Hawaiian style wedding: positive and fun!


Everyone just wants to go to the sunny and welcoming Hawaiian islands. More people want to play their wedding there. However, if the newlyweds do not have such an opportunity, then you should simply arrange your entire Hawaiian-style wedding event. Believe me, your holiday will immediately transform and become even more luxurious.

A real Hawaiian holiday

We invite guests to the wedding

If it comes to Hawaii, then your guests should immediately understand the specific theme of your wedding event. First, these islands are associated with flowers and the sun. Therefore, your invitation envelope should have several bright flower petals and no less bright paper on which the invitation itself will be printed. Do not forget that in such a letter you must necessarily inform your invited guests about the theme of the wedding celebration. Friends and relatives also need time to prepare for such an unusual wedding scenario.

Hawaiian invitation and sea of ​​flowers

What to go to such a bright and sunny wedding on the islands?

It is best, of course, to hold a Hawaiian-style wedding in the warmer months, as the robes should fully match this wedding design. Girls should be in skirts, or even swimsuits, which will simply be buried in various kinds of necklaces and belts of flowers. As for the bride, only she should be in this day in all white. With this design, most likely a standard long dress can be more than inappropriate. But the strong half of humanity on this day can wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts that have been waiting for such a suitable occasion for so long. Many visitors to the wedding news portal www.articlewedding.com can confirm that the spa mood can be perfectly conveyed due to the Hawaiian style of the wedding celebration..

Light and stylish wedding dresses

What to ride on this bright and festive day?

Again, good summer weather should be the red thread of the entire wedding ceremony. It is for this reason that it is worth composing a wedding procession of cars with hinged roofs. As for the color of cars, here you can just imagine a Hawaiian shirt: all vehicles should be bright and conspicuous. All cars should be decorated simply with a huge number of a wide variety of colors and colorful ribbons, which will emphasize the lightness and luminosity of this significant day. Among other things, you can even choose bicycle train, After all, the Hawaiian islands are associated with most holidays and warm summer days. However, before such a very responsible decision, you will need to think about the reaction of guests who may more than not like this undertaking.

Wedding convertible

Banquet hall decoration

The very first thing your guests should see at the entrance to the wedding banquet hall are the girls who smile warmly at them and present your relatives and friends with flower wreaths. The hall should just be buried in flowers and juicy and ripe fruits. The best option might be weddings in nature: on the banks of a river, lake or even the sea, if any.

Summer table setting

In the end, I would like to add that the wedding in Hawaii is one of the most cherished desires of all newlyweds. However, if this is not possible, then you can simply transfer these beautiful islands directly to your wedding. Many visitors to the wedding site www.articlewedding.com can confirm to you information that a wedding in this style will become simply unforgettable and the brightest. So, choose this direction, and you definitely will not regret it.