Maternity evening dresses


A true woman wants to look beautiful always, regardless of the situation. Pregnancy is no exception, especially since these months add to the expectant mother attractiveness, femininity, soft beauty. When going to a party, these are considered the main questions asked by a girl expecting a baby: what kind of evening dresses are for pregnant women and how to choose them?

Evening dresses for pregnant women photo

A wide range of evening dresses for pregnant women provides the opportunity for every woman in an interesting position to choose the model or style that she likes best, suitable for the girl. Who said that a future mother should limit herself, be modest and not stand out? Outfits are full of shades, pleasing with forms and impressive with fabrics..

Smart models

The main criteria for choosing

When choosing evening dresses for a celebration for pregnant women, first of all, pay attention to the following points:

  • Style. The cut should be as comfortable as possible, not hamper the movement of a woman. The model should please the expectant mother and at the same time be comfortable.
  • Colour. It’s worth choosing, taking into account the preferences of the girl and what suits her color type more.
  • The cloth. It is advisable to choose natural fabrics in order to exclude the effect of a thermos or vice versa, excessive coolness.
  • Price. The cost of outfits is the most diverse, it all depends on the model, on the fabric used in the manufacture.

You can buy an elegant evening dress for pregnant women by shopping, where there are departments dedicated to women who are expecting babies. But it will be more practical to rent an outfit, especially if you do not plan to wear it after the appearance of the baby.

We select fabric

No one doubts that the clothes, even if this dress is elegant for pregnant women, should be made of natural fabrics. If the girl decided to purchase a product that is sewn using artificial fabric, it is better to make sure in advance that the robe does not cause irritation or allergies.

Evening dresses for pregnant women of fashion are different, but the most popular in front of you:

  • Silk. Such products look beautiful, rich and spectacular..

Silk outfit for future mom

Chiffon. Make the girl’s look airy, tender and romantic.

Elegant chiffon clothes for expectant mother

  • Knitted. Such clothes fit well and emphasize all the charms of the figure..


  • Lacy. Make the image delicate, unique.

Guipure Robes

  • Velvet Soft fabric is a great way to celebrate a party..

When choosing a fabric from which an evening dress is sewn for a pregnant woman, it is worth remembering: some types are acceptable only under certain weather conditions. So, in summer, silk, chiffon products will be ideal, and outfits made of knitwear or velvet (sometimes leather) will look great from autumn to late cold spring. Often a combination of fabrics is possible, for example, silk with lace or silk with chiffon.

Dress styles

The styles of formal dresses, evening dresses for pregnant women can be very different, the main thing is that the girl feels comfortable, confident. Often, the mood of the girl influences the choice of the model, as well as the event she is going to attend. We offer to consider common models of formal dresses for women in position: bustier, Greek style, empire.

Watch the video, which presents a designer collection of clothes for expectant mothers:

Or «fashion sentence» women in an interesting position from the style guru:

Empire style

Style «Empire» - models of evening dresses designed for pregnant women. They are distinguished by a high waist, decorated with ribbons, flowers, bows or beads, other accessories. The lower part - the skirt - freely falls to the floor. This style perfectly emphasizes the line of the chest and makes the girl visually taller, slimmer. As a rule, these patterns are sewn without a sleeve, therefore they are best suited for the summer period.

Empire style


Often girls do not want to hide their position, but rather seek to emphasize it. Here, the product that fits the convex tummy, beautiful breasts is most suitable. Often these outfits come with an attractive neckline. They look gorgeous, and sometimes sexy, fitting silhouette.

Tight models

Dress bustier

Bustier - wide bra with stitched bones. Products of this kind have a top similar to a corset, due to which the breast shape is perfectly emphasized, and the bottom freely flows. Such an evening dress for a fashionable pregnant girl who prefers to demonstrate her sexuality will attract the enthusiastic looks of others.

In greek style

Evening dresses for slim pregnant women, made in the classical Greek style, are distinguished by the simplicity of cut, the use of light, weightless fabrics in light shades. The waist in such outfits is high, decorated with various rhinestones, bows, lace. The shoulders are open, and such a product will be laconic.

Greek style

Long or short

Outfits for women awaiting the appearance of a baby can be of various lengths. What length is right - it's up to the most beautiful and fashionable woman to decide.

  • Long ones look more feminine, elegant, solemn.

Long outfits for expectant mothers

  • Short products are always beautiful, fashionable, attractive.

Short models

Color picker

To choose the color is based on the individual preferences of the girl, the color of her eyes, hair, skin. Outfits harmoniously look at the expectant mother, executed in gentle, pastel colors - blue, yellow, pink, but if the girl prefers bright, saturated colors, then it is better to purchase such an outfit. The main thing is that a girl in an interesting position radiates beauty and self-confidence.

Pastel shades

A woman expecting a baby is beautiful, and elegant attire will make her simply gorgeous. If the presented article turned out to be useful - leave your comments, share your favorite clothing models.