Stylish wedding dresses


The choice of a stylish wedding dress begins with a look at fashionable bow-books and catalogs of leading brands. Modern styles of dresses for the bride are distinguished by a graceful silhouette, delicate materials, airy decoration. They demonstrate an amazing combination of majesty and modesty, luxury and conciseness, sexuality and restraint. In wedding dresses 2016, every lady reveals her best side.

Models of stylish bride wedding dresses

There are several leading trends in bridal fashion that make the image of the bride worthy of a royal wedding:

  • Narrow silhouette. The bride should emphasize the bends of her slim body. In honor of the model of wedding dresses, fitting the figure from the level of the chest to the calves or bones on the legs. The style looks very elegant «fish», assuming a hem flared from the knee and below.
  • Mixing textures. Boldly and feminine look outfits with transparent inserts. The most delicate material through which the skin is translucent, perfectly combines with lace, creating a truly indescribable airy effect of lightness.
  • Ruffles, bows, partial peplum. These elements help highlight the waist, creating extra volume in the hips. A large bow on the lower back or a peplum on the sides, lush frills and multilayer folds give the figure treasured bends.

Lace Back Wedding Dresses

All fashion houses pay a lot of attention to bridal dresses with a bare back, but not all brides dare to dress up like this for their own wedding. The lace back becomes an indispensable find, creating a reasonable compromise: the dress corresponds to current trends, and the wedding heroine feels comfortable. In some dresses with lace, separate sections of the back remain open, adding piquancy to the image.

Lace Back Wedding Dresses

Such models perfectly emphasize posture, so the bride will have to follow this moment at the wedding. For a wedding dress with lace back, it is better not to pick up a long veil. Limit yourself to an elegant veil, a majestic diadem, a delicate wreath, an elegant hat. It is impossible to close the beauty that frames the back, otherwise the whole design idea will disappear.

Dress with a luxurious train

Stylish dresses with a train look elegant, aristocratic and very feminine. This classic creates a mysterious aura around the bride, enveloping her with magical notes. Everyone is enchanted by a newlywed in a snow-white robe, moving to the altar, which is accompanied by a luxurious train at the back. And if it is carried by lovely angels, it is difficult to think of a more touching sight.

Wedding Dresses with Train

Choose outfits of a straight cut, in which a train starts from the level of the middle of the hips at the back. A long veil is very well suited here, along with an elongated hem, which adds grandeur to the wedding look. In the trend are styles shortened in front, but with a train at the back. They combine the naughty bride, her originality, femininity, modernity.

With a piquant cut from the hips

Bold brides opt for outfits with cuts from the hip. A chic image that effectively shows slender legs will remain in the memory of all wedding guests. Complement your outfit with elegant bodily stilettos that can wonderfully emphasize the length of the legs. You will have to refuse stockings with such a wedding outfit, otherwise you can’t avoid a touch of vulgarity.

Stylish wedding dresses with a long slit

Stylish wedding dresses with piquant cuts do not need additional decoration. It does not fit bows, placers of stones, weaving lace, embroidery. One accent will suffice in the outfit, which will be the bride’s leg that appears while walking. The dress can be supplemented with an elegant belt to highlight the waist, correctly outline the silhouette, visually make the lower body longer.

Dress with a layered skirt

This is a classic option for romantic brides. A multi-layered skirt perfectly combines with open shoulders, emphasizing the elegance of the main character of the celebration. Such wedding dresses can do without special rings, because the volume is created due to the large amount of fabric. If you choose airy materials, the tiers will turn out light and lush without additional devices.

Layered Bridesmaid Outfits

Look great models for the wedding with asymmetric, stepped layers. Such a skirt looks lighter, giving the bride airiness. This season in wedding salons, outfits with a multi-layer skirt and lace sleeves are popular. They look reserved, in the best light showing the bride, the purity and innocence of her image. If the girl will get married in a wedding dress, you need to choose models with closed shoulders, which in combination with a full skirt look amazing.

Short lace wedding dresses

Several facts speak in favor of short stylish wedding dresses from lace:

  • They are not inferior in luxury to their long brothers, which can not be said about simple short models, often resembling ordinary sundresses.
  • Such dresses perfectly distinguish the bride from other lucky women who go to marry in long dresses.
  • They are great for offsite ceremonies, especially if the bride and groom exchange vows somewhere on the ocean.
  • Short lace dresses at the wedding demonstrate the original nature of the bride, her personality, the ability to go against traditional patterns.
  • They allow the bride at a level with guests to enjoy the wedding, spin in dance, feel free.

Short lace wedding dresses

Choose short wedding dresses with a long train. The longer the hem at the back, the more spectacularly you present yourself to the world. The train can be trailed to save you maximum freedom, but it can also be a continuation of the skirt. From shoes, almost all types are allowed, but it is better to stay on shoes or sandals. A somewhat vulgar, but extremely spectacular look will be combined with high stocking boots or boots.

Video: a review of stylish wedding dresses

Look at the stylish review of trendy wedding dresses of the season 2016. An elegant girl will demonstrate the current models, accompanying the presentation with useful tips. A video review will allow you to understand how certain models of dresses sit on the figure, what accessories should be supplemented, which style to choose based on their physical characteristics and the style of the celebration. You will find out what mystery a transformer wedding dress is fraught with, at which wedding it is most useful, and how such an outfit can make the celebration comfortable.

Photos of the most stylish dresses of the bride of 2016

To simplify your choice of the main dress, look at the photo selection of fashionable wedding dresses. Pay attention to makeup, accessories, bouquets. Then it will be easy to adapt them to your character and style of celebration. Feel the mood of each wedding dress, try on it mentally, imagine a dress on yourself. So you define your ideal model, which will make you feel not just a bride, but a princess.

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