90s style wedding: a chance to plunge into the past!


A wedding in the style of the nineties will be an excellent occasion to create a bright celebration and, at the same time, to nostalgic about the times of childhood and youth. Despite the difficult situation of the 90s, in which the collapse of the USSR, these years have kept a lot of positive and memorable. Therefore, if you decide to arrange a wedding in the style of the nineties, you will get a gentle and romantic image.

90s style wedding

The atmosphere of the 90s at the wedding

To make your wedding hall look like in the past 90s, you just need to open an album with old photos of you and your parents. Surely there will be a couple of photographs where you sit all together at the table. Most likely, in these photos you are only a few years old, but you could well remember the atmosphere that reigned in that period of time. Start decorating your room with vibrant framed paintings. Let all guests enjoy a piece of the past. It can be collages from photos. Before the wedding, you can ask guests to prepare some old photos. Then each of them will be able to find himself on the collage: in this way, you will show respect for each guest and give them a good mood. The same can be used for invitations..

Wedding invitations

As for the design of the wedding table, you can decorate it with bouquets of flowers. Pick soft flowers and arrange bouquets in a vintage style. Lilac with peonies or dahlias looks best.

Flowers for decorating a wedding table in the style of the 90s

Chairs are best not decorated with covers. Simple wooden chairs with a comfortable seat and a flat backrest will do. The site www.articlewedding.com recommends using discreet shades in the design of your wedding hall.

Images of the newlyweds in the style of the nineties

Creating a stylish image will not require much effort, since in the 90s, simplicity and sophistication were valued above all. Do not pick up a fluffy dress with a transparent corset and a skirt with rhinestones. Such an outfit will not cause any association with the image of the nineties. It’s best to choose a very sophisticated look: a long white dress, with lace, straight cut.

The bride's hairstyle can be decorated with a delicate flower in her hair. An uneven parting is also welcome..

The image of the bride in the style of the 90s

As for the bride’s shoes, the fashion of the nineties focused on long-toed shoes. Perhaps, now such shoes are out of fashion, but no one bothers you to choose your own style, regardless of what the wedding fashion dictates. Also use accessories from the 90s: headbands and baubles.

The groom must also match the image of the nineties. A classic suit with a little old cut will be the best solution for a wedding celebration. Use a classic tie and cufflinks. From shoes you can pick up suede shoes. You can find a lot of fashionable tips for choosing a costume on the website www.articlewedding.com.

The image of the groom in the style of the 90s

Some more tips from the nineties

Surely you will want to have a vivid and memorable photo shoot. To make everything look as realistic as possible, rent a vintage black car. Firstly, you will feel how you have transferred from the present to the past, and secondly, you will get an original and unique photo shoot.

The nineties is a stylish and fashionable time that has brought several modern trends to the present. Follow the laws of the 90s to create an original wedding! In the 90s, everyone’s favorite chewing gum Love is also appeared, which we remember as a special treat from childhood. Treat guests with their favorite chewing gums so that they can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the 90s with you!