Hawaiian style wedding: bright colors and fun!


Hawaiian-style weddings have always been filled with good music, vibrant tones and shades, and, of course, flowers, of which there should be plenty. Flowers are the main symbol of the holiday, giving a sense of joy and celebration.

Where to have a wedding?

Wedding portal Svadebka.vs will tell you about the venue of the celebration. For a wedding, a restaurant located on the water or a cottage with a pool is suitable. An ideal holiday, of course, would be a holiday on the shores of the blue sea. This will bring a little romance and unusualness to your holiday. Although it will require a significant spending of the wedding budget!

Wedding invitations

Invitations can be made in the form of a scroll with a fastening ring or ribbon. Coconuts, on which the invitation text is written, can serve as another good option. Unusual and funny!

Hawaiian Wedding Invitations

Outside registration

Before the banquet, you can hold the long-awaited registration of marriage. Order an arch that decorate with fresh flowers and ribbons of different colors.

wedding arch

The main attributes of a Hawaiian-style wedding are garlands of fresh flowers, a large number of lights and lit torches. During the ceremony, the priest usually ties the hands of the newlyweds with lei, which are circles of flowers. It looks just great! Lei in Hawaii is considered a symbol of devotion, loyalty and great love. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds in love perform the ritual of throwing lei into the water. Since water is a symbol of cleansing from the past, so that the newlyweds can start all over again and happily live their whole life together.

The outer vestments of the bride and groom

The groom should wear a Hawaiian shirt with shorts or light white trousers and a snow-white shirt. Such an image will harmoniously fit into a cheerful style of celebration, filled with flowers, music and joy..

The bride, as well as possible, will go for a light white wedding dress. Small flowers can be woven into the hair, an elegant ornament in the form of flowers on the neck.

Hawaiian bride

From shoes to this holiday light simple unpretentious sandals are perfect. The complete absence of shoes as such is also welcome..

Bride and groom

We must not forget about flower necklaces that look great on the necks of lovers. This is the main attribute that will complete the image of happy Hawaiian-style newlyweds..

The bride's bouquet

The bride’s wedding bouquet should be bright and colorful. The use of orchids and anthuriums in a bouquet with the mandatory addition of palm leaves is welcome.

Guests clothing

Ladies can appear in light sundresses and pareos, but men should be in Hawaiian shirts and shorts so as not to disturb the harmony of the wedding. Flower garlands can be provided for all guests. You can move away from wedding traditions and not wear white clothes, but still give preference to a bright and bright color scheme of the wedding.

Guest outfits


For a Hawaiian wedding, you can and even need to hire musicians who perform Latin or African musical works. They will bring a romantic flavor to the celebration, enveloping your guests with a unique aura of exotic, joy and positive.

Banquet on the beach

As a wish book, you can use a surfboard. As a plan for seating guests, you can use the beach, equipped with sunbeds, on which the names of guests are written.

At the Hawaiian wedding, the menu does not include salads with mayonnaise and jellied meat, various meat dishes. Some light buffet will fit well into the celebration. At the wedding table you can serve canapes, various seafood dishes, ice cream, fruits and good champagne. With alcohol on the beach you need to be very careful. For cooking, you can hire cooks or contact the catering service, which will help you organize a festive feast..


At a Hawaiian wedding, it is undesirable to have a large multi-story biscuit or cream cake. Ideal for a wedding banquet, a heart made of jelly and decorated with various fruits.

The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com hopes that you will choose such a bright wedding stylist as Hawaiian and fully enjoy this holiday.