Irish style wedding


An Irish-style wedding is an amazing combination of simplicity, elegance, tradition and eternity. Today, couples who are fond of folklore, history, folk dancing and simply the perky Irish culture can embody these interests during the first family celebration. The Irish are characterized by an awareness of the deep connections between generations. For them, a wedding is a celebration of life, family ties and kindred hearts. In addition, the Irish know how to have a good time. Dancing, music, fairy tales of the green island are a success all over the world. Together with the wedding portal you can step by step to understand the organization of the wedding in the Irish style.

Choose location

In order to celebrate the Irish-style wedding, it is not necessary to pack your bags and go to the country of green hills (although this is a great option for travelers!). There are three main options for venues for such a wedding. The first, romantic - to organize a wedding near any castle, as did the Irish kings and leaders of the clans. The second option is more fabulous. You can hold a celebration in nature, on a picturesque lawn, on the banks of a river or lake or in the garden, for example. Thus, according to legends, important events were celebrated by fair and leprechauns. And finally, the option of winter or city, which involves holding a wedding in a pub or stylized restaurant, which are quite a lot at present.

Irish outdoor wedding

Decorate the landscape or interior

The base color of the ceremony can be chosen green - the color of the hills and waves of Ireland. Tablecloths, ribbons for bridesmaids and other decorative elements can be green. An excellent solution would be to add living plants as an interior decoration, such as a shamrock (aka oxalis), bells or blue orchids, which are popular at Irish weddings. Also, an interesting detail will give the names of tables during dinner on the famous mountains, rivers and lakes of Ireland.

Irish Wedding Details

Choose a dress for the bride

Previously, the wedding portal has repeatedly provided reviews of the most original wedding dresses. Today, the collection will add some unusual options for Irish wedding dresses.

First of all, it should be noted that the traditional color for a wedding dress in Ireland is sky blue, as it symbolizes purity and nobility. Today, white dresses with a blue finish are popular: lace, fringing, traditional patterns (ancient Celtic patterns became favorite in terms of).

If you do not want to spend a fortune on holding a celebration, you can use the Irish folk tradition, according to which the bride did not sew a new outfit, but simply put on the best dress. It should be noted that the Irish have always been practical.

And finally, for a winter celebration it is considered acceptable to wear a fur coat and coat. In Ireland, it has grown into a tradition, because in this culture, the best time for weddings is New Year's Eve. The Irish believe that in this way the young leave a single life in the past and boldly step into the future hand in hand.

Correctly spend the evening program

The Irish know a lot about fun. Traditional dances, music, treats, fairy tales and toasts will help you create a cheerful Irish atmosphere at the wedding..

During the Irish-style wedding, guests will be able to try a variety of seafood, dishes from a variety of vegetables, grilled meat, traditional sweets (caramelized apples, bannoki, barmraki, etc.). And they can even tell fortunes, because those who come across a coin and cookies will be lucky for a whole year.

Invite groups specializing in Irish music and dance as animators. Invite workshops from teachers of Irish dance schools. And then you will feel yourself in the thick of Irish fun, provide a great mood for both yourself and guests.

And fairy tales, beautiful legends and wise toasts will make the evening truly unforgettable.

Holding a celebration in the Irish style

Take care of Irish traditions

One of the most touching Irish wedding traditions can be called pronouncing vows by the newlyweds. The bride and groom join hands and bandage them with a ribbon. After that, they swear fidelity and love to each other, thus connecting hearts.

An important part of celebrating the celebration is reading poetry and love poems by Irish poets and bards. It gives the evening a romantic atmosphere..

In addition, the Irish have many signs that promise good luck and a happy family life for the young. For example, celebrating a wedding on Saturday or breaking a glass are bad signs. But if the groom is the first to congratulate the bride on the marriage, then they will live happily together. If the bride looks at the sun on the wedding day, then the children in this family will be beautiful.

An Irish-style wedding is a truly romantic and memorable event. You can plunge into the world of tradition and spirit of ancient times, spend a wonderful time, find harmony with nature, feel the connection of generations in your families. And you can start a family life, as the Irish have done for many centuries, gently, loyally, with love.