Ukrainian style wedding


Speaking about the wedding in the Ukrainian style, you need to understand that this is a real fun, and not an old-fashioned holiday with outdated competitions and trials. A wedding in Ukrainian style is the union of romanticism, the unity of man with the surrounding nature and the world.

Ukrainian style wedding

Celebration Invitations

Wedding invitations can be made in the form of paper decorated with national Ukrainian ornament..

Wedding rings

Wedding rings according to the traditions of Ukraine should be as smooth and smooth as possible. This symbolizes a happy marriage and a calm, measured family life, in which there are no conflicts.

Wedding rings

Wedding procession

For a wedding in Ukrainian style, light-colored cars are ideal, especially for the bride and groom. If you are a very creative and courageous couple, then our portal Wedding.All may recommend you order a horse-drawn carriage for newlyweds. It is she who will deliver the bride and groom to the ceremony venue.

Wedding procession

Outfit of the newlyweds

A wedding dress in the Ukrainian style is very beautiful and stylish! In this style, a distinctive color is usually used. Ethnic elements, an ornament and multi-colored ribbons will look good. The dress should be with long sleeves. A mandatory element is a belt that harmoniously fits into the image of the bride of the Ukrainian ethnic group.

A variant of a classic wedding dress decorated with embroidery and ethnic ornament is possible..

Wedding Dress

For the groom, a shirt, trousers or harem pants with a belt and folk shoes, which the Cossacks wore in the old days, are suitable.

Bridal bouquet

In the old days, the bride’s bouquet was replaced with a hand-woven wreath in which the girl put all her love. You can recall this long tradition and make such a decoration for a tender and sensual bride.

Wedding wreath

But if you want a bouquet for a wedding celebration, then it should be as stylized as possible. Bright traditional Ukrainian wildflowers with multi-colored ribbons will look good in it..

Hall decor and floristry

It is very difficult to mark a wedding in Ukrainian without a riot of colors and careful detailing of absolutely all the items that will be at the wedding. Decorate your wedding in bright and sunny colors..

Wedding Party Decor

Pottery and toys, flower wreaths, wicker furniture, colorful bright ribbons embroidered with national patterns, tablecloths and towels, toys made of dough and cheese are all that are connected with the Ukrainian ethnic group. For the wedding hall, it is worth choosing decoration with flowers and national embroidery. You do not need to refine your colors. You can use simple flowers from the vast Ukrainian fields or just wildflowers.

Musical accompaniment

At a wedding celebration, it is advisable to hire musicians who play Ukrainian folk instruments: bagpipes, kobza, harp. The musicians' repertoire should have perky folk songs.

Wedding feast

Arrange long wooden tables with benches in the wedding hall to accommodate as many people as possible. The dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are best suited to the gala table: dumplings, boiled pork, cracklings and more. All this our portal recommends serving in earthenware. The wedding cake is the final stage of the wedding feast and is the crown of celebration.

A wedding in the Ukrainian style is a bright and cheerful holiday that will give you and your guests only positive emotions!