Chicago-style gangster wedding


Themed weddings Today is at the peak of fashion, and if you decide to hold a celebration in a non-standard format, why not choose a wedding in style «Chicago». Moreover, to recreate the atmosphere of the gangster era will require a minimum of paraphernalia. Nevertheless, the holiday was a success and was remembered for a long time, when preparing a thematic wedding in the style of «Chicago» attention should be paid to a number of details.

Chicago-style gangster wedding

The portal will tell you how to create the necessary energy at a wedding party and fill this day with courage and fun.

Wedding decorations

Style wedding «Chicago» - this is a recreation of the era of the 30s of the XX century, when gangsters and bandits ruled the ball, jazz sounded all around, prohibition was in force in the country, and the most popular places were cabarets and casinos.

Therefore, the room in which the wedding party will be held is ideally stylized as a casino. Tables for guests can be decorated under the gaming tables, covering them with tablecloths. In the center should be placed the main roulette table, at which the bride and groom will sit. In order to maximize the entourage of the hall to a real casino, you can even install slot machines. It's a good idea to have a wedding party in a restaurant or bar, which is located in the basement. This will create a relaxed atmosphere of secret meetings, which also remembered the era of the 30s in America..

Wedding decorations

The room should be decorated with black and white collages with images of the newlyweds and their relatives and inscriptions. «Wanted». In the same way, you can arrange seating cards for guests. There will be, by the way, banknotes of various denominations, which can also be glued in the hall..

Wedding decorations

Do not forget about the candy bar, which must be decorated in a gangster style..

Gangster Wedding Treats

Color palette

The color scheme that should be present when decorating a room for a wedding celebration is white, black and red.

Wedding Table Decor

It was in such a palette that American restaurants were most often decorated in those years. An excellent combination is also worth monochrome: black + white.

Candy bar at a wedding

Gangster Wedding Accessories

In advance for such a wedding, you should consider invitation cards. For example, you can arrange them in the form of an old newspaper with pages yellowed from time to time. On the front page such «newspapers» there will be a note about the upcoming wedding event, as well as a column with a description of the dress code, time and place.

Wedding invitations

In the same style, it is worth preparing gifts for guests and banquet cards. For example, the bonbonnieres will look original in the form of a cube for the game, in which you can put miniature cards or dragees in the form of decorative bullets.

Guest seating
Guest seating cards

Table numbers and table setting should also be relevant to the theme of the celebration..

Gangster style accessories and parts

And, of course, the wedding cake must have a gangster look!

A wedding cake

Dress code for guests and honeymooners

One of the most significant moments in creating the necessary atmosphere is the outfits of the newlyweds, as well as guests at the wedding.

Images of the newlyweds
Gangster style bride and groom

The groom should wear a real gangster costume, the main attributes of which are a pinstriped jacket, hat and cigar. To enter the image, it is also recommended to grab a toy gun as close as possible to the present, and a bottle of whiskey.

Groom and his friends

For the bride when choosing a stylized wedding attire endless possibilities open up for improvisation. However, one should not give vent to imagination, since the fashion of the 30s also adhered to certain canons. Style wedding «Chicago» - A great reason to abandon the wedding classics and opt for a playful short dress. At the same time, it is worth giving preference to fitted and narrowed models. Such a dress should be worn with shoes with a small heel and, of course, fishnet stockings.

Images of the newlyweds
The bride and her friends

Bride hairstyle can be made in style. «cold wave», whose homeland is Chicago. Accessories such as a hat or a veil will not be superfluous..

Images of the newlyweds

Makeup should be bright, while focusing on the eyes and lips is necessary. In addition, the bride can complement the look with a feather boa, fur cape or wide-brimmed hat. The main thing is not to forget about long lace gloves, this is one of the main accessories of a fashionable lady of that era.

Guests should also be given a dress code. If not everyone has the opportunity to choose the appropriate costume, you can ask them to capture one of the attributes. Hat, suspenders, walking stick, butterflies - for men; fan, gloves, stockings, mouthpiece or fur - for women.

Guests at a gangster wedding

Wedding procession

At a wedding in style «Chicago» no place for classic wedding procession. Only retro cars should take part in the event. A stylized limousine and a special bus for guests dotted with bullet tracks are also suitable..

Wedding procession

The portal believes that the wedding is in style «Chicago» - a magnificent and quite affordable option for holding a wedding celebration in a non-standard format, which with serious organization can become a real show.