Models of wedding dresses with a bow


Wedding fashion for brides - what is she? Leading designers of the world create collections for the bride and groom, taking into account current trends, trends, not forgetting to periodically look into the grandmother's chest. Retro style or «vintage» back on top of popularity. Elegance, originality of dresses consists in an organic combination of innovations and traditional elements of a decor. Lace wedding dress with a bow a la marquise Pompadour style «dudes» with a bright belt - a great example of modern dresses for the bride and groom. What is the appeal of bows as an element of decor?

Where to place a bow on a wedding dress?

Huge satin, graceful lace, magnificent in the form of a flower, modest miniature of a thin ribbon - which kinds of bows do not exist in fashion! The tradition of decorating outfits with this element dates back many centuries. Underwear, shirts, blouses, sundresses, skirts, trousers - there is no such type of clothing that it is impossible to decorate with a bow. Not a single fashion show of leading designers is complete without models decorated with bows, bright ribbons tied at the waist, hips, around the neck.

Collection of wedding dresses with bow.

Fashion designers and bridal collections did not pass their attention: a wedding dress with a bow is one of the hits of the 2015 season. This detail is called to highlight the original design, decorate the robe, create a unique image. Long, elegant dresses made of flowing fabrics with a bow on the shoulder emphasize the beauty of the hands, the tenderness of the skin of the bride; focus on «aspen waist» help satin ribbons of various colors, tied at the waist in the form of a huge flower; neckline at the back can be marked with small bows.

What style of wedding dress, decorated with a bow, to choose the bride to create a unique image that delights others? A model that looks perfect in the photo can often emphasize the flaws of the figure, and vice versa. Be sure to consider the girl’s height, physique, presence / absence of extra pounds. A small classic bow will help to note the elegance of the lines, and the flower-bow of red, blue, purple color will become a bright accessory of a wedding dress.

On the chest

Brave, decisive girls choose outfits with a bow on their chest. How to create a harmonious, delicate, attractive image of the bride? What features should be considered? Let's try to figure it out together:

  • Happy owners of lush busts should accentuate their eyes with the help of a classic narrow bow with a minimum number of rhinestones, beads located below the chest. With the help of this decor, a visual effect of a thin, slender waist is created. The bow in this case completes the image, emphasizing the laconicism of the outfit, and ... magnificent forms of its owner.
  • Fashion designers advise tall, slender girls with small breasts to avoid models with a high waistline. An excellent choice would be a wedding dress with a bow, the petals of which are located in the chest area, creating additional volume, giving extravagance along. The color of the fabric of this decor element may differ from the general garment. Bow in such models as if resides «separate life», being an independent part of the outfit.
  • «Slightly pregnant» to hide the changes in the figure, brides opt for high-waisted models with an elegant bow in front. The long ends of the latter, falling in elegant folds, easily veil the newlywed's interesting position.

Using a decorative element on the chest

At the waist

The highlight of the snow-white wedding attire will be a satin, lace belt embroidered with gold, silver, the long ends of which are tied in the form of a bow. Located in front, he draws attention to the owner’s aspen waist. Designers have come up with a huge variety of options:

  • a small bow decorated in the middle with precious stones;
  • located to the left, flowing soft folds on a fluffy skirt;
  • A bow-tie that accentuates the romance of the bride’s dress.

Elegant simplicity, restraint of lines, classic cut of the dress are diversified by a bow belt tied at the waist. In this case, a veil is better to choose a short one to demonstrate the grace of style to everyone. Is white color boring for you? Choose a belt of a gentle pastel shade: blue, peach, beige. Darker tones visually slim the figure.

Using a bow on the waist of the bride

On the shoulder

Do you have a swan neck? Feel free to choose wedding dresses in the Greek style, accenting with a bow attention on the upper body. The bows located on the shoulders will help to emphasize the grace and beauty of the hands, beautiful skin color. Carefully choose such models is fragile girls of small stature in order to avoid imbalances in appearance. Young fashion fans with luxurious breasts should avoid this style of wedding dress: creating additional volume in the neckline will lead to a heavier upper part of the dress.

Models with a decorative element on the shoulder

On the back

Have you decided on an elegant lace dress with an open back? Do you like the style of the wedding dress, which harmoniously combines the strict lines of the cut in front and romantic, richly decorated details at the back? Most of these models are decorated with bows of various shapes and sizes. Made of the same fabric as the dress, they will complete the image of a romantic person on a model with an open back. Neckline, covered with lace, embroidered with rhinestones, pearls, perfectly emphasizes a number of small bows arranged vertically.

