Medieval style wedding: noble and stylish!


The most memorable are themed weddings. Especially if they cover eras of different times, the history of mankind, the portal is sure. In this article I would like to consider in more detail such a style of wedding celebration as the Middle Ages.


Since a wedding in the medieval style is difficult to attribute to the usual weddings, the venue of the celebration must necessarily correspond to the Middle Ages. There is hardly a cafe on the next street, and even the most chic modern restaurant. The main thing is the atmosphere of the era, its mood. Otherwise, the style of the wedding will be destroyed. Of course, if you make an effort, you can find a cafe / restaurant for a wedding, where the style corresponds to the Middle Ages. Therefore, do not despair in advance.

If possible, you can have a wedding in the castle. It is also worth considering the option of an outdoor wedding where you can pitch tents. Alternatively, a hippodrome can be rented for a medieval wedding. The last place, by the way, will become an indispensable option if you decide to reproduce medieval competitions between the male half of the guests as entertainment. Horses are also useful here. How to generally hold a wedding in a medieval style without horses? !

Fairytale castle for a medieval wedding

Do not forget that the search for a place for holding and celebrating a wedding celebration should not be put off the shelf. Perhaps this is the first thing to do when preparing a medieval wedding. Otherwise, you risk being left without a suitable room..

The image of the "medieval" newlyweds

If your painting will take place in the registry office, then perhaps it is worth buying traditional wedding dresses. Such a need disappears if you have issued an exit registry office. In this case, all your strength should be thrown in search of thematic clothes. After all, such outfits can’t be bought and rented in a traditional wedding salon.

The unique image of the newlyweds in the style of the Middle Ages

Let's start with the image of the bride. It is worth immediately abandoning the use of modern models of wedding dresses. Believe me, the dress of brides of the Middle Ages was distinguished by beauty and elegance. Therefore, in this outfit you will feel comfortable, natural and a real "lady of the heart".

Wedding Dress the bride should be sewn from satin or velvet, the main thing is that the material is heavy. A sleeve is required here, although three quarters. It is important that the sleeve and bodice of the dress are perfectly tailored to the bride. You can choose the color of your choice, but, as a rule, at stylized weddings you can often find dresses in dark shades, which are decorated with tapestries and embroidered with embroidery. However, this does not mean that you should be from a white dress. No! It will also look beautiful and profitable. The main thing is to observe the style of the wedding..

The gentle image of the bride

By the way, when creating the image of a “medieval” bride, one should not get carried away with cosmetics. Everything should be as natural as possible. Also forget about complicated hairstyles.

Now let's talk about the groom on the wedding portal With the search and selection of a suit for the groom, some difficulties may arise. But show perseverance and patience! After all, the result of your efforts will amaze not only the guests, but also you personally.

For the honor and heart of your beloved!

So, at the wedding, the groom is transformed into a brave knight. Therefore, it is such a suit that is worth looking for. For example, you can wear your beloved in a white shirt over which a slightly elongated cloak is worn. It is worth noting that the cloak should be decorated with embroidery. Trousers should be rather narrow. To create a more complete image of the groom, you can offer a sword.

Wedding medieval motorcade

Again, try to avoid the use of modern vehicles. Of course, it’s not always possible to realize all your desires for money. If such a problem suddenly arises, then try to decorate cars in the style of the Middle Ages. Use ribbons, wildflowers, you can also decorate cars with emblems. Remember that each element of the decoration should talk about the style of your wedding..

But still, the most ideal option wedding procession for a medieval wedding will be a horse cart.

Wedding procession of the Middle Ages

You will experience indescribable sensations when you ride in a carriage in full image. Your wedding in the style of the Middle Ages will be remembered by you for the rest of your life in the smallest details!