Fantasy style wedding


Fantasy style will become a fashionable solution for you, especially if one of the spouses is fond of this style in cartoons, comics or movies. This wedding style involves the use of mystical elements, magical decor and fantastic costumes. If you are ready to radically change the traditional wedding, then this style was created just for you!

Fantasy style wedding decoration

There are so many films based on science fiction books in the world that the newlyweds may face the problem of which direction to choose. If this «star Wars», then you will need some accessories, if this is one of the legendary films, «Spider man» or «Batman», then the image will be completely different. AT hall design focus on accessories. In order for guests to feel the atmosphere of the fantasy world, everything should be as close as possible to the plot of your favorite movie or book. To create a fantastic image, use wall holograms made in 3D. You can order a hologram on the entire wall so that guests plunge into the atmosphere of the starry sky or the other world.

In the design of the table, use candles, bright candlesticks, as well as figurines of your favorite heroes, which will give even more a sense of fantasy style. On the website at you will find even more information and interesting ideas for decorating a wedding table.

Creating images of the newlyweds

In this matter, you can trust the film adaptations of your favorite fantasy books. Use the images of the main characters to create wedding outfits. For the bride, it can be a bright unusual dress, made with a splash of bright color. You can take on the role of a lady, a fantastic queen from the other world.

Bright dress for the bride in fantasy style
Fantasy Wedding Dress

Perhaps in this way you can really conquer the universe! The only problem that may arise when creating a wedding image of the bride is the purchase of a dress. Most likely, you will not find the necessary dress in the salon, so the dress according to your sketches will have to be sewn to order.

Fantasy Queen Image

The groom's style can also be made in accordance with the image of the beloved fantastic hero. If your bride has chosen the image of the queen, then you will also have to create the image of the king. The costume can be made in the style of a real fairy tale or film. It should also be done to order, so that all your wishes are taken into account. Most likely, your couple will become the most unusual couple of newlyweds, since fabulous costumes will stand out from the usual traditional dresses. The portal will tell a lot more useful things and help in choosing the right outfit for a wedding.

Fantasy style newlyweds

A few more details

If you want all the guests to be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your wedding, you can choose elegant costumes in fantasy style for them. It is also recommended to prepare guests in advance for such an unusual wedding scenario. Perhaps you should attach to the application a small booklet with a summary of the book or movie, based on which you create a wedding celebration!

To create a romantic mood, you can rent a few boats and go on a short trip along the lake or pond, planted with trees and plants. Pick music using your favorite movie or cartoon soundtracks.

Fantasy style weddings will not leave anyone indifferent, because you put your whole soul and mood into the design of the wedding and the creation of images. Therefore, boldly arrange your celebration in this fashionable and modern style.!