Renaissance style wedding: luxury and nobility


Many couples who decide to bond their relationship by marriage, want to have a romantic and memorable wedding. A wedding stylized as an Renaissance or Renaissance is a great option for this occasion. It is worth noting that organizing such a wedding will require a lot of enthusiasm and strength. After all, if young people decide to make their celebration themed, it is important to think through everything to the last detail! The wedding portal recommends that you feel the spirit of the time and read about the Renaissance on your own. If you can visit the historical club, do not be too lazy to do it.

Renaissance style bride

Renaissance flavor in newlyweds outfits

Wedding dresses of the bride and groom will play a significant role at such a stylized wedding, so they should be given special attention.

Renaissance style wedding

The bride will wear a ball gown with high waist and two-layer sleeves with slits. The image will be complemented by a pointed hat with an organza veil and ribbons under the chin. If the bride seems too extravagant to the hat option, then a high hairstyle with an open forehead, decorated with feathers or a tiara, will also be appropriate..

Renaissance style bride
Renaissance style bride
Bridal bouquet in the Renaissance style

Following the Renaissance theme, the groom should wear a velvet camisole and short puff pants. A hat with a feather or a rapier will add brightness to the appearance. The colors of the outfits of the newlyweds must contrast, so the groom can choose for his suit, for example, a purple color scheme.

Newlyweds in the Renaissance style.

Venue and decor

An ancient palace or castle is, of course, the best places for holding a wedding ceremony in the Renaissance style. However, an ordinary country estate will be a worthy alternative to such expensive options. It is extremely important to design the interior in the appropriate era style. Torches on the walls, wooden tables and chairs, garlands of fresh flowers, patrimonial emblems and flags - all this will help to recreate the same unique Renaissance spirit. And marriage registration itself can be done in the garden near the castle.

Renaissance style wedding
Place for painting in the Renaissance style.

Renaissance style wedding decor should be luxurious and aristocratic. Every detail must match the spirit of that majestic era..

Renaissance style wedding decor
Renaissance style wedding decor
Renaissance style wedding table
Renaissance style wedding decor
Renaissance accessories
Renaissance wedding cake

Renaissance Wedding Ideas

The Renaissance is invariably associated in the minds of people with something bright and joyful. A wedding in the style of this era should be appropriate. To do this, you should invite musicians and singers who will recite sonnets, perform music and ballads of that time..

A wedding in the form of a play is an interesting option for holding an event. It requires the presence of an experienced host, who will control the progress of the play. The main characters - the bride and groom - appear in romantic Shakespearean images. The roles of the secondary plan are assigned to professional actors, which gradually include «the game» and wedding guests. A specific play can be taken as the basis, or collective images of a beautiful lady and a noble knight walking towards their love can simply be used. So you can recreate the flavor of time in the smallest details and plunge into the atmosphere of a real fairy tale.

In the Renaissance, masquerades became very popular, therefore, another great idea would be to set a kind of dress code for guests, requiring the presence of a mask in their image.

The tradition of throwing a wedding garter is also rooted in those distant times. Therefore, the implementation of this wedding tradition will give a special touch to the Renaissance wedding, the site is sure.

Of course, a wedding in the style of the Renaissance is not suitable for every young couple. However, if you feel that a romantic and sublime atmosphere is really what you would like to watch at your wedding, try it! Perhaps this is your ideal wedding option..