Pirate wedding - everything is boarding!


The main pirates on the ship are, of course, the bride and groom. Their vestments should look appropriate. Luxurious black trousers tucked into high-tone leather boots are an integral part of the image of the captain of a pirate ship. We complement the groom's outfit with a white shirt, vest or camisole and, of course, a wide-brimmed hat with a fluffy feather.

Wedding images of the newlyweds

Option one for the first lady of the ship - elegant wedding dress with lush ruffles on the hem and bodice in the style of a young lady-peasant. Option two - full compliance with the groom. This means that the bride can safely put on black trousers, high boots, a white or color shirt, a stylish corset or a wide leather belt to which fake pistols can be attached to the waist. And, the most important “accessory” is a slightly disheveled, sexy styling. Although, modern pirates, for sure, do not disdain complex hairstyles-braids: with her hair loose on the ship is not always convenient!

Dress guests

For guests there are two options, so to speak, for the development of events. The first is to choose a costume yourself. The field of activity here is large: vests, black breeches, white shirts, artificially aged vests, themed dresses, neckerchiefs. The second option, which the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com recommends, is a “props” at the entrance. Newlyweds will pick up a variety of pirate accessories in advance - bandanas, badges, bandages, fake weapons, which will be "issued" at the entrance. By the way, this can also be represented as a win-win lottery: leaflets with the names of “decorations” will be folded in a large box. Guest puts on what pulled out.

Wedding Guest Dress Code

we invite you!

Wedding Invitations can be issued in the form of black marks, intimidating but interesting. You can devote a little more time and attention and execute invitations in the form of time-worn and windy scrolls that are in bottles. "Covered" with shells and coral sides, "tightly" wax-sealed neck - messages "long and secret" reached their addressees!

Stylized Wedding Invitations

Equip this vessel, guys!

Appropriate outfits are not the only thing needed for a themed wedding. The main wealth of a pirate is his ship. It’s a great idea to make a banquet away and hold it on a real schooner. But, such a plan is not always enforced. Means, style the wedding hall under the pirate "vessel".

We hang on the walls of the famous "Jolly Roger." By the way, it can be interpreted as a wedding theme. To depict two cheerful skeletons on a black panel: one in a cocked hat, the other with a veil, instead of a lonely grinning skull. Do not forget to decorate your “cabin” with boarding hooks, sabers and other weapons - a battle ship! Picturesque fragments of a rope, “old” anchors and guns, “compositions” of bottles with rum - all this will create an image of an old but cocky “vessel”. You won’t have to miss her!

The table will be a rough and artificially aged board, and instead of chairs - wooden barrels and chests, studded with iron. What a decent pirate uses comfortable and soft chairs?

Bright pirate wedding

Pirate feast

When setting the wedding table, do not forget - we are on the ship. Of course, there is gold and silver stolen, but pirates are modest people who eat from clay and wooden utensils. The website www.articlewedding.com considers “hefty” mugs for rum the best capacity for a real sea wolf. And from what else to consume rum in incredible quantities? Unless, from thick glass glasses, well, or from halves of coconut.

An excellent “illumination" of the banquet will be candles in old candelabra darkened from time to time. Complete them with "creepy" skeletons, from the edges of which sabers and axes stick out.

Wedding Cake for Real Pirates

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle ... no, a barrel of rum!

And, of course, do not forget about the menu. The main theme is seafood, in all types, varieties and methods of preparation. But, pirates sometimes set foot on hard ground, where they like to enjoy mouth-watering meat, with a crispy crust and the aroma of smoke. To diversify the fish and meat menu will help the abundance of exotic fruits. Any self-respecting pirate drinks like an elephant. Therefore, the famous sea alcohol - rum, must flow like a river. However, just in case, consider other types of lighter alcohol. Not everyone likes a seabass drink. Well, the gem of a pirate banquet is simply bound to become a chic themed wedding cake.