Wedding magic with candles

The bewitching flame of candles will decorate the interior of the banquet hall, create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, or even give your celebration a little sacred meaning. The goals can be any, it is important when holding a wedding with candles it is important to follow a number of rules. Then, certainly, even a crowded ceremony will find chamberness and warmth and will remind many guests of romantic moments of life.

The primary rules here are a sense of taste and compliance with fire safety measures. Let's start with a small, albeit very important action., where the candles appear at the wedding - weddings. Throughout the ceremony, the young will have to keep candles lit, even move around, as the ritual requires. This is why it is important to take care of napkins or candle holders in advance. Then you can be calm that insidious wax does not drip the dresses of the bride and groom.

Wedding candles can be used in the design of the banquet hall. You can completely muffle electricity, correctly and subtly placing accents. Large candelabra or elegant vases with water (you can, by the way, add flower petals, stones, shells or artificial pearls). However, a sense of proportion and taste here should still be decisive. By the way, it is important to discuss with the administration the possibility of just such a design.

But to talk about which candles will be long burning, it is better with designers. There are a lot of tricks for this: send candles to the freezer or hold them in salt water.

When choosing candles, it is important to focus on simple instances - candles with an even flame. It is better to leave colored and aromatic for other celebrations: someone does not tolerate tart aromas, and the taste of food, you must agree, should not be interrupted by extraneous odors.

Candles at a wedding can burn throughout the ceremony. And you can effectively beat their appearance - fill with meaning the rite of their ignition and cancellation at the end of the ceremony.

Holding a wedding with candles - It is also a lot of contests (as an alternative to the decor of the interior of the banquet hall). This is the lighting of the "home" by the newlyweds - here you need to think through a scenario so that everything has a beginning and a logical conclusion and is not cut short. And wishes from the guests during the ceremony of dividing the loaf (for example, everyone, together with the wishes of the bride and groom, lights a candle - in a sign that these words were heard by the gods). Another decision to stylize the oriental flavor. Or invite a dancer, for example, a belly-dance (belly dance) and ask to perform a dance with fire. But for this purpose (for security reasons) it is still worth inviting a professional performer. Sacred meaning first dance, the game of flame will surprise guests and will serve as a fabulous and unexpected decoration of your wedding evening.

The circus option is another way of holding a wedding with candles. But remember: juggling and other flame manipulations will require a lot of space. Even better, if this action is held on the street - in a park or next to a banquet hall, say, as one of the stages of entertainment.

And, of course, the candles at the wedding will be a worthy decoration of the wedding night, create a calm and intimate atmosphere for the bride and groom.

In any case, you write a script for a wedding with candles, determine the meaning of the action. What mood do you want to set, what mood do you want guests to set up??