Wedding dress with red ribbon


Designers have developed many styles of wedding dresses, emphasizing the individual tastes and preferences of bold, extraordinary brides. There are models of dresses that not every girl will risk wearing due to their custom design. One of these styles was a wedding dress with a red ribbon. Only real fashionable women are able to demonstrate such a masterpiece on their figure. The main color of the outfit is white - the traditional color, symbolizing the purity, innocence of the bride. A bright scarlet stripe stands out on it..

Where better to place the red ribbon?

If, according to popular beliefs, a red wedding dress promises a nonsense family life, then individual accents of this color, on the contrary, favor a normal family climate. They will not only become fashion accessories, decorate the bride’s dress, but also bring good luck and wealth to the young. The wide red ribbon that has come into fashion favorably emphasizes the girl's waist, visually separating the figure. Placed on the chest, she will adorn the bust of the bride. Sometimes the belt smoothly turns into a chic bow or a long train, which makes the girl slimmer and taller.

Ribbon Placements on a Wedding Dress

To decorate the wedding dress, not only red ribbon is used, but also all shades of this color - cherry, burgundy, wine, pink. It is very important to choose the right accessories for such a dress. The color of the ribbon should overlap with the same shade in other details - a flower in the bride's hairstyle, shoes or a small handbag. When choosing a wedding bouquet, keep in mind that the presence of red roses in it is mandatory. It is important to show a sense of proportion - more than two accessories of this color will ruin your appearance. Leave everything else traditionally snow-white.

A wedding dress with a red ribbon is becoming increasingly fashionable. Wearing it, the bride with any figure will look charming. Regardless of whether the girl is tall or short, full or thin, there will always be a style that can present her as the first beauty. The main thing is to know the advantages and disadvantages of your figure and choose the right outfit.

On the chest

The red satin ribbon located on or under the chest is mainly used for A-line dresses - with vertical seams from the chest to the waist line or for empire-style models. Attracting attention to itself, a bright detail concentrates the guests' views on the beautiful bust of the girl, thereby hiding the flaws of the figure in other areas - on the hips and stomach. Especially often, fashion designers resort to this trick, if the dress has a simple cut. This style is suitable for girls with high stature, it visually makes them lower.

Models with ribbon on the chest

At the waist with a bow

You will never see a wedding dress decorated with a belt with a buckle, usually instead of them satin ribbons are used, tied at the waist. This can be either an imitated short belt or a long ribbon draped in a bow. The fantasy of designers is endless - dresses are decorated with scarlet bows at the back, front, and even on the side. Usually a bow attached at the front at the waist is made small, elegant. While the back creates whole multi-stage compositions.

Wedding Dresses with Ribbon at the Waist

Red ribbon cable

A red ribbon, tied around the waist or hips, and smoothly turning into a train, is suitable for wedding dresses with a corset and a falling, long skirt stretching across the floor. Such a royal style makes the bride extremely elegant, feminine, lengthens her legs, enlarges her bust, creates the illusion of absolutely correct proportions. The scarlet train on dresses with lush, layered skirts looks very nice.

Wedding dresses with a red train

What does a red ribbon on a wedding dress mean??

Red color embodies passionate, ardent love. Its combination with white - a symbol of virginity and purity, is considered by many women to be inappropriate for wedding decoration. Therefore, trying on a wedding dress with a red ribbon can only very bold, confident fashionistas. Add to the usual whiteness of the outfit an ardent, burning passion - a very risky decision.

An unusual accent will make the girl more expressive, will attract the maximum attention of guests to her, will become that highlight that is often lacking in ordinary wedding dresses. This detail also has practical application. On the solemn day of the wedding, the young are constantly in public, and it is believed that the red ribbon protects the bride from an evil eye.

Red ribbon on the dress of the bride

Traditions and Beliefs

The presence of red color in a wedding dress is typical for many peoples of the world:

  • An Indian bride wears a red sari embroidered with gold thread. She, like a gem, sparkles and shimmers in the sun. Residents of India are sure that this color will bring young luck and happiness. The classical wedding clothes of the Indians were strictly red, while modern wedding sarees can be of any similar shade - pink, orange, burgundy, golden.

Indian bride in red sari

  • The Chinese women sewed a wedding dress of red silk and decorated it with embroidery - golden birds or flowers against a scarlet background symbolized family happiness and wealth. In the groom’s attire, a belt and hat with tassels were of the same color. Even wedding candles, gift wrapping were decorated with this color..
  • Wedding clothes of brides of Ancient Russia were made of red fabric and decorated with bright embroidery. Word «red» ancient rusich meant «nice». The bride dressed such rich clothes only after the wedding, when she should have rejoiced - this color was a symbol of joy. And she went to the crown either in a black dress, or in a sundress and an embroidered shirt. In Russia, it was customary to wear white decorations to the crown only to the Lord's brides - girls who devoted their lives to the Lord, that is, nuns. Usual wedding dresses became fashionable only under Catherine the Great.

According to ancient tradition, if a girl gets married for the first time, she should be in white. Scarlet clothing leads to a conflict of marriage. But it so happens that a girl marries several times. When remarrying, the bride must wear a colored dress. A pregnant newlywed should protect the unborn child and her entire family from the evil eye, for this she should take a wide red ribbon and tie it on her stomach, hiding it under the dress. The scarlet color of many peoples symbolizes life and is used in the manufacture of amulets. On the psychology of this color, see the video.

Photo of beautiful wedding dresses with a red belt

A red ribbon or belt makes a bright accent in the image of the bride and groom. This detail looks especially successful on dresses of champagne, ivory, beige, snow-white color. Some girls complement the ready-made wedding dresses with a belt, but there are also ready-made styles where the red ribbon is beautifully and harmoniously sewn. Below are models with a scarlet belt that can inspire to buy such a dress for your wedding.

Scarlet Wedding Dresses