Simple wedding dresses


Many brides get tired of flashy grandeur, pathos, flamboyant luxury and choose simple wedding dresses. Indeed, sometimes understatement speaks of more than millions of metaphors and epithets. A simple cut of the bride’s robe is a universal solution. This is not the prerogative of the gray mouse, because modest dresses in designer collections personify the height of elegance, sophistication and sophistication.

Tips for choosing a simple wedding dress

Simple wedding model with a flowing skirt

Choosing the style of a wedding dress is a difficult, lengthy, full of experience process. It is rarely possible to go into the first salon and see in it that very instance. A bride looks organic if her vestments are a continuation of character, a reflection of individuality, inner peace. If magnificent clothes, an abundance of jewelry, frills, petticoats cause you a wave of indignation inside, then simple dresses are created for you. Such models are not overloaded with a pattern, decor, voluminous skirts. They add a gentle and cute image that is in no way inferior to elaborate outfits.

Simple low neck wedding dress

Finishing in simple styles of wedding dresses does not distract attention, therefore, the role of the first violin goes to the cut line and silhouette. Topical outfits with a V-neck, without sleeves. The waistline can be emphasized by a flowing organza belt with an elegant brooch. Greek dresses and Empire-style models look interesting - they make the bride a goddess who descended to the people. Simple styles are advantageous in the following situations:

  • The wedding consists of a civil and church ceremony. The robe for the wedding involves closed shoulders, moderate neckline, length below the knees. Flashy colors, plenty of transparent inserts, bold cutouts are inappropriate.
  • If the budget is organic, besides, the bride cannot afford luxurious decor, simple models come to the rescue. Some stylists agree that stylish simplicity sometimes looks more expensive than generously decorated models.
  • A simple cut of wedding dresses hides flaws, gives nobility, femininity to the image.

Color spectrum

Cream Elegant Bride Robe

A simple and incredibly elegant wedding dress does not have to be white. Even in ancient times, the beautiful girls of Russia and Europe shone in red dresses at weddings. Fashion for a white wedding dress was introduced by Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, for the approving glance of which the most noble knights fought. And women imitated her in everything, so white dresses remain relevant as a symbol of purity and purity.

If you are not ready for such experiments as going out in a burgundy, red or black dress for the groom, then you can safely vary the tone of the dress. Classic white has many beautiful shades: the color of dawn, a light green, rose ash, delicate blue, languid lilac, champagne spray, pale pink. Bridesmaids can also choose dresses or suits of the same style, but in different shades of color relative to the bride’s attire.

Fabrics & Accessories

Chiffon Vintage Wedding Dress

The strict conciseness of simple wedding dresses allows you to experiment with both color and material. Exquisite guipure, flowing silk, smooth satin, delicate lace, magnificent satin - the choice of fabric is unlimited, rely on your capabilities and taste. If there is no decorative finish at all, then give preference to lace, which looks self-sufficient. Accessories should be a continuation of the cut - elegant and light, they will add more fragility to the image of the bride. Sometimes the game looks in contrasts when jewelry is deliberately rich.

Options for the styles of simple and elegant wedding dresses

Simple wedding attire with drapery

Is your taste aristocratic and sophisticated? Defiant luxury oppresses you, inspiring thoughts of philistinism and bad taste. Then simple wedding dresses are created for you. They best emphasize individuality, creating the most suitable frame for it. Simple dresses can be made in several styles: straight, empire, Greek, A-silhouette or magnificent. However, each is characterized by elegant simplicity and a minimum of decor..

In greek style

Remember the cut of the tunic Thais of Athens: it was distinguished by the absence of jewelry, but surprisingly emphasized the alluring curves of the body of a beautiful Greek woman. Modern designers have embodied this idea in their collections and offer models on one shoulder, fixed with a precious stone or a brooch, which is the only decoration of the entire outfit. This option is striking in its laconic splendor..

Simple greek bride dress

Simple Greek style wedding dresses are characterized by several common features: flowing light skirt fabric, high waist line, open neckline, minimal drapery on the bodice. Among the fabrics, satin, chantilly, French guipure, silk are most suitable for such a style. Greek models are not lush or short, because such a robe is worthy of the ancient goddess.

