Getting ready for the wedding


In recent years, vintage has become very popular. He is already in almost all areas of our lives. Vintage shops and markets are no longer surprised; vintage furniture and vintage cars are very popular now. Do you know what vintage is? From French, the word "vintage" is translated as "good quality." For the first time, the word “vintage” was used by winemakers from southern France who wanted to show the high quality of their wine with this word. Currently, the word "vintage" is added to almost all stores, restaurants and things that are designed in the style of the middle of the last century. Among young people, it has now become very popular to hold a wedding in vintage style. For the first time such a wedding took place in the early seventies of the last century in the United States.

Outfit of newlyweds and guests

The main detail of a wedding in vintage style is the outfit of the bride and groom. Today, wedding salons offer a variety of vintage style wedding dresses. It is considered the most ideal when the groom’s wedding suit and bride’s dress match the fashion of the middle of the last century. However, with a vintage wedding style, not only the bride’s wedding dress, but all her outfit should correspond to the fashion of past years. At the wedding, the bride must wear stockings with a belt, gloves and a veil. All this, like the wedding dress itself, should be exclusively white. The groom’s wedding outfit should be in harmony with the bride’s outfit, both in color and style. Invitation to guests should be made in the form of antique telegrams. Guests arriving at the wedding should also be dressed in vintage style..

Wedding Bridal Bouquet

The bride’s wedding bouquet should resemble the atmosphere of the past, so it should not have any traditional jewelry and modern technology. Bridal bouquet should attract with its simple, convenience and elegance.

Hairstyle and makeup

The makeup and hairstyle of both the bride and the guests should also be in a vintage style. If you can not choose the appropriate hairstyle, then stylists working in a wedding or beauty salons will help you with this..

Wedding procession

The wedding procession should also be in a vintage style. Rare car brands are very suitable for a wedding procession. You can order them at specialized car rental companies. Retro-style weddings are not uncommon, so they usually have retro cars on offer.

Banqueting hall

Mirrors, lace napkins, bird cages, artificial flowers, antique cutlery and antique figurines are very suitable for decorating a banquet hall in a vintage style.


At the wedding in vintage style, ancient music must necessarily play, and the newlyweds, together with the guests, must dance ancient dances: waltz, foxtrot, tango and many others. It will look very good if a turntable or bobbin recorder will play at a vintage wedding.


At such weddings there should be no video filming, only photos. Tell the photographer that the photos should also be in vintage style. High-quality vintage-style photographs will be taken only by professional photographers..