American-style wedding: freedom and fun!


Free, rich and beautiful America. It is under this motto that you can hold your wedding, giving it new colors and a vibrant atmosphere of sophistication and sophistication. It does not matter what style it will be: classic, modern or something in between. American lands have always breathed holidays and a love of fun. So, choosing this style of your wedding ceremony, you’re directly at the point.

Happy american couple

We start the American wedding with stylistic design

First of all, it must be said that the American retro style is now popular. It is for this reason that you should start your design with a focus on American classics. By the way, Wedding invitations must be sustained either in bright colors or with cream shades. The American style of the wedding celebration does not imply the presence of any bright and rich colors. Everything should be sophisticated and stylish. This is where the restrained and classic tones will help you..

Invitation worthy of your celebration

American style wedding dresses and suits

And again we return to the classics. In this case, the bride can choose any outfit that suits her, which will be a snow-white shade associated with a magnificent and luxurious wedding event.

The groom in such a situation has much more freedom of action. He can choose the style of a gangster who puts on a gray fitted suit with a rose bud in his pocket, or put on a shirt and even a retro cap and the whole thing, as they say, is refilled with a stylish classic vest.

Friends and girlfriends of the newlyweds need to discuss everything in advance with the bride and groom, so that later there will be no confusion about which historical era of the United States these or those guests took as the basis for their costumes.

American style couple

We cut through the city on the wedding day on the American dream

It should be noted that in this matter everything is quite simple: we choose cars for wedding procession, of course, which are produced across the Atlantic Ocean. The first car, which is usually the vehicle for the bride and groom, can be both white and pink. The main factor of such a car is a hinged roof.

Making a wedding procession in the United States is not accepted, as we do. The maximum that they are capable of is to attach empty tin cans to the car and attach a plate with an inscription that says that this couple has just exchanged wedding rings. It seems to be nothing special. However, readers of the wedding news portal can assure you that in reality it looks more than romantic and beautiful. When the newlyweds leave in such a car, then at that moment you begin to truly appreciate the American style of various kinds of weddings.

Choose the most presentable cars

We design a banquet hall in the spirit of freedom and celebration

In the end, I would like to add that a wedding in the style of a free and always festive United States is perfect for those young couples who want something new from the tradition of wedding feasts and weddings that have bothered everyone. At an American-style wedding, everything should just be drowned in sunlight. This applies to banquet rooms with large windows and summer terraces with open architecture. There should be a large number of colors on the tables, as well as all the dishes, preferably transparent glass. That should be like that hall design american style wedding!

A lot of light and colors

Old-timers of the wedding portal can assure you that by choosing the American style as the basis of your wedding event, you will never regret it. In the end, this is only your holiday. And for this very reason, everything should be as your young couple desires..