature physique and small stature, a girl often faces the problem of finding suitable business or elegant clothes. But the real difficulties begin when you have to look for a dress for the most important and beautiful day in her life - a wedding. Favorite styles that look so wonderful on glossy magazine models do not sit well, land, or even add a few pounds, making the figure disproportionate.

Wedding dresses for miniature brides

Knowing in advance that it is well suited to such a physique, the bride will avoid the unpleasant emotions that can accompany her with the next inappropriate version of the dress at a fitting in the salon. In good wedding stores that provide quality items, professional styling sellers work who can tell the bride a suitable option, taking into account the growth and shape. As a rule, specialists at a glance determine which particular style will look organically on a girl.

It also happens that the future wife does not like the assortment of wedding dresses that are presented in the wedding boutiques of her city. In this case, there is always the opportunity to take advantage of the World Wide Web: on a variety of foreign as well as domestic websites, it is possible to order a suitable wedding dress. Buying without trying on, it is worth considering the need to adjust the clothes on their own. To do this, you will have to search in advance for the contacts of an experienced seamstress, who will be able to entrust such a responsible task.

Trying on a short bride's wedding dress

It is better to contact sites verified by acquaintances or friends, read reviews on delivery times (it will be unpleasant if such an important order is late), the quality of fabrics, their compliance with the stated description. To make the wedding look spectacular, you need to consider several important recommendations:

  • The splendor, the abundance of shining jewelry, bows and ribbons is wonderful, but it will turn a short bride into a character from a children's cartoon. In most cases, the hero of the occasion wants to appear as a real lady - elegant and sophisticated, so it is better to bypass such decor, preferring laconic options for dresses.
  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings are necessary accessories, but it is important to choose them correctly. Large, large stones in jewelry and jewelry are a contraindicated luxury. A miniature bride must make a choice in favor of more elegant decorations, otherwise she will look unnaturally bright.

Elegant wedding dresses for short brides

  • A simple dress without an abundance of decorative details is the best way to look elegant. The ideal option is a fabric of good quality. If it is difficult for a short bride to imagine a wedding dress without a luxurious finish, you should turn to the delicate decor elements - lace lace frills. The robe can be completely covered with lace material or only slightly decorated with its air lines on the hem, sleeves, bodice.
  • Narrow sleeves three quarters visually help. Also harmoniously on low brides sits a style with sleeves «bat» or cute flashlights.
  • Exquisite image will be completed with shoes or sandals with heels 10-15 centimeters high, which will make the hero of the occasion higher. Wedding stylists do not recommend wearing a thin hairpin, especially if the dress involves a voluminous skirt: so the bride will look too unstable, moreover, this heel is simply uncomfortable. If you plan a walk with a photo shoot, the main character of the wedding will get very tired or tired. Must have a spare pair of shoes.

Wedding shoes for a short bride

  • Warm capes, cardigans, fur coats, as well as other parts of the winter wardrobe for the cold season should be shortened - this will allow the bride to save several precious centimeters of growth.
  • Hairstyle is another important part of the image that will help you become a little taller. The beautiful hero of the occasion will have to abandon her curls, choosing highly selected hair.
  • Fata is an ancient headdress that has not lost its relevance until now. It is better for brides of small stature to a wedding dress to choose a short length, a lush veil, because it is long and narrow «shorten» the height of the girl, and should stretch the silhouette up.

Short veil for a short bride

Outfit Silhouette

A silhouette is the basis of a dress that can unrecognizably change a figure, embellish a girl and hide her imperfections, therefore one must take his choice with complete seriousness. No matter how short the bride wants to wear a fluffy style dress «Princess», with growth below 170 cm this silhouette will not look too elegant. The hero of the occasion is better to choose a dress with a high waist, a royal A-line, a Hollywood dress «year», Greek robe or miniskirt version.

Neckline and Straps

If the bride is the owner of a beautiful large breast, she can safely demonstrate this advantage. Favorably focuses on this part of the body V-neck. If a girl getting married has a small breast, do not wear a deep neckline. A boat neckline will look good - neat and elegant. Designers advise miniature beauties to choose a strapless wedding dress or with their delicate elegant option.

Options for a low-rise bride's dress

Photos of wedding dresses for small stature 2016

Some girls spend a lot of time in search of fresh trends, thinking through the wedding image. In 2016, miniature brides were lucky: on the catwalks, various A-silhouette models, elegant dresses flicker «year», short lace dresses. The main directions of the wedding fashion of the coming year are long, concise dresses, as well as dresses trimmed with the finest lace.

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