Chinese-style wedding: exotic beauty!


China is a tradition-rich country. Bright colors and amazing symbolism, colorful interior and decor, unusual costumes and hats. A Chinese-style wedding is gaining popularity in the West and in other countries, since it is fundamentally different from classic weddings. Here you rarely find white and black colors - most likely the wedding will be held in red and gold colors. This style is suitable for courageous and enterprising newlyweds who honor the wedding traditions of not only their country, but also other countries..

Decorate a Chinese-style wedding

In table decoration, everything should be sophisticated and beautiful. Chinese style implies a complete commitment to detail. Use in the decoration of the hall origami ornaments that originated in ancient China. Origami are paper shapes that fold without glue. For a wedding look, you can choose something tender and romantic. Make a few origami-style doves and hang them above the festive table.

Chinese style wedding table decor

Also decorate the table with flowers, because flowers are one of the symbols of China, in which they take care of nature and revere all living things. Do not pick flowers, you can arrange flower pots on the table, which can be decorated with beautiful ornaments or Chinese characters. Use hieroglyphs to decorate the wedding hall. You can hang pictures on the walls with various hieroglyphs denoting words such as love, happiness, family. You can also use other decor items, such as panels with Chinese ancient subjects, lamps or lanterns, accessories and much more. You will find a lot of useful information on decorating a wedding table and a hall in different styles on the portal

Chinese Wedding Invitations

We create a unique image of the newlyweds in Chinese traditions

Creating images of the bride and groom in Chinese requires diligence and time, because in Chinese traditions this is a whole ceremony. Traditional Chinese dress made in red colors with gold embroidery or ornaments. This dress is called qipao and has a very complex and beautiful pattern. It can also be other dress options that will combine oriental sophistication and sensuality..

Beautiful dress in chinese style

In addition to the dress, the bride should have several wedding accessories with her. It can be a mask or an umbrella, as well as a hat, symbolizing the beginning of a happy marriage.

Chinese style wedding

As for shoes, you can choose comfortable shoes with a small heel, in which it will be easy for you to move around, because Chinese wedding dresses are very narrow and fitted. Pay special attention to makeup and hairstyle. Makeup should be as light as possible, almost white. However, the lips should be painted with bright red lipstick. The site advises you to put your hair in a neat high hairstyle and decorate it with fresh flowers.

The image of the groom does not require so much effort. For a wedding, you can choose a suit with embroidery in the Chinese style, or a shirt made in Chinese traditions, usually silk.

Several Chinese traditions

Surely, everyone knows about the popularity of the Chinese tea ceremony. You can organize a tea party in the midst of a wedding with a delicious cake. Brew real Chinese tea in a special bowl and treat your guests. China is very rich in traditions and customs, including wedding ones. It is popular to launch lush bright fireworks and launch sky lanterns at night. You can also follow the example of the people of China and use these traditions at your wedding..

Sky lanterns

A Chinese-style wedding is original in its brightness and tradition. Bright colors, ornaments and hieroglyphs will turn your head and will be remembered for a lifetime!