Gothic style wedding: bright and custom


Every couple wants to remember their wedding day forever. Whatever he is, he will always remain in the memory of young people. However, this is not enough. I would like to make this holiday unforgettable and for guests to distinguish themselves, surprise, make the holiday original. The portal offers you a rather original version of the festival - a wedding in the Gothic style. I bet your guests will be amazed and shocked.

Gothic bride

Goths - who are they??

First, let's see who the Goths are. As you know, the Goths are representatives of the youth subculture; among the majority of people they are associated with people in black clothes and gloomy make-up. But in the options for appearance, there are many features that allow you to make your appearance at the wedding original and unforgettable. The main features of the look is ready - it is black hair, a similar color to lipstick, nails and eyeshadow. The clothes are dominated by the same black skin. Do not forget about the pale, almost white complexion and numerous piercings that adorn the body and face is ready.

It is worth noting that the subculture is ready can not be called socially active and open to communication, but they do not differ in hostility either. That is why the Gothic style, unlike some other subcultures, is perfect for celebrating a wedding.

In general, the ready-made clothing style is distinguished by sophistication and aristocracy, men look mysteriously and majestically in black long leather raincoats, and girls become mysterious strangers hiding their face under a lace veil.

Guests at a gothic wedding

What dresses to choose for a wedding in the style of Gothic?

After reading our description above, you probably decided that in wedding attire should be black and only black. However, we hasten to reassure you, this is not so. With the help of a large number of various additions and accessories, you can dilute the monophonic darkness. Goths give particular preference to red..

Gothic bride

In fact, in the clothes of the Goths, such a style as Neo-Gothic prevails, which gained fame and popularity in Europe in the New Time. Take a closer look at the costumes of young.


A corset dress trimmed with lace is suitable for the bride. It can be both monophonic and two-tone. As we have said, the Goths love the color red, and for good reason. The combination of black and red, or raspberry, looks very impressive. The dress should be a little asymmetrical. A dress with a train will look great, modest in the back and bold in front, revealing the gaze of the bride’s knees. And of course, we will not forget about organza, which goes well with lace and gives the dress solemnity and airiness. In the cool season, it does not hurt to get a lace cape with flared sleeves.

Given all these features, the dress will most likely have to be sewn to order, but modern online shopping offers many opportunities for a budget solution to the problem.

We figured out the dress, it remains to choose shoes. High boots-boots or platform shoes are best suited to this outfit. Black of course.

Now about the accessories. Long gloves, lace or velvet, as well as an umbrella will give completeness to the image. It can be made of either lace or organza. Feather jewelry, flowers made from unusual materials will also be very appropriate.

Makeup bride

The groom

The image of the groom at such an unusual wedding should match the bride. A tailcoat, or an elongated jacket, a lace front shirt, high platform shoes, an unusual hairstyle, and, of course, appropriate makeup are perfect here. Pale skin and brightly summed eyes. Gothic wedding is one of the few that gives the groom the opportunity to fully use cosmetics.

Example makeup bride and groom

Do not forget about the piercing. If you are not ready to make real punctures, you can use fake earrings or clips that attach to the skin without causing damage..

So, the wedding portal told you about another option of a shocking wedding. Be sure, a little courage and imagination, and your wedding will forever be remembered by you, your guests and even employees of the registry office.