Styles of wedding dresses with a sleeve-flashlight


Graceful silhouette, light airy fabrics, noble lines ... All this is characteristic of luxurious wedding dresses with sleeves lanterns. The fragile figure of a young bride, dressed in foam of lace, satin, will give additional charm, sophistication to a wedding celebration. People of royal blood, crown princesses, celebrities choose outfits that skillfully combine sexuality and restraint, modern chic and old traditions.

Sleeve Types «Lantern» for wedding dress

Solemn dresses with sleeves are gaining more and more popularity. Small traditional sleeves-lanterns give tenderness, romanticism to the image of the bride; long lace emphasize the grace and grace of the owner; voluminous with many frills, folds lead into the world of fairy tales, magic; flared to the bottom create the image of a mysterious, mysterious person.

Dresses for brides

According to tradition, the length depends on the season of the marriage ceremony. The last decade in the fashion world has made adjustments to the model of dresses for weddings. The style with a flashlight in various variations firmly won prizes on Olympus wedding fashion. Depending on the imagination of the fashion designer, his vision of the future creation, there are such types of flashlight sleeves:

  • Classic short. The fabric gathered around the sleeve’s sleeve gives volume and airiness. Style lovers «baby dollars» will not be able to pass by such a style. The skin of the shoulders, arms leaves much to be desired? Cover «intriguing» places short «flashlight».
  • Lush with many pleats, decorated with satin ruffles, embroidery - the perfect wedding dress for movie fans «gone With the Wind». To emphasize the line of the shoulders, to place emphasis on the elegant physique of the bride, to attract the attention of others, such a model is designed.

Outfits of brides of different eras

  • Long lace, tight-fitting arm is the trend of the last seasons of wedding fashion. With the light hand of the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of Great Britain Kate Middleton, the model of a wedding dress with long narrow lace sleeves conquered the whole world.
  • Flared to the bottom, light, almost weightless gives the image of the bride innocence, grace. A similar cut sleeve has long been popular in Russia. Rich embroideries with silver, gold, pearls decorated a wedding outfit.

Classic sleeve «Lantern»

A short classic sleeve-flashlight looks great on most models: A-style, case, lush long dress for the princess, elegant Greek style. Designers successfully experiment with a variety of variations: an elegant sleeve-flashlight on one shoulder of a style model «Empire» gives wealth and luxury; concise length to the elbows emphasizes simplicity, elegance of style; translucent elongated - ephemerality, airiness of the model.

Types of a classic lantern sleeve on wedding dresses

Lush sleeve

A voluminous sleeve-flashlight with many pleats makes you return to the distant times when elegant ladies walked through the streets in long robes with crinolines. Such a model of wedding attire will be fragile, graceful girls, will emphasize the line of the shoulders, give volume to the upper body. Wedding designers use this model to create vintage dresses in the style of Princess Diana. Choosing this style, you will plunge into the fabulous world of magic, luxury, wealth.

Outfits for the bride with magnificent sleeves

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Wedding celebration to be in the cold season? Choose an elegant A-line dress with a sleeve that emphasizes the style of the model. Flared down, translucent lace style emphasizes the beauty of your hands. A nice feature of this model will be the opportunity «hide» shortcomings: inflammation on the skin of the hands, rashes, extra centimeters of volume. Long vestments of hands will visually add growth to tall girls, but for owners of small stature it is better to choose up to the elbow or? In order to avoid violation of the proportions of appearance.

Outfit models for young

What style of dress is combined with the sleeve «Lantern»?

The harmonious combination of each part of the wedding silhouette creates a unique model. «Lantern» up to the elbow or? Looks great on knee-length sheath dresses, visually lengthening the silhouette, adding to the bride's growth. Designers recognize models A-style and small classic as the most successful option. «flashlights». Add a playfulness to the strict silhouette of a dress in the Greek style will help a magnificent sleeve, decorated with flowers, embroidery, frills.

Who will suit a wedding dress with a sleeve «flashlight»?

The peculiarity of the sleeves-flashlights is that they are suitable for brides of all ages, figures and weight. An airy short sleeve accentuates a youthful, elongated «Lantern» hide skin imperfections, excess weight, large with large volume folds add «weight» petite brides. Instances with hands hidden under the lace will suit brides planning not only a civil ceremony, but also a wedding in the church.

A-models on different types of female figures

The only limitation of the combination of a magnificent sleeve and the same magnificent dress is to give an additional volume to the figure of the bride, not only in the hips, but also in the upper body. So such options are suitable only for girls who have a narrow chest and absent extra pounds. Otherwise it will «woman on the teapot».

Photo of wedding dresses with sleeves «flashlights»

Fashion designers of wedding dresses offer a huge selection of models with sleeves: «flashlights», flared, long and not very. The main trend of the 2015 season is lace. A wealth of offers, styles of wedding dresses for slim and full, young and older brides are presented below in the photo.

Beautiful outfits for the bride