Rock-and-roll wedding: recklessness and freedom in everything!


All details of the wedding must be thought through to the smallest detail. The style of the wedding characterizes the hobbies and tastes of the young couple, so if you are a lover of rock music and an active lifestyle, rock style is perfect for you&roll to decorate your wedding. So, arm yourself with patience, stock up on a few ideas and start creating your dream wedding!

Rock and Roll Wedding Decoration

The rock and roll style is notable for its free manner and recklessness. It is suitable for honeymooners who are not afraid to show emotions, are an energetic and groovy couple. So, if this style is perfect for you, start with the design of the wedding hall. Use vibrant color combinations.

Rock and Roll Wedding Decor

It can be hot pink in combination with black, light green or yellow. Wedding Hall Decorations there will be inscriptions in English that you can make a spray can on furniture. Skulls and spikes that characterize the style of rock and roll will become a good accessory. You can also send out vibrant rock and roll mood invitations..

Various accessories can also be placed on the table. In the choice of flowers, preference should be given to bright and large bouquets. It can be pink peonies or dahlias that look beautiful on any wedding table and can become a focal element. At everyone can find new ideas for decorating and decorating the hall..

Creating images of the newlyweds

Rock style&roll ”offers many opportunities to create image of the bride and the groom. The bride's dress should be catchy and stylish.

Rock and Roll Bridesmaid Dress

Often, a loop is used for such events. You can also choose a short dress to emphasize the beauty of the legs..

Short rock and roll wedding dress

To add a zest to a stylish look, pick bright red shoes to a white dress. Spiked shoes can also be used to look stunning..

Bright Rock and Roll Wedding Shoes

Just remember how rock music performers looked. As a rule, they wore leather jackets and trousers. Therefore, for the style of the groom, you can use the skin either in a jacket or in trousers. As for the hairstyle, if you have a little long hair, you can style it with gel. Also, if you have tattoos, it is best not to cover them with a jacket. Pick up a shirt with an open sleeve. You will find many more ideas for a wedding look at

How to make a wedding unforgettable?

Rock and roll style does not tolerate boring meetings at the festive table. The whole wedding celebration should be active and fun. You can go to a concert right after painting or take a ride around the city on an unusual wedding procession - rented bikes. You will remember this wedding for a long time, because you will receive not only a sea of ​​positive emotions and memories, but also a share of adrenaline.

It's great if one of the spouses is fond of playing the electric guitar. If you are a fan of the instrument, you can arrange a mini-concert right at the wedding party. Play an incendiary melody for your beloved to finally win her heart. The bride can also use the guitar for her own purposes, for example, at a photo shoot. Even if you don’t know how to play and never held the guitar in your hands, you can try it right at the photo shoot. Perhaps you can not only make a couple of chic shots, but also learn how to play a few chords. Be joyful and bright to make the wedding a bang.

Energize your guests with a positive selection of many rock and roll music. And most importantly, start incendiary dances to loud music! Remember that a wedding happens only once in a lifetime, and what exactly you can make it the most colorful and unforgettable!