Jazz style wedding: the spirit of freedom and youth


The recent release of the film adaptation of the Fitzgerald novel «The Great Gatsby» caused a new wave of interest in the era of jazz and America of the 20-30s. We offer the readers of the portal www.articlewedding.com an idea for a wedding to the sound of a saxophone.

Music rules the ball

A jazz-style wedding implies the dominant role of the musical accompaniment of the event. You can realize this by inviting to the celebration a saxophonist or trumpet player, dressed in a checkered suit and an elegant hat that corresponds to the spirit of that era..

Another option is to invite an entire jazz band that will immerse all guests and heroes of the occasion in that unforgettable atmosphere of jazz.

Jazz band for the wedding

If the bride knows how to play the piano, it would be great to give her the opportunity to demonstrate her talent to all gathered guests.

Music should be present in everything: it can be a musical note on wedding invitations, appropriate decoration of the hall, wedding cake, etc..

Jazz Themed Wedding Cake

«Gangster» dress code

Fun, speed and brightness are the hallmarks of a jazz-themed wedding. Therefore, the outfits of the bride and groom (as well as guests) should be dazzling. For the bride, the choice of dress style is determined by fashion trends of the jazz era: a straight cut dress, a low waist, a deep neckline. Asymmetrical hem and an abundance of embroidery and fringe are also popular. Whitened face, shaded dark shadows and dark red lips are the main features «jazz» bridal makeup.

The image of the bride of the jazz era

The groom can choose for himself the style of an Italian gangster with a contrasting strip on a suit and two-tone boots. A more classic version is also possible: a strict tuxedo. In this case, the image will successfully complement the cane..

Newlyweds in the jazz style

Butterflies can become an obligatory element of the outfit of all men invited to the celebration. For ladies, the role of such an element will be played by a hat or gloves.

Jazz look in guest outfits

Take lessons from the past

Many interesting ideas for a jazz wedding can be gleaned from the spirit of that same post-war America of the 20s. The www.articlewedding.com portal recommends watching such legendary films as «There are only girls in jazz», «Return to Brideshead», «Oscar». This movie really inspires and pushes new incredible ideas related to jazz!

For example, cigars were very popular then, even whole cigar clubs existed. This idea can be realized by organizing a separate table for lovers of good cigars..

Remembering that which existed at that time «dry» law, you can give the wedding the atmosphere of an illegal party, when there are no bottles of alcohol on the table, and they drink it from ordinary cups, so as not to reveal oneself in case of an unexpected police visit.

The grand wedding fireworks at the end of the evening will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of fun, noise and celebration.

We can say that a jazz-style wedding is the choice of courageous and extraordinary young people who are not afraid to experiment and who want to not only organize a good wedding, but to arrange a whole performance that will be remembered for all the participants of the celebration for a long time.