How to choose a wedding dress decorated with a bow back


Each bride tries to stand out at her wedding, to find a highlight that would distinguish her from others. You will not surprise anyone with a simple white outfit, so the search for new ideas or well-forgotten old ones does not stop. Wedding dresses with a bow on the back came to us from the past, although the models have undergone many changes and modifications. The bride in this outfit looks like a doll or a fairy princess, so wedding clothes with a big or small bow are now so popular.

Wedding dress of the bride with a red bow on the back

A decorative element made of satin or lace ribbon, located behind the waistline, looks very nice. You can make such a decor on any model:

  • in a short outfit;
  • with a fluffy skirt;
  • with a long train;
  • in the Greek style;
  • with a silhouette.

A white dress with a red bow will look equally good on any figure. A bride with slender legs is suitable for short clothes for a wedding, and for a chubby girl it is advisable to choose a style with a train that will visually reduce the volume. The red insert will enliven the white color and emphasize the waist or chest in empire styles. If the scarlet ribbon is too bold a decision for you, attach a small bow of raspberry, crimson or crimson color on the back.

Wedding outfit with a bright accent color

Dress with a full skirt and a lilac bow on the back

On a lush white dress or colored in pastel colors, a huge bow will look great, located from the back, with tied, falling wide panels. Such a wedding outfit will look gorgeous, making the image of the bride and groom original and unique. With the help of such a large decor element, the girl’s waist zone immediately attracts attention, therefore, people around will not take their eyes off this place. After watching the video below, you will learn how to make a beautiful satin ribbon bow yourself.

Choosing a wedding dress with a bow on the back is always an interesting decision. Jewelry is chosen in different sizes and shapes, placed at different levels, depending on the model. The bow on the back is fixed in the waist, but if desired, it is created on the back, if the style allows. Designers love to emphasize this decorative element of a wedding dress with such decor as:

  • lace;
  • embroidery;
  • rhinestones;
  • the stones.

In the form of a large butterfly

A large bow in the form of a large butterfly, located on the back or waist of a girl, gives her a playful and delicate look. Such an element of decor can be in tone with the dress, because it does not get lost on the background of the dress because of its large size. But the contrasting shade will also be very good, especially if the apparel model is made in the Greek style. A butterfly is made out easily: a satin ribbon is collected in the middle by a less wide ribbon or brooch. Then you will have to attach it to your belt.

Satin Bow Tie Outfits

Long ribbon bow

A little lower or higher than the lower back, and also a little asymmetrically, a decorative element with a long ribbon is laid on the hip. The choice of location depends on the bride’s fantasies or on a pre-invented style of a wedding dress. The first two options will make the bride and the shy from the newlywed, and the asymmetric element will turn the bride into a mischievous girl who violates the rules. A long ribbon makes the image harmonious and holistic, and a correctly chosen color will make it possible to give the bride’s look a meaning, depending on its symbolism.

Options for a decorative element that goes into a train


An elegant butterfly turning into a train is a magnificent detail of a wedding dress. This decor is perfect for romantic people who do not like to overload the image with numerous details. If the bow is small and will be in the same color as the bride's clothes, then it will not hurt to decorate it a bit with contrasting embroidery or beads to attract attention. A butterfly with a train will be appropriate in combination with lush models, being a logical continuation of a luxurious skirt.

Wedding models with a loop

Photo of wedding dresses with a bow at the back

A bow is the easiest, and therefore a popular way to decorate a bride’s outfit inexpensively. Depending on the chosen place, a small element is able to turn a strict white robe into the top of frivolity or add to the girl infantility. To such a decor unobtrusively indicate the virtues of the figure, you need to take into account the features of the appearance of a young.

For example, full girls are better off choosing a plain fabric to decorate their outfit so as not to focus on a not-so-thin waist. And to distract attention from the abdomen and hips will help empire style with a ribbon under the chest and a small bow on the back. As for the thin brides, they are allowed to settle a large «butterfly» back at the waist or on the back if it is open. Look at the selection of photos with successful, in our opinion, outfits of the bride.

Styles for the bride and groom with ribbon decor