Russian-style wedding: walk the soul!


Modern man has become what he is thanks to his ancestors. The memory of them should always be valued, regardless of age and status. Remind guests of the period of Ancient Russia by arranging a wedding in the Russian style. The wedding portal is sure that every guest at the highest level will appreciate the created atmosphere in the Russian style, will gladly re-dress in themed robes and will gladly participate in traditional competitions of those times.

«Russian» newlywed clothes

Nothing emphasizes the style of a Russian wedding like national costumes. What can I say, the outfits of our ancestors did not differ in excessive openness and brightness. However? According to, this did not stop the costumes from looking elegant and beautiful. If the bride does not want a traditional white style dress, then a stylized Russian wedding allows you to put on an outfit of sky blue or red. All these are the traditions of our ancestors..

When choosing shoes, preference should be given to shoes or boots. The color can be either white or red. Moreover, shoes can choose the simplest or patterned (do not forget about the style of the wedding!). Russian brides adorned their heads with wreaths of wild flowers or a kokoshnik. If we are talking about the head and hair, then it is worth noting that as a hairstyle, braids or hair pulled back, braided in various ways, would be an ideal option. In wedding makeup, the following should be observed: scarlet lipstick, bright black eyebrows and rosy cheeks.

Which bride can do without a bouquet? No! It is important that the bouquet also matches the Russian style of the wedding. Therefore, flashy orchids or roses will not work here. Bouquet «Russian» the bride should radiate tenderness and simplicity, while not losing external beauty. Cornflowers, daisies and other wildflowers are perfect for this spruce..

Russian newlyweds

Do not forget about the groom. In what style the wedding would not have taken place, there is one unquestioning rule: the image of the groom should be combined with the bride's wedding attire! This also applies to a wedding in the Russian style. So, the groom should be dressed in a shirt-shirt, which is necessarily embroidered with national patterns and tied with a wide sash; in the simplest canvas pants and shiny boots. The groom can decorate his head with a hat with a visor, which will be decorated with a bright flower.

Wedding Party Venue

A statement in the registry office, which means that the countdown went on to prepare for the most important celebration in your life. The first thing it would be nice to decide on the venue of the wedding banquet. Especially if your wedding falls on spring-summer. As a rule, places in good cafes and restaurants have been occupied almost from the winter. So do not waste time and go in search of a wedding hall suitable for the style of wedding.

Russian table decoration

I don’t think that it will be difficult to find a hall in a purely national Russian style. By the way, a banquet can also be held on the street, for example, near a river. In any case, the requirements for tables and chairs are basically the same: the tables are long, and the chairs are replaced by traditional shops in those days.

As the design of the hall, you can use multi-colored ribbons, wildflowers, which are pre-assembled in beautiful compositions, the Russian style will also be complemented by horseshoes and wreaths of birch branches and flowers.

The Russian style always means the presence of an ornament on tablecloths and napkins. Well, we will not depart from tradition. Glass dishes are also better left for another day, the Russian style obliges you to serve a table with wooden dishes, as well as decorate it with cans of wildflowers.

Wedding banquet in Russian style

«Russians» fun

Perhaps the first thing to take care of is the musical accompaniment. Invite harmonists, balalaika players or folk ensemble. They fit perfectly in the theme of the wedding.

The style of the wedding obliges you to prepare themed wedding contests. It is not worth resorting to something modern. Believe me, our ancestors had quite a few ways to entertain themselves and their friends with various contests. In addition, folk fun will only further emphasize the Russian spirit at your wedding, making it unique and original..

As competitions you can use running in bags, composing ditties, and so on. Read the history of Ancient Russia, which will be described in more detail about the fun pastime of our ancestors. If the wedding takes place in a snowy winter, then it’s just a sin not to go up the hill with a sled.