Simple Greek-style wedding dresses are suitable for girls with a figure «an Apple». The model will emphasize the feminine neck, arms, and hide the pronounced belly. This silhouette is incredibly comfortable, so you will not have problems during the wedding dance. A clear division of the dress into two zones favorably emphasizes the chest. The bottom of the vestments is usually without decor, because it is concentrated in the upper part, which distracts attention from the hips. The dress is suitable for pregnant brides.

Straight and tight dresses

Straight wedding style in a simple cut

Direct wedding dresses are notable for their simplicity of cut, but this does not detract from their elegance. This style does not suit everyone, it looks elegant on thin brides of small and medium height. No wonder the great artists believed that beauty is when there is no superfluous, unnecessary lines, details. The straight silhouette is beautiful in its simplicity. This style usually fits the figure to the waist, falls down to the floor with free folds. The cut on the skirt, the original neckline, drapery give zest along. Direct dresses have several advantages:

  • Ideal for young girls as well as mature brides. Clothing for the celebration can symbolize innocence and romance, but often he talks about the sexuality and extravagance of the bride.
  • The fewer details, the more attention is given to the bride. In a luxurious setting, the delicate beauty is lost, and the straight silhouette reveals it.
  • A straight-cut skirt prevents tangles on the steps, at the exit of the car, in dance. Ease of wearing is an undeniable plus.
  • Laconic wedding clothes give a huge scope for lovers of precious jewelry. A pearl short necklace will add aristocracy, a long string of pearls will emphasize sophistication.

Summer options for a simple wedding dress with a straight cut are made of thin satin, silk, lace, chiffon, sleeves are completely absent or replaced with shoulder straps. For winter or autumn weddings, choose a thicker fabric - velvet, brocade, crepe, heavy satin. This gives the dress respectability, noble chic. A warm jacket will look appropriate in the cold season.

Floor-length with open back “Empire”

Empire Style Simple Bridesmaid Dress

Models of wedding dresses, made in the style of empire, suggest the presence of drapery on the chest, into which a shoulder strap can go. This demonstrates an elegant back to the waist. Strapless outfit shows rounded feminine shoulders. For a successful selection of such a style of dress, consider the following recommendations:

  • In the salons, such options can be decorated with frills, bows, stones, inserts, sparkles, but remember that the empire is conciseness, classic.
  • When choosing a bodice decor, consider the hem fabric. Shiny fabric and plenty of rhinestones will make the whole image oversaturated.
  • If the top layer of the skirt is lace, then it is advisable to decorate the top with simple embroidery in the same style.
  • Layered bottom of the dress gives more options in the decor of the top.
  • A long slit on an empire-style dress adds playfulness, showiness while walking, which will flauntly expose your foot.
  • To add grandeur, add a small ribbon at the back..
  • To hide the fullness of the hands, choose a model with a long sleeve.
  • The flaws of the figure are easily hidden by the details: a wide shoulder strap, asymmetrical neckline, asymmetry in drapery, decor.

To complement the look, choose a hairstyle, accessories and shoes in antique style. Accessories should be massive: for example, a wide bracelet above the elbow, on the entire wrist, a massive gold chain, a simple round plate like a necklace, a massive ring with an ornament. But one of the ensembles should be chosen - either a diadem and a bracelet, or a necklace and a ring. As a hairstyle, braids and weaving, soft natural waves, flowers as ornaments in the hair look perfect.

Lush with long sleeves and without them

The magnificent beauty of the A-silhouette is universal, because it is suitable for any bride. When sewing wedding robes, the atlas has long been used, and it does not lose all its relevance and relevance. Silky, smooth fabric, sparkling with tints in the light, ideal for a lush wedding dress. Due to the self-sufficiency of the fabric, decor can be minimal..

A fluffy dress with a simple cut with sleeves

Contrast color detail can bring zest to the image: for example, a corset ribbon, belt, gold embroidery, and bright lace. For a wedding in the cold season, a comfortable solution is the presence of long sleeves, which are often made of guipure. If there are no sleeves in the chosen dress style, straps with or without decor can support it..

Video: Maternity Wedding Dresses

Get real pleasure from a beautiful sight by watching a video. A range of beautiful simple wedding dresses for overweight and pregnant women about to get married is impressive. They successfully emphasize the beauty of magnificent forms, hide flaws. Here there are options with a flared skirt, with contrasting embroidery on a milk-colored dress, A-line dresses with and without a train, outfits of the Greek goddesses and much more.

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