Unusual bows with asymmetric loops of different sizes, made of the finest fabrics, give the wedding dress airiness, exoticism, leaving no one indifferent. The bows tied in the neck area at the back will be a reminder of the distant times of beautiful ladies and gentlemen, giving additional charm to the image of the bride.

The option of using decor on the back

Models of wedding dresses with a bow in front or back

What style of outfit for a young bride and groom can be decorated with a bow? Unusual shapes, sizes from small to large, pastel colors and bright - these qualities are inherent in the discussed details of the toilet. What are they, bows on wedding dresses?

  • Small in size, made of narrow satin ribbons of any color. Emphasize the conciseness of the image of the bride.
  • Large in style «Malvina» with long ends of ribbons.
  • Large, with five, six or more petals. Pay attention to the part of the wedding toilet where they are located.
  • Asymmetric: diagonal, single. Used by designers to create unusual stylish outfits.
  • Ribbon bows. The long ends smoothly turn into a train, complementing the outfit with aristocracy.
  • Very small, located in a certain line: neckline, sleeve edges, hem of the skirt. Decorate the robe along with beads, rhinestones.
  • Colored in all shapes and sizes. Delicate pastel shades give airiness along, bright - contrast, creating an emphasis on this detail of the image.

Any styles and models of wedding dresses are in perfect harmony with the bows. The photos of the dresses for the bride, presented below, show a variety of silhouettes, focusing on individual details and forms: lush in style «Princess», long elegant Empire style, perky short, noble lace. The highlight of each of them are the bows - thin. lush. luxurious.

Fluffy dress

Which girl does not want to become a princess? Make the most cherished dream come true will help the most beautiful day for any girl - a wedding day. Choosing a magnificent dress with a bow, you will feel like a special royal blood, plunge into the fabulous world of magic. This model will make its owner incredibly beautiful, focusing on the merits of the figure. Brides who are overweight should carefully select this style, preferring dresses with a tight corset.

Ball gowns for the bride with bows

Short with a bow turning into a train

Are you extravagant, young, provocative? Love to stand out from the crowd? Short wedding dresses with a bow-train will provide an opportunity to demonstrate to the beloved and others beautiful tanned legs. The combination of innocence and sexuality - a short skirt and a long train - will not disregard the hero of the occasion. If you prefer a wedding in a color style, choose a train of the appropriate shade, emphasizing the harmony of the image.

Bow train in wedding dresses

Fish silhouette

Classic stylish style wedding dresses «Fish» graceful curves of your figure are emphasized. Elegant bows located in the waist area, focus on its miniature size, visually giving the shape of an hourglass. A large bow in the place of narrowing of the skirt will add additional centimeters of growth, lengthening the line of legs. A neat bow on the back at the bottom of the open neckline will complete the laconicism of the image of an impudent bride.

Bridal mermaid style dresses

A-Line Dress

A-line models with a bow are a great choice for brides of all ages. Do you have a magnificent bust? Emphasize it with a thin belt with a bow decorated in the middle, located under the chest. Want to add volume to this area? You do not need a push-up bra. A large bow on the chest will visually add a couple of sizes. To hide the protruding tummy for future newlyweds, a bow with long ends located at the waist and gracefully falling on the hips will help.

Elegant A-Line Bow Patterns

Photo of wedding dresses decorated with a bright bow

Wedding dresses decorated with a bright bow are very popular. Want to create an image of a vamp woman? Strict dress with a long detachable skirt-«a tulip», decorated with a wide belt of saturated red color, appropriate aggressive makeup, manicure with scarlet varnish will help in its creation. A bright bow of a blue, violet hue will give both romance and brightness to the image.

Prefer a dude outfit? A short white wedding dress with a full skirt, black petticoats and a bow belt of the same color will remind others of the crazy 60s of the last century. A classic hairstyle with a short veil will complete the look. There is no limit to the flight of design thought. You can see with your own eyes the variety of models, styles and shapes of dresses for the bride, decorated with bows, in the photo below.

Bright emphasis on a wedding dress

Using a bright emphasis on the waist

Colored belts on a wedding dress