White-green wedding dresses


A long-awaited event is coming - are you getting married? A fabulous, magical day is just around the corner, and a wedding outfit has not yet been selected? If you want to stand out in a series of snow-white foam of the lace of the other brides, if your heart stops beating with happiness, and spring is at heart, make a choice in favor of an unusual, original dress in white-green color. The richness of shades provides unlimited possibilities for creating a unique image of the bride and groom. What models, styles became the trend of wedding fashion in 2016?

Models of white-green wedding dresses

A variety of shades of green makes wedding dresses universal for girls of any skin tone and hair color. The choice depends on you and very little on your color type:

  • Most spring-type women are golden blondes with clear, pearlescent skin. Pastel, muted warm shades of green - pale pistachio, spring greens, Grani apples - emphasize the beauty of the bride. When choosing colder tones, prefer mint or asparagus color.
  • Girls of the summer color type with ash-brown hair, light, easily tanning skin, cold grayish-green tones: shamrock, sea green, veridian, pearl green or summer bright - lime, chartreuse, lime.
  • Bright, cold, saturated colors - emerald, dark green, green pine, jade - emphasize the contrast of light (olive) skin and dark hair of a woman-winter.
  • Red-haired beauties - representatives of the autumn type - have a huge advantage, because any shade of green will suit them.

Scarlett O’Hara White and Green Dress

An unusually graceful, elegant green color gives tenderness, romance to the image of the bride, emphasizing the matchless radiance of emerald eyes. Some peoples of the ancient Slavs revered this color as a symbol of fertility, renewal, new life. Modern wedding designers offer a wide selection of white-green dresses for the bride: lush dresses with floral patterns seem to be written off from the image of the magnificent Scarlett O’Hara performed by matchless Vivien Leigh.

White dress with a green belt or bow

Your choice fell on a white dress? Emphasize the slim waist with a dark green bow, creating a bright detail of the image of the bride and groom:

  • Olive belt under the chest of an airy lace style outfit «Empire» Perfect shade of dark skin color and brown hair.
  • A wide mint-colored corset will add contrast to a fitted top and a short full skirt..
  • Bright lime tone of the ribbon will become an unusual summer decor for a wedding dress.
  • Selected a thematic wedding direction «dudes»? Focus on your own person with a rich olive bow belt.

Bow belt: white-green wedding attire

Dress with a train

Peerlessly beautiful, elegant emerald style dress «fish» With a white knee-length skirt, beadwork at the waist, draperies and a chic train, will turn you into a charming siren. The snow-white wedding A-silhouette outfit made of natural lace will sparkle with new colors: the belt and train are made in rich green color, giving the charm of the spring mood.

Luxurious white outfits with a contrasting green train

The rich gold finish of the wedding white-green outfit will remind you of the luxurious balls of the royal blood, will make the bride feel like a fairy princess. A delightful chiffon bow belt, turning into a train, will tint the olive skin of the owner. An elegant wedding outfit embroidered with beads of delicate light green color and a cream-green train will create a romantic image of a spring newlywed.

Decorated with flowers

Pastel pale pistachio dress, decorated with voluminous roses of cream, pink, pale lilac shades with a 3D effect, gives the impression that a young spring beauty came to the wedding ceremony. Creating light green and white dresses for the bride and groom, designers decorate with flowers not only the waist line, but also the neckline, the upper part of the outfit, and shoulders. An elegant image of a young beauty will emphasize the unusual robe of the Greek silhouette, painted with wildflowers.

White-green dresses for the bride: floral decor

Gentle tones echo each other, add charm, innocence to the bride. To create the image of a vamp woman full of aristocratic manners, a delightful wedding outfit with emerald-black frill, decorated with unusual colors, painted with original patterns, will help. A necklace repeating the floral pattern of the dress completes the harmony of appearance.

