Alternative to a wedding dress


Choosing a bride's outfit is an important stage in preparing for the celebration. What girl doesn’t want to look beautiful and spectacular on her wedding day? But fashion trends are changing. Some newlyweds prefer luxurious, lush dresses, others want a modest outfit. If you do not want to create a traditional image of the bride, or the format of the celebration does not provide for this, then the question arises, what is the alternative to a wedding dress? Find out what to wear for your wedding instead of traditional lush robes.

Newlywed in a white suit

What to wear for the bride instead of a traditional wedding dress?

Thanks to the excellent work of the wedding and evening fashion industry, today it is not difficult to find a worthy alternative to the dress. A wide selection of trouser and skirt suits, tunics, cocktail dresses in white or pastel colors is a good opportunity for the bride to choose a beautiful model according to her figure, taking into account all the subtleties and format of the wedding ceremony. Even if you prefer modest styles of simple cut without unnecessary details, then with the help of wedding accessories you can give the set a festive, solemn look.

Female trouser

Comfortable, functional clothes for the bride - a women's pantsuit. Such a universal alternative to a dress is suitable not only for a wedding, but will also be useful for festive events in the future. Pantsuits are made of satin, silk, lace, crepe de Chine or chiffon in light shades. The exterior finish of the models without unnecessary details and decor is modest, graceful and elegant. Replenish your wardrobe with a beautiful festive costume, then you will always have a decent option for publication.


Women's pantsuit for the bride

Skirt suit

For brides who prefer a more feminine than trousers, the bottom element of the set, a skirt suit is suitable. Such a wedding outfit traditionally consists of three elements: a skirt, top, jacket. When sewing, both thin flowing and more dense fabrics are used. Thanks to a wide selection of styles for skirts, tops, jackets, a bride and groom will be able to easily choose the right model for their type of figure and height. A white skirt suit is an indispensable part of the wardrobe of a modern woman that you can wear after your wedding in any season.

White skirt suit for the bride


A wedding tunic is ideal for those brides who love loose-fitting clothing. Spacious models are worn both separately and complete with trousers made of flowing materials. The loose cut tunic dress looks very feminine, elegant, elegant. This option is suitable for pregnant or full newlyweds who want to hide excess volumes in the waist and abdomen. Tunic dress - a versatile, convenient outfit that will provide you comfort during the celebration, will become an indispensable element of the wardrobe in spring or summer.

Newlywed Tunic

Short cocktail dress

An ideal option for brides who have decided to refuse a corset, a long skirt of a traditional dress - a short cocktail dress. Thanks to a large selection of styles, you can easily choose a successful model that will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. The color of the outfit can be white, beige, pink or other pastel colors. A beautiful cocktail dress is an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe of a modern young woman, indispensable in everyday life.

Short bridal cocktail dress

Photo selection of alternative wedding dresses

There are many alternatives to a wedding dress. Have you decided to stay on a simple option without complicated finishes and extra details? Add elegant accessories that will fill the image with newlyweds tenderness, femininity. For example, as in the first photo below: graceful gloves, a hair ornament, lace boots. Do you like the sophisticated design? Choose concise accessories, modest jewelry that will add extra touches, and at the same time will not overload the image of the bride. Examples of alternative wedding dresses look at the photo below:

Examples of alternative wedding dresses for brides