How to make a proposal to a girl


A young man who is preparing to take a very crucial step - to invite a girl to become his wife - must thoroughly prepare for this event in order to look decent in front of her beloved, and in return to receive the desired «Yes». We advise you to study all possible ways of how to make an offer to a girl beautifully, and then decide on an acceptable option for yourself.

7 Ways to Make an Offer Beautifully

Are you sure you know your soul mate well? The chosen way to make an offer will directly depend on its nature. Think about what your beloved expects from you, feel her state of mind. If your girlfriend is modest, restrained, present the wedding ring in a warm, cozy home atmosphere or tête-à-tête in a restaurant. Well, if she loves publicity, then it’s better to make a loud confession on the radio or television, or in a suitable public place.


Ask your girlfriend if she agrees to spend a day off at a picnic, if she has any other plans. If everything goes well, start preparing. It is clear that this will not be a simple picnic with baked potatoes, everything should be organized in the best way. Choose a picturesque place at the edge of the forest or near the river where the tent will be installed in advance.

To create a festive mood for a girl, save her from cooking, take care of it yourself. Let your beloved just take a break from all worries, think exclusively about you. Think of a way to set up an impromptu table with delicious, beautifully decorated dishes.

Do not forget about the grand opening of champagne, a huge bouquet of flowers and the highlight of the program - a ringlet, dressed on the finger of a lover. You will need to stand in front of the girl on one knee, gallantly make a speech or read a suitable poem.

Offer hands in the open

Want to enlist the support of friends? Invite them to a picnic, they will tell you how beautiful you can make a girl an offer. Successfully passing contests, trials, games, prove yourself a real superman hero, then your chosen one simply can not refuse you.

Instead of a picnic in nature, it became popular to make an offer to a girl on the roof of a high-rise building. How did this happen to our hero? Watch the video:

At home

There are girls who do not like publicity, prefer to keep everything private behind closed doors of their home. Then it’s better to make an offer at home.

Do you live with a girl? So you have all the trump cards. Prepare your favorite surprise - while the girl is not at home, decorate the house with rose petals, line them with a path from the front door to the bedroom itself, let bare feet touch the sincerity of your feelings. Light a lot of candles, turn on relaxing music, prepare a small buffet with champagne, sweets.

Meet your beloved at the door with a large bouquet of flowers, until she is shocked by everything that happens, pass her hand into the bedroom, knee down and make an offer. Open the ring box, put it on the bride’s finger.

How to make an offer to your beloved home

If the girl still lives separately, you will definitely have a conversation with the girl’s parents, receiving their blessings. Dress solidly, get your holiday suit, tie for this, stock up on flowers for her mother and a bottle of good wine or brandy for her father - everyone likes to receive gifts. Well, a gift for the bride keeps the way a magic box. The formula for success is simple:

  • Be punctual, don't be late.
  • Think over the words that thank parents for such a good daughter, tell them why they loved her.
  • Be sincere, say what you think, and then you will see tears of happiness in their eyes.
  • After that, go to the main thing - declare that you intend to legalize the relationship and have come here to ask for the hands of their daughter and get consent to marriage.

In public

Do you realize that the girl wants to hear from you an offer not in private, but with a large number of people, as a confirmation of your boundless love? So go meet the dream! Believe me, it will flatter her pride and play to your advantage. If you think carefully about how beautifully you can make a girl an offer in a public place, then you will find a lot of suitable places for such an event - metro, shopping center, square, theater, concert venue, park.

So make a proposal beloved in public places

Does your girlfriend love theater? So, she just needs to hear the marriage proposal right from his stage. Be courageous, go on stage, and with all honest people, utter the cherished words. Believe me, the support of the big hall will play a role, the beloved answer will be positive.

Can you sing? Gather your friends, sing a serenade with them under the girl’s balcony. Let the whole house know that you are in love, that your chosen one is the best of all! But don’t do so if the girl lives on the top floor of a very high house, otherwise you will not be heard.

Serenade under the window of a beloved as an offer to get married

And at night, lay out your recognition with the help of lit small bright candles, as shown in the photo. The effect will be amazing!

Celebration of Lights - a romantic offer of the hand

Look at the video how beautifully with the help of friends an ordinary guy made a proposal to a girl.

In the restaurant

The marriage proposal in the restaurant is an unfading classic. So they did in the old days, so do connoisseurs of good taste and gallant manners. Beautiful clothes, gourmet dishes, romantic music - all this has to pleasant conversations, emotional closeness, it is not for nothing that the restaurant has heard most of all such offers.

Do not rush to make an offer to the girl immediately upon arrival, limit yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Continue to constantly look after your lady, give all sorts of signs of attention, let her feel like a real queen.

Recognition in a restaurant as an invitation to get married

When the right moment comes, take out the box with the ring and invite the girl to accept it as a sign of your love and desire to be together all your life. To make the proposal more original, try to negotiate with the waiter, let him unexpectedly bring a little ring on a tray, covered on top with a beautiful napkin or cap. And then take the initiative.

At work or school

Do you want to make this working or school day of your girlfriend the happiest? Then arm yourself with flowers, the treasured little ring - and go straight ahead to where it is now. Your appearance will be unexpected, but this is all the charm of the moment! Imagine how everyone will be surprised when you appear in the office or audience with a bouquet, fall to your knees and ask for her hands! Such a touching moment will not leave her indifferent.

On the radio

You will never guess what else there is a way to make an offer to a girl beautifully! If a beloved listens to radio broadcasts in which congratulations are presented on her birthday and other holidays, this is an occasion to call or write a letter to the host of the program and order a song for her, and at the same time make an offer to the girl right in front of a crowd of thousands! Let the whole country hear that there is a man who loves her more than life! By this you reach the very depths of her soul.

While traveling

Fork out, buy a ticket for two to some romantic place, for example, Paris is the city of lovers suitable for this. The final destination of the trip does not play a special role, the main thing is that you will only be together, devote unforgettable moments to each other. Traveling will help you relax, give free rein to feelings. A new environment, a variety of impressions will revive emotions, and you will guess how beautifully to make an offer to your beloved girl.

On a warm summer evening, after completing another cycle of excursions, somewhere by the sea, to the whisper of the waves and the sound of the surf, or high in the sky in a balloon, hugging your girlfriend tightly, tell her that you want to see her as your wife. Perhaps this place will be remembered by you forever, and you will return there more than once.

Exciting offer of a hand while traveling

Touching video: how to make an offer to a girl

There are many other interesting ways to make an offer to a girl beautifully. If you know them, share in the comments.