With a contrasting bodice and skirt

{img23, img24, img25, img26, img27, img28 = White and green - the contrast of wedding dresses}

Designers are not averse to beat the idea of ​​combining a dark top, a light bottom of wedding dresses. Airy chiffon fabrics of bright green color used for sewing the lower part of the dress are ideally combined with a white lace bodice-corset decorated with beads or rhinestones. An unusual contrast is created by an emerald corset with a snow-white fluffy A-line skirt, visually hiding extra centimeters in the waist and back. Satin elegantly simple robes of olive shades emphasize the graceful taste of both the designer and the model who chose this outfit.

White dress with green accents or patterns

{img29, img30, img31, img32, img33, img34 = Photo of wedding dresses with green patterns and prints}

The original patterns of the snake in a rich bright green hue emphasize the emerald color of the newlywed's eyes. All kinds of silhouettes of white wedding dresses with bright inserts of sequins, satin ribbons will suit the bride and groom with any figure, and the color scheme will perfectly shade the silky skin of the bride. White-green dresses of lime and lime tones create the image of a magical patroness of summer. It is possible to turn into a fairy of a fairy forest by choosing an elegant lace dress with voluminous flowers and leaves of dark emerald color.

Wedding dress decorated with flounces

Shuttlecocks, ruffles, lace add the appearance of the bride indescribable grace, tenderness, airiness. Bright green ruffles in the Mexican style give enthusiasm, emphasize the young age of the bride and groom. Lush flounces of summer green color remind of a beautiful season. Want to feel like an amazing fairytale princess? Choose a pale pistachio wedding dress embroidered with graceful gold patterns on weightless ruffles of a skirt.

{img35, img36, img37, img38, img39, img40 = Shuttlecocks - decor of white-green dresses for the bride}

The emerald satin of the skirt, assembled by elegant folds, emphasizes the radiance of the bride’s beautiful eyes, giving the regal posture and grace to the figure. Unusual flounces of an exquisite, stylish wedding dress in asparagus color harmoniously combine with gloves in tone to the length of the elbow and malachite earrings. What other accessories will emphasize the beauty of white-green dresses for the bride?

What accessories are suitable for a dress of white-green color

To find the perfect pair of wedding shoes to match the image of the bride and groom, determine whether the tone prevails in the outfit - white or green. If the snow-white dress is decorated with a belt, edging, beautiful «robe» for the legs of the bride will be shoes of emerald or olive color, in harmony with a touch of decor. White wedding shoes will worthily complete the image with a predominance of shades of green.

Bride's shoes to a white-green dress

An indispensable accessory for the bride is a wedding bouquet. Delicate white lilies of the valley in a disheveled bouquet will add sophistication, and ranunculi, peonies and roses, combined with juicy-colored branches of ruscus, will emphasize the grace of the bride, the elegance of a white-green outfit. A combination of cream roses, greenery and a delightful newlywed dress will be very harmonious.

Bridal bouquet: white-green harmony

Small white hats with a veil matching the dress of light green, mint, emerald, olive shades are ideal for a white-green wedding. Bright scallop hairpins will decorate the hair gathered in an elegant bun. For a rustic style wedding, a wreath of fresh white flowers interwoven with loach leaves, pale pink cornflowers, daisies will become an indispensable accessory..

A pair of emerald earrings with diamonds will emphasize the elegance of a wedding dress, an unusual necklace of this color will decorate the neckline area. Such jewelry looks great if the bride chooses an outfit with a minimum of decorative elements and a predominant white color. The presence of bright, saturated shades of green suggests modest, graceful jewelry: a pearl thread on the neck, neat stud earrings. Tiara inlaid with precious stones will adequately complete the image of a fairytale princess.

Photo of white-green wedding dresses

You can pick up unusual models of white-green dresses for the bride by looking at the selection of wedding dresses in the photo below. Bright robes of sunny shades are suitable for a summer wedding; trendy mint - emphasize the blond curls of the beautiful bride and sapphire eyes; emerald will make you feel the heroine of a fairy tale «Mistress of Copper Mountain».

{img64, img65, img66, img67, img68, img69, img70, img71, img72, img73, img74 = Wedding robes of white-green tones}