Mini wedding: organization features


So, let's define the terms. What is included in the concept of a mini wedding? Firstly, a small list of guests: your witnesses and parents will enter it as a maximum (you can read about a two-person wedding here), although the trends are that at the peak of European fashion there are weddings only with witnesses as guests. Usually (but not necessarily) a mini-wedding is also a mini-program that does not take all your day.

Wedding together

Reasons for a Mini Wedding

The most common reason for organizing a mini-wedding is the natural desire of the bride and groom to spend, perhaps, the most significant day of their life the way they want, without trying to please their many relatives.

The second reason is the desire to spend money intended for organizing a wedding on a luxurious Honeymoon, expensive wedding rings or to arrange a new home.

The third reason for organizing a mini-celebration is the desire to get rid of the numerous hassles of organizing a wedding, because at a mini-celebration you can forget even the most common and generally accepted traditions. For example, instead of a magnificent wedding dress, the bride can wear a bright and comfortable summer dress, instead of high-heeled shoes, wrap loafers, sandals or ballet shoes, do minimal makeup and not a high evening, but a natural hairstyle.

And the fourth reason is the opportunity to save.

A mini-wedding is very convenient and rational, this is the best option for brides who are preparing to become mothers shortly after the wedding: a little hassle to organize, and a banquet and entertainment program can be minimized so that the bride does not get tired on such an important day.

Little wedding

Wedding program

The mini-wedding program is quite simple. It may not differ from the traditional wedding program, but may become the embodiment of your dreams. If you intend to organize a mini-wedding because you plan to spend a substantial amount of money on a honeymoon, your celebration may include morning registration of marriage, a photo shoot, lunch with witnesses who will soon be leading you to the airport. On this day you can afford an expensive restaurant with a chic service, and instead of the usual wedding procession hire a carriage. Just remember how you imagined this day as a child - probably this will lead you to thoughts on how to organize a fabulous celebration.

The program can be invented spontaneously, on the very day of the wedding, especially if you do not care in which restaurant to dine and in which car to get home. If you prefer to follow a pre-planned plan, do not forget to book a table in advance and take care of transport.

Benefits of a Mini Wedding

Summing up the above, the wedding portal will remind you of the benefits of organizing a mini wedding.

  • Profitability (a mini-wedding can cost you several times cheaper than a traditional one).
  • Rationality (the ability to spend money on something really worthwhile).
  • Convenience (it’s easy to organize a mini-wedding, so it’s easier to make adjustments to your plans).
  • Practicality (at a mini-wedding you are unlikely to get tired, even if you are in an intriguing position).
  • Exclusivity (it is much easier to organize a mini-wedding of your dreams than traditional).
  • Calmness (lack of pre-wedding fuss and a lot of excitement on the wedding day).

According to statistics, about 30% of newlyweds today have mini-weddings. How to celebrate your triumph, it's up to you, the main thing is to correctly prioritize.