Hollywood style wedding: the bright colors of your holiday!


Most newlyweds are already tired of the order wedding traditions and rites, which each time fetters the imagination of the bride and groom. If your couple boasts the same thoughts about the proper conduct of the wedding, then you will like a Hollywood-style wedding..

Hollywood style wedding

Hollywood Invitations

Where does any wedding celebration begin? Of course, with the invitation of close and beloved friends and relatives. To do this, you will need appropriate invitations, which will immediately hint to future guests in what style you will conduct the celebration. Hollywood has always been associated with cinema. And this means that the invitations should be designed in the appropriate tone for Hollywood. It should also be noted that your letters should be sent no later than two or one and a half weeks before the wedding celebration. After all, guests also need time to properly prepare for such a stylistically sustained event.

Hollywood Accessories

Hollywood Wedding Outfits

When choosing costumes and evening dresses, you should remember the good old dresses that you saw in beautiful Hollywood films. It should be noted that the bride can choose a luxurious and magnificent dress, which is particularly snow-white. But for men at such a solemn and stylish event, it is best to wear either a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie or a strict tailcoat that will emphasize all the sophistication of a Hollywood-style wedding.

Invited guests should shine with such dresses and formal suits, in which it is not a shame to go out on the red carpet. The themes of gangster times may also be suitable, in which various kinds of furs were fashionable. By the way, the bride herself can wear a fur cape. Among other things, regular readers of the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com will confirm to you that fur and gold were especially appreciated in Hollywood as integral images of famous movie stars and no less brilliant satellites and companions. Because feel free to use them as thematic wedding accessories.

Hollywood style bride

Hollywood Outfits

Hollywood style wedding

Decent costumes for a Hollywood wedding

Hollywood wedding procession

Cars have always been an integral part of any wedding celebration. It is for this reason that it is so important to choose them correctly, qualitatively using a specific wedding style. Vintage cars for the wedding, who loved, and will continue to love, royals. You can often find a white car in Hollywood. All the inhabitants of this beautiful city tried to stand out in this way, and this shade is the best suited to the wedding celebration. If you still manage to get some elegant and old-fashioned car, then the first car in the wedding procession may not be decorated at all, leaving all the splendor unsullied.

Royal bridal machine

Banquet room decor and wedding accessories

To direct decoration of the wedding hall must be treated more than responsibly. And since the theme is so chic and sophisticated, such an atmosphere should be transmitted through banquet attributes and the general decoration of the room. In some places you can put dummies of old cameras, hang pictures of famous actors on the walls, and scatter film around the hall. In general, only your imagination can stop you.

Hollywood style wedding decor

Hollywood style wedding

Hollywood style wedding decor

Hollywood style wedding decor

Hollywood style wedding decor

Hollywood style wedding decor

Candy bar in Hollywood style

Hollywood style invitations

Visitors to the wedding site www.articlewedding.com can confirm to you that a Hollywood-style wedding is always interesting and exciting. And if originality is a priority for your couple, then welcome to this marvelous and beautiful city of luxury..